What can you do if you wish to have a quick hookup tonight? Just a booty call with no commitment. I have great news for you. You are not limited to Tinder only. There are hundreds of hookup sites of any kind that will help you to find quick and quality hookups. There you can find lots of like-minded people whose profiles are verified so you don’t have to worry about your safety.

To Find A Quick Hookup

What Is A Hookup? Terms Explained

Basically, hooking up means having sex with someone, but it does not imply having a monogamous relationship with this person. So it’s about going physical with no emotional attachment.

Did you know that there are several types of hookups? If you join the adult dating site, you have to be positive about your expectations and demands, that’s why it’s time to learn the terms.

  • One night stands. Are you ready to have sex just one time and never see your partner again? It is a one night stand.
  • Friends with benefits. In this case, you can be physically intimate with each other, spend some good time and hook up, but your relationships are still no strings attached.
  • Threesome hookups. Basically, it is a regular one-night-stand that involves three people instead of two. You may find such options on any adult dating site and connect with people who are looking for the same.
  • Married hookups. For married people who want to hookup, there are specialized affairs dating sites that ensure 100% anonymity and high-quality matches.  

Rules For Great Hookups

At one point that may sound so shallow and meaningless: it’s just two singles going into raw sexual attraction with no chemistry or romance. However, I think that if two people want to have sex and are responsible for it, it could be a good experience for both of them.

So, first of all, you should be prepared at all times. In my opinion, you have always keep a couple of condoms on your bedside table to keep hope alive. Also, if you are a guy that gets around, don’t try to save money or cut corners.

So, as soon as you are well stocked with all the necessary prerequisites, you have to choose a place where you want to find a sex partner. Whether it’s meeting someone in a bar, on Tinder (or other casual dating sites), or through your contact list, you should be great at managing your expectations. Even if both people agree they are just having sex, and you agree on basic rules, be as transparent as possible. If you are having a one-night stand with someone and there is a mutual understanding, and you are probably not going to see each other again, don’t be afraid to try some new techniques.

How To Find A Hookup?

As most pick up professionals claim, it takes 1/10 of a second to assess the first impression that someone generates, so optimizing your profile to make a good first impression on women (or men) is so important.

To Find A Hookup

In hookup apps, you have no second chance, or you like it at first or you won’t like it.

And if you don’t like it, you won’t have any matches.

Without matches, there are no conversations, and without conversations, there are no appointments.

So the first step to getting more swipes is to develop an attractive profile that helps you generate more conversations and appointments.

But I’m not an attractive model or a good guy, how am I going to do it?

I have good news.

You don’t need to be a model to have an attractive dating profile and get more matches.

You simply have to learn to improve the two most important elements of the profile.

  • Your album pictures
  • Your description

Improve Photos For Adult Dating Sites

If you want to improve the photos to increase the chances of getting laid you have to do your part.

No, you don’t need a professional photographer (although quality photographs help).

Simply by following these keys and applying them one by one, you will multiply the quality and effectiveness of your photos and you can share your time with more girls in the appointments you will get.

1. Use different contexts

One of the biggest mistakes when creating a profile are those profiles that have all the same photos. Be it 4 photos in your house, 4 the gym, 4 photos climbing, or 4 photos in a professional photography set.

If all your photos are in the same context you are missing the opportunity to communicate many parts of you that you leave aside and that you can be attractive to the rest.

Think of each photograph as a message that communicates something specific.

  • If you have one on the beach playing volleyball, you like “I like sports.”
  • If you have another with a group of people “I am sociable and I have cool friends.”
  • If you have all the same communications, “I don’t do anything other than this, I mean, how you don’t grind is screwed.”

So if you want to improve your photographs, the first step is to have many in different contexts. The more these contexts communicate about you, the better.

2. The first and the last most important

The first photo is the one that has the greatest impact on your results and on women since on adult dating sites many times the first photo is usually the ONLY photo.

That is, if your first image does not seem attractive, they will not see the rest no matter how good they are.

That is why it is very important that you optimize the first image to the maximum. To do this you can follow some of these indications:

  • Try to look good, no photos from far away, half-hidden or of poor quality.
  • Try to see yourself alone, if from a first glance it is not known who you are making it difficult.
  • Try to get it fixed, if you get handsome for dating to make a good impression, why don’t you do the same with your first profile picture? It is what you should do.
  • It is equally important to optimize the first photo, the last one must also do it.

If someone gets on your page and looks at all the photos, the last one will be the one that best remembers, if you try to be positive it will remember you in a positive way.

3. Let professionals choose for you

Some adult apps like Tinder have an option on your profile called Smart Photos. If you activate it, what this option does is that it will show your profile by varying the first photo and finally choose the one that gets the most matches as the best photo.

Once that happens, what you can do is remove that chosen photo (the best of all you have according to Tider) and replace it with a new one.

The algorithm will start up again and will choose the best photo you have of the new ones, and then you will remove it again and replace it with a new one.

That way, in the end, you will have separated the best (and the most effective) photos according to Tinder’s own algorithm, once you have several that interest you replace all the ones you have with the good ones and you will have a full profile of winning photos.

4. Use tools while out of the dating site

If using Smart Photos does not convince you or does not seem enough on the Internet there are many more options available. One of my favorites is Photofeeler.

Photofeeler is a site that helps you to have feedback from your favorite photos and even gives you an opportunity to do so for different purposes.

