In our article, you will find detailed info about missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and other popular sex positions. Sounds boring? Consider one thing before you leave – almost all-new, relaxed, and creative positions are just the variations of classic positions. We are going to tell you how classics turn into creativity! We promise that you will see how five traditional things turn into multiple options and numerous opportunities to spice up your sex life and explore your sexuality. And to find a partner for sexual pleasures, you can see our listing of the best hookup sites!

Sex positions

Position #1 – Good Old Missionary Or Classic Is The Best

Even if you are a young man or a young woman who clicked on this article to get prepared for your first passionate night with someone you love, you hardly need the explanation of what missionary position is. Even if we imagine that two people were isolated from the Internet and also the society at large, they are likely to do missionary intuitively or instinctively. Classic is just the best!

Sex in the bed

Benefits Of Missionary

  • Possibility to see each other’s faces, kiss and hug each other.
  • Possibility to focus on your partner and connect on a deeper level.
  • Man can control the depth of penetration and the whole process at large.
  • Women can relax and enjoy sex to the fullest without any acrobatics.

Cons Of Missionary

Well, we agree that this position is a bit boring. However, its benefits still make it the most popular position ever. By the way, there are a few ways to make it less boring and more creative.

Possible Improvements & Variations

Use the pillow. Yes, that’s right. You can use the pillow to make this position even better and your pleasure even deeper – just add it under a woman’s butt, and she will be able to angle the hips up. That, in turn, will make the stimulation much more intense not only for a woman but for a man, too. Besides, this position is perfect for stimulating her clit – you can use a small sex toy (for example, a small and cute yet effective vibrator) or your thumb to make her lose her mind. Of course, one may argue that it is not “dozens of options, variations, and modifications” we promised to provide. Well, scroll down to learn more about other, more “flexible” sex positions!

Position #2 – Cowgirl Or Woman Power As It Is

This is another frequently used, popular position. Everything is just more than simple: a man is on his back, and a woman is sitting on him. Is this all we can say about it? Does it mean that it is just another boring position? No and no. Firstly, it has a lot of benefits for both partners. Secondly, there are a lot of cowgirl versions for people who want to spice up their sex life and make classy positions a bit more creative.

CowGirl Sex

Benefits Of Cowgirl

  • A woman is in charge, and that is crucial, especially considering that it is more difficult for her to have an orgasm.
  • Man can relax and be sure that her clit is stimulated. In other words, there is no need to worry about her orgasm when she is on top.
  • Man can enjoy a beautiful view.
  • There are lots of variations (find more info below.)

Cons Of Cowgirl

  • There is a risk of injury if a woman loses control.

Possible Improvements & Variations

Some may say that cowgirl is just a cowgirl. Who really cares about such a regular position? Well, firstly, it is just fantastic for both men and women. Secondly, there are a lot of variations and the only thing you need to do is to choose a favorite one!

  1. Reverse cowgirl. This is an awesome position that is very similar to a classic cowgirl. The only difference is that when a couple does the regular cowgirl, a woman faces her partner, and when a couple does reverse cowgirl, she faces away from him. Women usually feel more confident when doing reverse cowgirl, so the whole process is more dynamic. The only downside is that you cannot see your partner’s face (and not just if you are a man.)
  2. Pinocchio. All fans of passionate sex know that 2 inches matter. You can make cowgirl even better by putting a pillow under a man’s butt and enjoy deeper penetration. The best thing is a man can use his hands and enjoy the beautiful view. It is just like the regular cowgirl, but a bit better!
  3. Chair. This is like Lotus, the most intimate position, but is it definitely more creative. Just sit in the chair and swing legs over the arms. A girl just needs to lean back, resting her hands on his thighs. This is enough to get the new fantastic experience. After all, it is all about the angles. In this case, they do their job perfectly for both men and women!
  4. Lotus. Well, this is not only a beautiful flower but also a fantastic position that will bring you a lot of amazing feelings and unforgettable emotions. The main difference between it and the classic cowgirl is that a man is not lying on his back but sitting and hugging her. This is one of the most intimate positions, but let us be honest – it is not only about spiritual connection. It is also about great clit stimulation and deep penetration.

Position #3 – Doggy Style Or Just Like Animals

This is another classic position, so we will not describe it in too much detail. A woman is her hands and knees, and a man uses his advantage of this. Come on, you know how it works! We’d better focus on its benefits (a lot of people underestimate them) and variations, so let us get started!

Benefits Of Doggy Style

  • Really high pressure against a woman’s vagina
  • A man dominates and controls the process (yes, this is the advantage for a lot of women too)
  • A man can change speed & angle
  • Possibility to get a bit dirtier this evening
  • Perfect for partners who like a bit rough sex
  • More possibilities for clitoral stimulation (we mean for a woman and her own hands)
  • Good for anal sex, too

Cons Of Doggy Style

  • Not too romantic
  • No face to face connection
  • A man can hurt a woman
  • Some angles are not really good from a female perspective

Possible Improvements & Variations

Yep, this is a controversial yet classic position. Let us be honest – it is fantastic for men yet not so great for women. However, we promised to reveal all the secrets, and we used to keep our promises. Here are some variations that may help you make Doggy more pleasant or even romantic.

