Some not too smart, not too educated, and not too kind people claim that gay sex is awful. Some of them note that the very fact that lesbians use strap-on means that they are secretly dreaming of a penis. Well, I think that if you’re here, you’re not one of them. The good news is that I’m not one of those people, too. That’s why I wrote this article about the hottest, the easiest, and the most creative sex positions for gay couples. Read, try, experiment, and enjoy the great sex to the fullest!

10 Best Sex Positions For Men Only

#1 Good Old Missionary – Why Reinvent The Wheel?

“This is the most boring for straight partners!” some may say. However, it is great for men, especially if you are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship or want to establish a deeper (in every way) connection with a guy you really like. Is there any need to explain what is this? Well, everything is more than just simple: one of the partners lies on his back, and the other guy is on top.

By the way, you do not need to buy high-end sex toys or be a gymnast to make this position more comfortable for both of you – just put the pillow under your boyfriend’s butt so he can enjoy the process without putting his legs to the air. Don’t forget to use it to make this position more comfortable when he is on top, too.

Generally speaking, missionary is just missionary. This is not the most creative or the kinkiest position ever, but come on, people worldwide are doing it day by day, for centuries! I believe it will never become less popular just because:

  • It’s comfortable;
  • It’s perfect for romantic couples;
  • It allows establishing a deeper connection between the partners;
  • Angles are good, so the penetration is pretty deep.

So, why not do this classic position from time to time?

#2 Cowboy – Nearly Perfect

According to the rules of the game, bottoms are expected to be pure bottoms (and they do, at least when it comes to missionary, doggy style, and many other classic positions), and tops are expected to have a lot of stamina and dominate. However, there are some positions that allow dominants to relax a bit and bottoms to be more active, and the cowboy position is certainly one of them.

Gay Sex

The bottom sits on the top lying on his back or sitting on the bed, and the best thing is that the bottom can actually control the process, angle, depth of penetration to get the mind-blowing experience and really intense orgasm due to the right prostate stimulation. This, however, doesn’t mean that the top cannot do anything – he can thrust into his partner and control the intensity. In general, it’s nearly perfect for guys who want to do multiple roles!

#3 Arch – For Men Who Want It All And Want It Now

This is the mind-blowing creative position for men who want it all. Yep, it may be a bit more complicated than you expected, and that’s why it’s not so good for beginners, but if you have some experience, you definitely need to try it! So what exactly is the Arch? One of the partners is laying on the surface, and another partner is sitting on him. They’re face to face. The one who is on top is leaning on his hands and setting the right. So, his body is leaned backward, and that means that he needs to be really flexible to really enjoy this position. Well, it’s worth it – the right angle provides the most exciting experience for both guys.

#4 Reverse Cowboy – The Great Variation Of The Classic Position

As the name suggests, the reverse cowboy is very similar to the position that was described above. The only difference is that a partner who is lying on his back cannot see his partner’s face. However, as men who have ever tried to do reverse cowboy, note, the view is still beautiful. The bottom controls it all, too. So, the top is sitting or lying on the bad, and the bottom faces away from him. The bottom has a more intense orgasm just because he can control the process, and the top can enjoy the view, a bit more passive position, and the angles that bring pure pleasure.

#5 Spoons – Getting Closer

Big spoon or a little spoon? Well, if you have ever tried it, you know that being any of them is a great experience. Why? It’s one of the most intimate and romantic positions for gay couples, so if you are looking for a position that will allow you and your partner get even closer both physically and spiritually, this is certainly the best option. Both men are lying on their sides, and if they want penetration to be deeper, the top holds the bottom’s knee by hooking his elbow under his partner’s knee.

#6 Bodyguard – Protection You Deserve

People should keep in mind that lying down on the bed is not the only way to have a great time with your partner. So, if you feel like you both are ready for something new and even a bit more exciting, try a bodyguard! This is the mind-blowing position that can bring up new feelings and emotions. So, one of the partners faces away from another one (they are both standing) who is standing behind him. The bottom needs to find something to lean on – the wall, the chair, the table, almost anything big in the house. This is the good news for couples who do not want to limit themselves to the bedroom only. Still, I must also admit that this is the position for indoors, and not for outdoor entertainment.

#7 Good Old Doggy – Kinkier Than Missionary

Well, it’s about classic again. Doggy style is not the extraordinary, super-innovative sex position, but let’s be honest – it is mind-blowing if you do everything right. However, like any other position, it has its benefits and downsides. In particular, it is not the best position for couples who want to be more romantic tonight. This is not as intimate as the above-mentioned missionary, but it allows the active partner to control the process, and the bottom partner to enjoy it without really doing anything. So if your boyfriend wants to be submissive and you want to be dominant or vice versa, doggy style is just perfect.

Of course, this is an easy-to-do position: one of the partners is on his hands and knees, and another guy is behind him. Please note that the guy who is on top is supposed to have a lot of stamina, and the bottom needs to consider the fact that penetration feels a lot harder in this position. If you both are okay with that, you can enjoy the doggy style to the fullest.

#8 Pirate’s Bounty – Feeling Of Paradise

This position seems a bit complicated, but according to lots of men, this is one of the best options for gay couples ever. The bottom is lying down on the bed or any other surface gets his leg up and puts it on the top’s shoulder. The top, in turn, is on his knees. In general, this is pretty much like the missionary position. This means that Pirate’s Bounty can be quite romantic – kissing and hugging is allowed! However, this is not only about romance – the angles also matter, and in this position, the penetration is really deep. The rest depends on how flexible the bottom’s body is.

