BongaCams Review

BongaCams Review

Last Updated: April 23, 2020
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Among the top-notch adult dating sites on the internet, BongaCams is at the forefront. Over time, they have absorbed smaller webcam websites, integrating their features into making BongaCams hookup what it is today.

Gender ratio
male - 25% female - 75%
You will meet
All sexual prefernces
Available on
Total visits (by Alexa)
Real Profiles
Easy to Use

Good for country

United States


BongaCams is one of the few websites which offer free raw shows. It is a popular website, based on its ranking on Alexa, which places it above notable popular websites. It sits at the 92nd position worldwide.

How to pay
Money back
26 tokens
76 tokens
156 tokens
Available features
Basic Search
Group Chat
Privat Chat
Archived Videos


There are different models which are always available at any time
The features which BongaCams have are similar to notable cam sites
For token purchases, there are various payment options
Live chat is free
The video cam quality is superb
There are no subscriptions or monthly charges


The pop-ups are quite annoying to users of the site
A good number of the rooms have watermarks


There are lots of cams packages that BongaCams has to offer everyone ranging from male to female, transgender, and people who have diverse sexual orientations like homosexual, straight, and the likes.

Playfull Woman

BongaCams Review: A Complete Adult Cam Platform

How To Search

You can search for models on BongaCams via their profile. Each model on BongaCams has a specific mini and a full profile alongside. When you are in a video chat room, you can see their mini-profile. Personal data, such as their age, height, gender, weight, and preferences, are revealed there.

However, when you click on the full profile, you have access to the full list of the model’s information, which includes: The model’s full-time activity on webcam and their work schedule, amongst others.

When surfing the website, you can decide to browse through the general exhibition, or you select by filtering through the listed categories.

What Models Are Represented There

BongaCams has a good number of models who are available to satisfy clients: latinas, asian, teen, ebony, nude, black, others ^_^. There are ladies of all sorts, and the same applies to the guy models who are not as numerous as the ladies. There is also a section for couples (straight and homosexuals) and transsexuals. However, they are not as populated as straight Bonga girls and guys.bongacams1-1024x535

Overview Of Bonga Cams Profile Structure

On BongaCams, models have two profiles. The first is the mini-profile, which contains their gender, sexual inclination, height, age, and weight of the model. This can be seen when you are in a video chat room. The second profile is the full one; this contains more details about the model. You can see what the model does on Bonga webcam, her work schedule, and the likes.bongacams4-1024x352

Models have the full luxury of structuring their profiles so that one could be quite different from the other.bongacams5-1024x448

Conditions For Men And Women

The rules for men and women are quite the same, as breaking any of the terms could have adverse effects.

  • Illegal acts are prohibited
  • Pornographic images are not to be posted
  • All users are advised not to use offensive words
  • Private information such as chats and pictures, are not to be displayed on the website
  • All users are advised not to create alternate accounts to stir up trouble against other users
  • Also, all users are advised not to impersonate administrators of the site

Privacy Policy

As a company that is powered by Proweb Progressive Development Limited, BongaCams does not intentionally collect data in any form from individuals under the age of 18. Hence, if such is discovered, it is deleted promptly from the website.

Also, BongaCams has a private system in place which protects the personal information of every registered user and isn’t disclosed except in a few reasonable and agreed upon cases.

In addition to this, Proweb limited ensures the contents of interaction between clients and models are not disclosed, as they are kept as private as possible. All personal data is protected and remains so, as far as they are in line with the requirements of the law.

Features And Key Points

  • BongaCams offers free raw chats
  • Private chats are also enabled
  • Conversations with a model are entirely personal, as no third party can interfere
  • There is a mode called Spy mode, which allows you to hear the model and view the chat. However, interaction is not enabled in this mode
  • There is also a group chat, which makes it possible for more than two users to communicate with a model at the same time
  • There are interactive toys available
  • There are different levels of accounts which offer various functionalities
  • The profile of the model contains every significant detail which is instrumental in satisfying clients

BongaCams Reviews

  • Ken: Male, 24 years old.