  1. A pillow is a versatile tool, actually. As you have probably noticed, a pillow is a must-have for every couple who wants to enjoy sex to the fullest. In this case, a pillow under her butt or back will make it more comfortable for a lady.
  2. Enjoy a process standing up. A man can do everything standing up, while a woman is lying on the bed or any other surface. It is a more comfortable position for a woman and a nice opportunity for both partners to explore the apartments and using new places for sex-drive. However, there is a side effect – this position is more comfortable for ladies, not for gentlemen.
  3. What about doggy light? So, the position is as follows: a man is standing on the floor near the edge of the bad, and a woman is on her hands and knees, but she gets up after penetration and is on her knees only during the whole process. A man is holding her waist. All this allows establishing a more intimate, close connection. Moreover, the partners can see each other’s faces and kiss. This makes the rough doggy style more romantic.
  4. Lazy doggy style. She is lying on her belly, and a man is on top. So, it is between classic doggy and good old missionary position. The biggest benefit of this position is that it is absolutely comfortable and pleasant for both partners. Women just enjoy it just because the angles do their job and because a man has a possibility to stimulate the clit. In this case, the female orgasm is almost inevitable.

Position #4 – Legs Up!

Here is the deal: a woman spreads her legs and gets them up. Yep, it is that simple. Why do not we talk about the feelings, angles, orgasm, speed of ejaculation, and so on, and so forth? That’s easy to explain: there are so many variations and modifications of this position that makes it nearly impossible to discuss “Legs up” without knowing what particular position is discussed. Nevertheless, there are some common benefits and disadvantages to mention.

Benefits Of Legs Up

  • G spot stimulation
  • The deepest penetration
  • One of the best positions for men
  • A man can make it tougher by tying her legs and hands up (fixation will be better, too)
  • Women can have a more intense orgasm

Cons Of Legs Up

  • A man should be really careful with the depth of penetration
  • Some angles do not work well for women
  • A woman is supposed to be really flexible

Possible Improvements & Variations

So what about variations? We mentioned that there are lots of similar positions that can bring you new, exciting experiences, and yes, we have listed the best of them below.

  1. Legs against man’s chest. If a woman’s legs up are against a man’s chest, she will have an intense orgasm even without using your or her own hands. In fact, in this position clit is titled towards a man’s hips, consequently, it is stimulating when a man is thrusting, especially if her legs are brought together.
  2. Crossed legs are even better. A woman can cross her legs and put them on your chest. So her body is up, the fixation is just great, and her clit is stimulated while a man is thrusting. And again, it is just tighter! As we have mentioned above, this is not the most comfortable position for women ever, so why not make the process more enjoyable for her?
  3. Her legs up and crossed. Most women used to put their legs on a man’s shoulders, but why not put them up and cross them? A man is supposed to hold her feet or ankles in his hands. Why use this position. Well, that’s simple. This is the tightest one for men. A woman will be squeezing a man’s penis more than in any other position. However, there is also one significant disadvantage that you need to consider – you won’t last long when doing it.

Position #5 – Scissors

Oh, we bet you have heard about scissors. Of course, we are not talking about the scissors on your kitchen now – we are talking about one of the most popular positions that is much appreciated by gay, as well as by hetero couples. Partners are lying on their sides. A man spreads his legs while a woman embraces his leg (the leg that is on top, actually) with her own legs.

Benefits Of Scissors

  • It is one of the best positions for women ever because of the intense clit stimulation
  • Partners do not have to be super flexible
  • Perfect position to spice up sex life

Cons Of Scissors

  • It is not as good for a man
  • It is something you need to get used to
  • A man cannot really change angles or be more intense

Possible Improvements & Variations of scissors

So, as we have already noted, that is a pretty interesting, creative and really enjoyable position, especially for women. However, there are better positions for men, for instance, the good old doggy style that we have described above. So are there any top variations that can make this position even better for both partners? Of course, there are some great modifications, and we have already picked the best ones for you!

  1. Scissors + doggy style. Well, it sounds like a dream. It is a dream actually. So, a woman is doing scissors, and a man is on his knees. Why is this position better than regular Scissors? That can be easily explained by the fact deeper penetration means a lot for both partners. By the way, partners can see each other eyes and not just eyes. No need to say it is hotter, especially if a man uses thumb or his penis to stimulate a woman’s clit.
  2. Scissors + reverse cowgirl. Man is lying on his back and has his knees up. A woman is doing reverse cowgirl holding a man’s knee. The main benefit is the double stimulation for a woman. A man, in turn, has the possibility to enjoy a beautiful view (yep, that is all about cowgirl) and also enjoy deeper penetration.
  3. Twister. It is pretty complicated to do, but the result is worth every effort. A woman lies down on her side, for instance, on her right side. A man, in turn, is lying down on his side, so your stomachs are facing each other while you are lying head-to-toe. Both partners bend their left knees and raise them. It gives another angle, but you will need to make sure that you both are completely comfortable with Twister.
  4. Intersection. Yes, this is another famous variation of good old scissors. And yes, this is another position you need to get used to. So it is a typical modification of scissors, so you’d better not get started before you guys make sure that you are comfortable with it. So, a male partner is between a lady’s legs and, of course, part of his body weight is rested on a lady’s lower leg. However, a woman has the possibility to use her hands and even to finger herself if they are having anal. A guy, in turn, should be as careful as possible, especially if he is much heavier than a woman. If you both like experimenting and want to try Intersection but understand that man is significantly bigger, use pillows (put them under a man’s legs.) The rest is really simple: a guy starts to thrust in and out, and both have their orgasm. And again, though it is a bit complicated, it is worth it!

What Are The Best Sex Positions – Conclusion

There is a common fear – people do not want to lose their sexuality, passion between the partners, and diversity. Nobody wants to lose interest and make sex doing missionary or any other boring common position. However, our goal was to prove that such classic positions are not bad positions if you know how to do them. It is all about variations.

Passion with woman and man

Just think about it – there are a few things that bring us pleasure, and they are penetration and friction. But there are so many ways to enjoy these two things. There are a few most popular sex positions and thousands, literally thousands of variations. We just mentioned the hottest of them! We mean nobody should stop exploring his or her sexuality, so use the tips from our article to spice up your sex life and make your partner even happier!

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