#9 Suspended Congress – For Real Men Only

Well, it’s not the easiest position ever, but it’s definitely worth your attention, especially if you‘re looking for the most exciting and the sexiest challenge. This is like visiting a gym for the top, but the difference is in what you are actually doing when sweating this much. If you’re the top and if you don’t mind working out tonight, pick up your partner, who, in turn, is supposed to wrap arms around your strong neck. Hold him tighter and he will never forget this powerful, romantic and yes, really orgasmic experience.

#10 Bumper cars – For Experienced Gay Couples

If you have already done all of the positions that I’ve mentioned above, I recommend you to try Bumper cars. Yes, it looks complicated, and it is complicated, but the result is worth every effort. It is not so good for partners with bad balance because, in Bumper cars, men are their fours facing away from each other. It’s like updated, more complicated, and definitely more fun doggy. Of course, the top doesn’t have as much control as while doing good old doggy, and good coordination is must-have, but still – this is just a perfect position to spice up your sex life.

10 Best Positions For Lesbians

I have some useful info not only for gentlemen but also for ladies! The difference is obvious: guys focus on penetration while women enjoy oral sex to the fullest. So, let’s take a look at how girls have fun in more detail. In addition, I recommend visiting the best site for lesbians.

Lesbians Sex

#1 ‘69’ – Today, Tomorrow, Always

Some may say that this is not a lesbian position but a regular position we all got used to. In my opinion, you should not underestimate anything that has already become classic. So, I hardly should explain what ladies are supposed to do, but still: one of the girls is lying on the back and another girl is on top. Of course, both of them are using their tongues to give pleasure to their partner. Though some may say that this is not as kinky as it was in the modern world, I still consider it to be one of the best options for gay and straight couples.

#2 Twisted Scissors

Well, that another super-popular position. Moreover, it’s one of the very few positions that are typically associated with lesbian sex. Yep, men who watched some Pornhub videos consider this is the only thing that lesbians do, but do not let their opinion stop you from having fun – rubbing clit again your girlfriend’s clit or thigh is the mind-blowing experience you definitely deserve. By the way, you can make it more creative by having one lady laying on her belly and another lady laying on her back.

#3 Tied Up Or Why Not Make It Kinkier?

Let’s be honest, we do not want our sex routine to be actually routine. That’s why we’re looking for something to spice up our sex lives, and sometimes ‘something’ is closer than we think. Girls, for instance, have a possibility to mix oral sex and some bondage elements by adding rope, tape or scarf. Yes, this is the sex game that never becomes less popular or less engaging. Just restrain your girlfriend’s hands before you get down to business. It may seem a bit of weird advice, especially considering that almost all people know about BDSM, but a lot of people forget about such a simple way to enjoy being a bit more submissive or a bit more dominant.

#4 Reverse Face-Sitting Or Why Not Do The Opposite?

It is so simple to turn around and enjoy the new angles, new angles, new sensations! In this position, you can stimulate the G-spot and clit, and of course, the views are just mind-blowing! The best thing about it is that there are no strict rules, so both partners can change a position a bit to finger each other or play with each other’s clits.

# 5 Missionary – Girls Do It Too

Straight men often ask why do lesbians need strap-ons claiming that this proves that whatever these girls do in the bedroom, they still are attracted to men. Well, it’s highly debatable. In my opinion, girls use strap-on just because it can reach that special spot and, of course, spice up sex life. Lesbian missionaries can be even more passionate and romantic, and deep penetration brings new feelings to the bottom. There is no need to say that eye contact and deep connection are actually the best things about his position. Oh, I forgot about mind-blowing, super-intense orgasm girls have due to the intense G-spot stimulation.

#6 Kneeling – What About Some Hugs?

How do you feel when your beloved girlfriend hugs you from behind? Feels fantastic, right? So why not get down to business and have some fun in this position? Both guys are standing on their knees, and one of the ladies is stimulating her partner’s clit or fingering her from behind. The feelings are just amazing even when you use nothing but your hands. Touch each other, enjoy every moment you spend together!

#7 Cunnilingus In Latin, Pussy Eating In English

As you have probably noticed, I like classic positions. In fact, I believe that only something really good can become classic, and cunnilingus is one of such things when it comes to passionate lesbian sex. We can’t even imagine it without pussy eating, so why reinvent the wheel? By the way, it’s also perfect for beginners.

#8 Just Use The Pillow In Any Situation

Yep, the pillow is the perfect tool for all couples. It sounds weird, but adding it can change the process and the results a lot. As I have already noted, it’s all about angles. Just put a pillow under your partner’s butt and use your tongue to make her say that you’re the best lover in her life. Then swap. Repeat.

#9 What About A Blowjob? Yeah, Blowjob

If you think that strap-on can be used for penetrative sex, I’ve got the good news for you. What about the lesbian blowjob? Yes, that’s hot. Yes, that’s kinky. Some may say that such kind of sex does not bring any feelings, so why would women spend their time giving a blowjob to something plastic instead of using their tongues to do something really beautiful? The answer is simple: sex is not only about physical feelings but also emotions. By the way, the pressure does its job, and a woman can have a really intense orgasm, so why not try something new?

#10 Get Dirty In The Shower

I have already noted that hugging someone from behind when you both are standing on your knees is the mind-blowing experience. However, there is one element that makes it even better. Just change the location and add some water! Shower sex is the new level of intimacy for every couple, especially if we’re talking about two ladies. Come on, I bet you know how to use a shower properly. Just use this knowledge to make each other a bit happier!

Get Dirty In The Shower


So, what can I say about the top 10 sex positions for gay couples and lesbians? I think you noticed that I did not mention anything extraordinary. Why? I believe that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to enjoy sex. I can agree that two incredibly flexible people can do something really extraordinary in the bedroom, but most people can’t. Sometimes, they try to be over their heads and got nothing but disappointment. I believe that there are some classic and some a bit more creative positions that do their job perfectly and does not make you feel exhausted, so why not use them?

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