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Rating: 4.5
Xpickup reviewed by Ingvar Rakastava:

There are many dating platforms which exist on the internet, and not all of them are efficient. Xpickup stands out tall among all hookup platforms because of their top-notch delivery. Rating: 4.5

Xpickup Dating Review: An Awesome Adult Dating Website


Xpickup is an adult hookup platform which is exceptional. This platform avails you the opportunity of meeting anyone you have interest in and setting up any form of the sexual expedition. As the name of this platform suggests, Xpickup involves you to set-up a mode of communication with someone and later picking up the person for a date or any other sexual activity.

Xpickup comes with some fantastic filters, which enables you to enjoy this platform even more. What makes it more interesting is, you can make use of this filter and get in touch with other registered members who reside in the same location, as you do. You can also get in touch with models on Xpickup, who live in the same area as yours.

This platform has superb dating prospects which you cannot get on other hookup platforms. Starting with the mode of registration, it is speedy and seamless, as there is no stress involved. This mode of registration is very typical of Xpickup, and you cannot find something of this nature on other hookup platforms.

On a good number of hookup platforms, all the features would have to be paid for. However, on Xpickup, most of the features go for free, and even the xpickup prices for some features are very affordable. Xpickup understands the stiff competition which exists in the adult dating world, and hence, they have been able to stand out by providing affordable and quality services.

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  • When you register on xpickup, you would see that it is swift and seamless
  • There are amazing features on this platform
  • There are superb search filters which are at your beck and call
  • You can get in touch with people who reside in your location
  • There is live cam available
  • The customer support team is highly-functional
  • All financial records entered on this site are safe
  • The ordering procedure is effortless


  • You would have to upgrade your membership before you can use all the features

Pivot table of information about Xpickup

Types and cost of subscription

$29.95 to subscribe for 1 month on the site
$59.95 to subscribe for 3 months on the site
$119.95 to subscribe for 12 months on the site

Money back
Credit card payment, all major brand gift cards, and Paysafecards. We accept all credit/debit cards with a VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club International or Discover logo
Features and possibilities

As a standard member you can visit unlimited profiles, read/receive private messages from premium members and you can like other users however you can not send messages yourself.

As a premium member, you can send private messages to all users (standard & premium) and you can also post updates through the dating center which is an excellent way to attract more attention to your profile! You will also appear higher in search results with a catchy ‘star’ icon (which means more views) and you will have full access to our videos section where you can find a huge amount of full-length movies.

Average online per month
617 600
For whom
For All
Main competitors
Address: PO Box 440, Envoy House, La Vrangue, St Peter Port, Guernsey Email Contact: [email protected] Phone Number: N/A
4 / 5
4 / 5
Fake profiles
Data required for registration
Email, password, birthday
Alexa ranking

Benefits, Peculiarities, and Features

On Xpickup, you would get to discover that there are quite several people who have different sexual desires. This is indeed a place where people who have sexual mindsets meet, and they can blend. So, irrespective of your sexual tendencies, you would see someone who loves them or someone who is just like you.

Xpickup is an extensive network of sexually-minded people, who want to derive optimum satisfaction, and step-up their sexual life, by hooking up with someone. It is exciting to know that every registered member on Xpickup tends to be a great hookup partner. Everyone on this platform is serious-minded and ready to flirt at the same time. So depending on what you want, you are sure to be covered on Xpickup.

Taking a look at the registration process, it is swift and smooth. You are sure not to encounter any form of encumbrances during registration. When you are registering, you would be asked to particular input details, which are essential to your success on Xpickup. Features such as your name, age, location, gender, color, sexual tendencies, and the likes would be required.

All prospective members of Xpickup are advised that they should always give their correct details during registration so that the matching algorithm would not work against them. The matching algorithm works with what is on your profile. Hence, if you give a wrong location, it would pair you with someone who has that location, and you might not be cool with it.

After you have registered on Xpickup, you would be required to Xpickup login, and then, your journey in Xpickup begins. You would have access to a good number of features, and whenever you are ready to upgrade your membership, you would be allowed to. After that, all the elements would be at your fingertips, and you can use them as you please.

On Xpickup dating site, you are allowed to share photos and videos with other registered members. For those who have not registered, they are restricted from doing this. You can also use the matchmaking tools to get for yourself, a partner. Xpickup is known to have a comprehensive gallery of pictures and videos of models which you can use for your viewing pleasure.

The exciting part is, you can never run out of all the pictures, as they increase every day. The same applies to the number of videos on this platform, as models regularly take hot and sexy videos of themselves, and upload on the platform. You can also request for personally recorded videos from models on the site, and depending on how close you are with any of them, and you would be given.


Overview of Profile Structure

When it comes to setting up your profile on Xpickup, it is one of the most natural things to do. Your profile is the result of your registration process. Put, whatever details or information which you entered while registering, is what would reflect on your Xpickup profile view, save for your password and other personal information.

This Xpickup dating review informs that the profile of a registered member contains the name, age, gender, sexual tendencies, location, color amongst others. When you go through the profile of a member, you can decide what you want for yourself; if you want a simple date, a hookup, or just sex. Anyone you opt for would turn out well.

The same also applies to the models on this platform; their profile contains their name, age, location, sexual tendencies, and color. So, if you have the luxury of time, you can go through the profile of each model on Xpickup, and select for yourself. However, the fact remains that you would not be able to check them out all at once, because you would undoubtedly see lots of them who you would love.



Privacy is an issue which Xpickup takes very seriously. People do not like it when their privacy level is jeopardized, and it is usually the fault of most hookup sites. This is why people leave when they get to discover that their data or messages have leaked to another place.

When it comes to privacy on Xpickup, you are indeed covered, as no third party has access to any of your details. There is no way you would find your information on another dating site. This site has a secure firewall system, which prevents anyone from breaking through.


Number of Models/Users

Xpickup has the largest network of registered members, among all hookup sites, and the reason for this is because this site has lots of attractive features, which makes people register. It would excite you to know that, people register on Xpickup daily, hence, making the site to have an extensive membership database.

This Xpickup site review also informs that, Xpickup also has an extensive database of models, and the number also increases regularly. Hence, you can never run out of models to hook up with, neither can you run out of members with whom you can interact with. The site is an actively growing one.

Customer Support

This review of Xpickup informs that the customer support of this platform is very active, and they leave you with no regrets. When it comes to handling complaints about Xpickup, and attending to inquiries, they are always swift and efficient at doing so.

They work round the clock, attending to messages from registered members on the platform. They are indeed very productive.


Reasons to Choose

For any form of hookup, this reviews of Xpickup inform that this platform is sufficient for you. Any sexual inclinations and expectations which you have would surely be met on xpickup. Hence, for anything related to sex which pops in your mind, you are sure to get an answer on Xpickup.

How to Make Orders/Ordering Procedure?

Based on this Xpickup dating site reviews, making orders on Xpickup is a straightforward process, as it does not take time to place an order. However, it is best to reach out to the customer support team, so that they can assist you, and prevent you from making errors; some might be grave and cost you your membership.



Having gone through this Xpickup review, you would see for yourself that, this website is indeed a top-notch hookup platform, which grants all of your desires. With the superb features which are in place, you are bound to have a thrilling time on this platform.

With Xpickup online dating site, there are lovely memories and experiences which you would continue to savor because they made your stay on xpickup worth it.

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