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Rating: 2.8
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CamsHq is an adult cams platform which has superb features which are not common with usual webcams sites. Rating: 2.8

CamsHQ Review: New WebCam Site

This platform works well for those who are looking for girls who perform stripped. When you register on the website, you will discover there are no different categories, as you only have to choose between watching either offline or live shows. For the offline shows, they have already been recorded before when you view them.

You get to discover that the female model is always in the act of uploading their videos. So, it is unlikely for you to run out of videos to stream. You also have the luxury of selecting videos to view based on the models featured in them.

CamsHq perfectly plays the role of a sex video chat, as you are also allowed to send messages while you are viewing a show. There is also an option of opting for an adult private chat or a group chat.

The features on CamsHQ are affordably priced, and you will discover that they are indeed a good run for your money.

  • The registration procedure on CamsHq is easy
  • There are a lot of models on this platform to keep you constantly thrilled
  • The communication process is not complicated
  • The design of the website is cool and attractive
  • When you are watching a show, you can still text a model alongside
  • There are five free tokens for paid functionalities
  • There are many languages supported on CamsHq
  • The most affordable pack of tokens makes you accessible to all the features on the website
  • The models have working hours which you can check before you approach any of them


  • Some features cannot be accessed until you register fully on the platform


  • All the models on CamsHq can showcase themselves online
  • The working hours of the models can be found in their profiles

What Models are Represented There?

The models on CamsHq are all good-looking and attractive, and they are all an attractive age

Survey of Profile Construction

The profile of a registered member shows the age, gender, location, and preferred specifications


All men and women are advised to refrain from evil acts, which could result in their being ejected from the platform.

Privacy Policy

The firewalls of CamsHq are impenetrable, making it difficult for data or information to be hacked or stolen.

Cams HQ Reviews

Jay: Male, 23 years old.

I love the simplicity and convenience of the website

Edward: Male, 22 years old.

There are many interesting categories to select from, and I end up being confused most times. I just love this platform

Sara: Female, 23 years old.

The services provided by this platform are like no other. Nice one

Ken: Male, 25 years old.

The website has a nice layout.

John: Male, 27 years old.

Asides English, there are other available languages available. This is what makes this platform stand out among others

Assistance Administration

The function of the service department is spelled out. With the urgent need for any proficient platform to have a functioning and active service department, CamsHq’s is very efficient. The service department ensures the site is running non-stop and that all features are regularly in place.

From time to time, there is usually a check on the features which the site has to ensure that registered members enjoy themselves without any encumbrance.


CamsHq is well aware of the fact that these days, it is quite hard for you to spot the right adult dating platforms that offer what you desire. This is why this site has built itself to a level where it is now regarded as one of the best dating sites which offer excellent dating and consultation services.

Going through the features on the website, you might feel they are the same as other sites. However, when you start using the platform, you will discover the features are well structured and more attractive than when you find them on other platforms.

Last Updated: December 14, 2019 by Ingvar RakastavaIngvar RakastavaRating: 2.8