  • You can know if your photos look prettier professionally, to flirt, to influence, etc.
  • You simply upload your photos there, you start valuing the photos of other people and other people will start valuing yours.
  • But you can also choose who values your photos, you can choose that only girls of a certain age do.

That way you make sure that the people you want to reach choose the best photos for your profile and greatly increase your chances of liking them.

Best photos for your profile

5. Let your photos add instead of subtracting

Most of the profiles I have seen in hookup apps have photos that are not attractive at all.

Photos where they make a fool of themselves, where they go out with people more attractive than them, where they take selfies or photos in front of the mirror …

Many times to seduce better online just stop doing things that make you attractive.

There are so many people who ruin their potential dates without realizing it; profiles that are made without a minimum of care.

So, before uploading that photo that makes you so funny, ask yourself:

1. Does this image appeal to me or does it subtract me?

2. If someone who doesn’t know me at all sees this image, would I look more attractive or less?

If you are not clear about the answer, you better not put that image.

Your Dating Profile

What works effectively for hookup dating profiles?

First of all, adult dating is a niche dating so people who join this kind of site are prepared for more adult content and communication. Your profile should not contain too much personal information and be very serious.

What works best: short descriptions, humor, and clear intentions.

After the registration, you will be asked to complete a profile with personal details and your sexual preferences. Here, be open, write what are you looking for: a threesome, a hookup, a one-night stand, friends with benefits, sexual experiments, etc.

The more you tell about your desires the more quality matches you receive.

How To Communicate On Hookup Sites?

Don’t Just Say “Hi”

Do not forget, you are not the only person who writes to her/him, so don’t send just a greeting. Start with 3-5 words of your first message. I did not quite understand that until I had enough experience and received hundreds of messages. I think that choosing your first phrase wisely will pave your path to a successful hookup.

For example, ‘Hi’, ‘How are you’ – are lame openers. This equals to talking about the weather and most people ignore such texts. Hot hookups will respond to the message into which a sender has invested time. Go through the profile, watch photos, and then make up the personal message. Anyone will see a difference.

Be Patient

Every day you will lose some portion of potential partners. This happens when you are not active. Just like any social media, to keep your popularity you should post new photos, communicate with other members, and search for new matches.

Be Patient

If you are determined to find a hookup, open the inbox messages and reply in less than 5 hours. Don’t block matches who don’t immediately reply to your requests. Be patient and give them up to 24 hours. You are not looking for the immediate results, but rather for a quality one.

Don’t Ask Too Much

It’s not a family reunion, you don’t want to ask or interrogate before the meeting. Save some of the best stories up your sleeve and questions when the time is right. No one wants to be asked too many out of the blue questions.

If you’re talking about TV shows and randomly ask her how many guys she’s dated or how many matches she got – just, no. Keep questions relevant or there is a risk scaring her away. Be charming enough to get to the real date, and throw the sparks out when you meet. Show me how funny you are, or how much you know about the place we’re eating at. Do you recommend stuff? Awesome!

Are Hookups Safe?

Hookup safety rules are pretty the same as with regular dating. Here are the basic precautions you should take to make your hookup a great experience.

Have The Right Motivation

You should be careful about choosing a sex match. If your find is a bad one you can spoil your hookup experience and even your future romantic experience. The only reason why you should be doing this is that you enjoy sex, no more. Don’t expect a simple hookup to grow into something more serious. If you don’t have any expectations, then you’ll get a positive experience.

Find Your Match On Social Networks

The first step of making your sex experience incredible, make a background check. Even if the person sounds nice and trustworthy, never trust this first impression. Make a Google Image search, type in his or her name in a Facebook search, etc. Before you meet in person, make sure that this individual is real.

Learn Basic Information About Your Partner

There is no need to rush things. Don’t arrange the offline date until you clarify all the details of how your date will go, what are the expectations of both sides, and what you both like and dislike.

Set The Rules

Specify that you want to meet in a public place, discuss what protection you both will use. The important thing is to set boundaries. Some people are ok with sexual experiments while others are quite traditional. You should discuss all dos and don’ts before sex to avoid awkward moments.

Think About Protection

Both men and women should take care of the protection in advance. Condoms are a must even if you use additional contraception. This will protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV, and unplanned pregnancy. Often, women think that guys should bring their own condoms, but that does not always happen.

Find A Trustworthy Casual Dating Site

There are tons of hookup dating sites – free, paid, niche, etc. Make sure that you read reviews from real members before you join one of those sites. Also, be prepared to deal with fake accounts. It is usually easy to identify them – check their photos and bios.

Ask About STI

While you communicate online, you have the luxury of time. Discuss this topic before you get naked. Avoid any problems by using the “sandwich method” of communication. First of all, tell something positive and nice, then share your worries. You should deliver the following message: STIs are quite widespread, so there is no shame-filled language when you discuss this topic.

Leave After Sex

A one-night stand is called so for a reason. It should not last longer than one night. It is better you don’t wait until the morning and don’t share a bed with your partner. Don’t let any romantic thought come to your mind.

Tell Your Friend An Address

Inform your close friend where are you going and give all the information about your partner. Phone number, link to a social profile, address. Make a plan. Ask your friend to call you and find out if you are fine, or have a code word in case something happens.

The main rule when you have a booty call – if anything feels weird or you feel a bad vibe, then stop no matter what. Forget about politeness and finish the date. A good partner will understand and will not bother you.

Hookups can be exciting and fun, and I don’t want to discourage you from it. Just put your safety first, then comes the fun part.

Best Adult Hookup Sites

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