I love the fact that BongaCams allows users to choose from a variety of languages. For some of us who prefer to chat in our native language, BongaCams makes it effortless for us.

  • Bridget: Female, 26 years old.

BongaCams allows mobile phone support, and I love it that way. I can access the site anywhere I am, provided my mobile phone is within reach.

  • Dan: Male, 23 years old.

I absolutely love this site, the ladies here are hot, and the token offers are unbelievable. I am stuck with this site, and I do not want to break free.

  • Belsh: Male, 22 years old.

One feature which I like about BongaCams is the navigation process. The site does not give stress when you want to search for a model of your choice. I simply love its simplicity.

  • Fred: Male, 23 years old.

I was quite surprised that a website like BongaCams can be tried out for free, no hidden cost during registration. This is really amazing. Only a few quality sites can offer this.

Work Of The Service Department

The features BongaCams has to offer speaks volumes of its credibility, it can be expected that the service team works tirelessly around the clock to ensure the website keeps running and complaints and inquiries of clients are promptly attended to.

In addition to this, the service team also keeps an eagle eye when it comes to dealing with scammers. For a website as sophisticated as this, it is expected there are individuals who would be looking to swindle unsuspecting clients, BongaCams security department is on the ground to ensure this does not happen.

BongaCams regularly makes great effort to make available for every client or subscriber, the best services and contents which are unbeatable.


There are many models on BongaCams, so anytime you log in, there would be someone online to keep you company and give you the entertainment you so desire. If you need a good time with no hitches, then BongaCams is the place for you. You would be able to have a severe and private sex chat in an enabling online environment.

In addition to this, you will be thrilled at the quality of the HD cams. This BongaCams review shows that if you are not careful, you can spend the whole day on the website, because of its excellent features.

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What is BongaCams?

BongaCams is a dating platform that caters for the dating needs of people. It is a top-notch
hookup platform where people from all over the world come to have fun and flirt. On
BongaCams, you are not limited when it comes to sexual encounters. Everyone is free to do
what they like, at their discretion

BongaCams, how much are tokens worth?

The tokens on BongaCams are affordable when compared to other hookup platforms. With
your credit card, 17 tokens cost $2.99 for a start. The same applies to PayPal. For Bitcoin , 100
tokens cost 0.0019 BTC which is equivalent to $12.26 tokens

How to make friends on BongaCams?

Making friends on BongaCams is very easy. You just need to ensure your mode of
communication is top-notch. Prior to doing this, you need to ensure that, your profile is well
set-up, so that it will give you a boost when you are communicating with anyone on this

What is platinum account on BongaCams?

A platinum account on BongaCams is the second highest level of membership after Gold. With a
premium account, you are entitled to some premium features like private messaging, purchase
limits, discounts, visibility in chats and a host of others. It is more expensive than a Gold

BongaCams how to add friend?

The process of adding a friend on BongaCams is very easy. You just need to make sure that you
have your mode of communication with the individual is perfect. People do not like stalking and
bumping into their profiles just like that. Adding a friend is a two-way task, and not just up to

How to get free unlimited tokens on BongaCams no verify?

You can get free unlimited tokens on BongaCams. You just need to watch out for promotions,
bonuses and the likes. Once you get these tokens, you can use them as you like before the
expiration date. You can use them to order for any service of your choice
how to use you BongaCams your webcam
BongaCams comes with its own webcam provision. So, all it takes is to set up a profile, and
video chat with any one of your choice. Before doing this however, you need to ensure that you
have informed them beforehand so that you do not constitute a nuisance. You can also record a
video of yourself with your webcam

How to start your own cam on BongaCams?

You can decide to start your cam on BongaCams, at any time of your choice. All it takes is to
create a profile and you are good to go. People who operate free membership cannot start
their own cams on BongaCams

BongaCams how to block mode?

The block mode is located on the profile of the person you want to block. A good number of
times, people block other users because they constitute a disturbance and nuisance. So, all it
takes is two clicks, and you have blocked the user of your choice

Where are BongaCams servers located?

BongaCams servers are located in the United States and a host of other countries in the world.

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