XSocial.com Review

XSocial.com Review

Last Updated: April 24, 2020
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Therefore, questions like XSocial a scam and XSocial safe should not be a cause for worry or concern because the site has got everyone covered.

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male - 28% female - 72%
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All sexual prefernces
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One platform which stands out among other dating sites is XSocial. This is one of the reasons why people ask doubtful questions like XSocial scam? This is due to the fact that this site comes with outstanding features at an affordable cost.

How to pay
Money back
Available features
You can visit unlimited profiles
Read/receive private messages
You can like other users
You can post updates
Full access to cams section


Your sexual desires would be met
There is a large gallery which contains lots of pictures and videos of models
It is very smooth and fast to register on XSocial
The customer support team is very efficient


All the features can be used when your account has been upgraded


On a regular basis, the number of hookup platforms is on the increase, and it is quite herculean to separate the awesome ones from the not-so-good ones. The less efficient ones are more than the good ones, and people usually complain of falling into the wrong hands.

XSocial.com Review: a Brilliant Hookup Platform

If you need access to all the features, it is necessary to make payment. However, since the paid-for features are not expensive, it makes it very easy. XSocial dating comes in to bridge the gap between reality and the virtual space. Those who are shy, in fact can use XSocial to regain their confidence. The same applies to those who are social in reality, as they would use this platform to blend and get better.

Benefits, Peculiarities, and Features

As a standard member, you can visit unlimited profiles, read/receive private messages from premium members and you can like other users however, you can not send messages yourself.

As a premium member, you can send private messages to all users (standard & premium) and you can also post updates through the Shoutbox section, which is an excellent way to attract more attention to your profile! You will also appear higher in search results with a catchy ‘star’ icon (which means more views) and you will have full access to our cams section where you can find a huge amount of full-length movies.

Using XSocial comes with no regrets because it is a top-notch site. It is a platform that grants all your sexual desires and leaves you wanting for more. There is always more than enough on XSocial for everybody; hence, it is up to you to harness the benefits which this platform comes with.

It is straightforward for you to land a partner on XSocial, and this is because there are lots of members and models on this platform, who are equally looking for any form of relationship. Hence, you can be sure that you cannot be stranded on this website because you would see someone who thinks precisely, and wants the same sexual activities as you do.

XSocial app is one of the hookup platforms which comes with an elementary mode of registration, and it takes nothing less than five minutes for you to become a legit member of this platform. When you are fully registered, you can start using XSocial to your benefit.

There are some excellent features on this platform that you would enjoy, and when you upgrade your account, you will get to discover that there are still more features, although they go for an affordable cost.

There are live cams on this platform that can never be exhausted, and there are breath-taking pictures of models that you would enjoy viewing.


Overview of Profile Structure

The profile of any registered member is the result of the registration process. Hence, whatever details filled during registration, would be shown on the XSocial profile view of a member. You would be asked to submit your email address, name, location, age, gender, color, sexual inclinations, amongst others.

After that, you would be asked to create a username and a password that you would use to XSocial login every time you log in. Hence, it is straightforward for you to know who someone is from their profile, and you can decide if they are suitable for you or not.



Privacy is a concept which XSocial does not joke with. You rest assured that all your information and details which are entered on this site, would remain on this site. There is no room for leakages, and no third party can have access to them.

XSocial website comes with a proficient firewall system that prevents any form of access by anyone who is not a customer support team member. In times past, on other adult dating sites, there have been complaints that such sites usually leak out their photos and videos to other websites. Some of them even use it as a form of trade.

However, with XSocial, your privacy is guaranteed, and it fields the question XSocial a scam?

Number of Models/Users

There are lots of models to select from on this platform. If care is not taken, you might get confused because all the models are good-looking and beautiful. Hence, you need to take your time before you make your choice.

Also, the same goes for members of the site. The site has an actively-growing database which contains a plethora of members, and it is regularly on the increase. People always join because the site has a lot to offer.

So, if people ask is XSocial .com a legitimate site, they can rest assured that the answer is positive.


Customer Support

The customer support team of XSocial is one that can be regarded as being very effective and efficient as well. For any form of problem which you encounter on this platform, it is best to reach out to them, and they would undoubtedly answer immediately.

Reasons to Choose

These reviews on XSocial reveal that, for any form of hookups that you might be interested in, you can be sure that XSocial has got you covered. The features which this platform comes with are high, and they make your stay on XSocial worth it.

Mobile Application

XSocial has no mobile application

How to Make Orders?

When you want to make orders on XSocial, the best thing for you is to contact the customer support, so that they can put you through. It would interest you to know that the ordering procedure on this platform is very smooth and fast.


This review is indeed an eye-opener for people who wonder whether is XSocial.com real. People who have lost hope in adult online dating will definitely get their hopes rejuvenated.

The platform comes with massive benefits for all registered members, particularly those who operate the full membership.

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