Spdate Review

Spdate Review

Last Updated: December 8, 2020
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There is a specific target that Spdate has, and that is to attract single people who love social media, and the type of communication that comes with it. Hence, the actual focus of Spdate is communication, and this is why the process on this platform is seamless.

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On the internet today, one of the most commonly visited adult hookup sites is Spdate. This platform comes in handy for meeting the suitable caliber of people who would make your sexual life worth it. SPdate is a sex platform which was put in place to aid people in hookups, and having exciting times together. There are some features on Spdate which you would not typically find on other hookup sites.

How to pay
Money back
Available features
Basic Search
Browse Profiles
See Location of the Person
Upload Photos
Video Chat


The registration process is smooth, and it has a nice user experience
There are lots of women on this site
The necessary features of this site are easily accessible
The atmosphere on Spdate is not tense, as it makes you feel relaxed


The pop-ads on this platform can be annoying
Pivot table of information about Spdate
Types and cost of the subscription
When it comes to upgrading your membership, it comes with no cost


Spdate is one of the few dating sites that offer a multitude of features and members to chat up, without asking any money for it.

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What is Spdate: a Superior Adult Dating Site

The online dating market is a domain characterized through an intense spirit of competition, with a multitude of sites offering hookup services. The process, in its core, has some well-established steps, common to all sites sharing this profile and interest: users enlist, they share some personal data and a couple of their desires, search for physically appealing members that have common interests, flirt a little and eventually get together for a casual relationship. It all seems pretty straightforward, and most adult dating sites follow the same recipe. Success comes along, in strict corroboration with how intense the activity of their members is. A website that presents an extensive database of potential hookups, which are often online and available for chatting, active in using the site’s features, continues to attract interest from other future members.

The key to this trick is to have enough outstanding features, modern traits, and benefits for its users, to maintain their attention for a more extended period, at least long enough to take advantage of the first couple of real-life hookups. This success is bound to ensure their loyalty towards the site. Also, a different approach might be the path to attracting new business and invite the interest of new members, permanently keeping the member’s database fresh.

This Spdate review wants to establish in which proportion it manages to respond to the previously mentioned aspects. What’s sure, even from the first glance, is that Spdate has a couple of appreciated features that recommend it as a top choice for many members. Part of its popularity comes from the impressive number of services offered for free of charge, standard membership. The simplicity of the registration process that Spdate proposes and the categories it suggests, pile up on the advantages specific of this site. Follow the present Spdate review to find out many other appealing aspects of this popular website.

Benefits, Peculiarities and Special Features

Spdate has put in place a user-friendly environment, easy to navigate through, filled with unique features, without even giving the impression of being crowded. Sometimes it also helps its users get right to the point. The most important aspect that Spdate manages to impress all its current and potential members is represented by the multitude of services it offers for its standard membership. Thus, for many traits that other sites offer only on a paid subscription basis, Spdate supplies them free of charge. Of course, they also have a premium membership to upgrade to, which hands out more options, but even without it, the functionalities on this site are pretty much covering all needs.

On the downside, because it focuses so much on convenience for the users and doesn’t bug them with fees for joining the site, Spdate gets its fair share of the revenue from in-site ads. There are numerous pop-up ads on every page of this website and are showing up after each activity. However, once you get accustomed to them, bearing these ads seems a small price to pay, if everything else is free.

The interface of Spdate is similar to the newsfeed of known social media platforms, and you will be able to view pictures of other members, and also know their age, location, and additional essential information. If you are the type who uses Instagram and Facebook frequently, you will find it easy to use this platform. Besides, this site allows checking those who are trending based on the last hour, day, previous or current week, or month. Getting many likes takes profiles on top of the list and thus enhances their chances of being noticed and entering in a multitude of discussions.

The use of Spdate fake profiles represents a controversial feature. The site’s operator mentions it uses bots, whenever the activity goes low, to increase traffic and get it out of the slump. So, whenever chatting up with a profile that has the mention UP at its profile’s name, remember that you’re talking to an “Unreal Personality.” This can be quite funny and entertaining at times, seeing how the UP’s are programmed for maintaining an individual line of discussion, as well as it can become dull or annoying for some.

Finally, Spdate has much understanding for those that are unwilling to go through the whole process of chatting, flirting, convincing people they might be a good match, and it hands out an opportunity to overpass these activities, getting right to the chase. Spdate presents an option named “Sex Request,” which pretty much explains itself out.

Is Spdate Easy to use?

Spdate is a simple site to use, and it gets comfortable even from the start when signing up as a member. The homepage doesn’t attack first time users with many options; it has a simple design, presenting the fields with the bare minimum details necessary to sign up on an all-black background.

It becomes even more comfortable after joining the site, the search filters being easily accessible, and the method of sorting members being straightforward. Anyone conversant with the top social media platforms will have no problem navigating this site, as it resembles a lot with those experiences.

How to Sign Up?

Registration on Spdate is effortless, and within a matter of minutes, you can become a member of this platform. You will be asked to fill in your full name, age, location, email, and password. A verification link will also be sent to your email, and you will be required to access Spdate.com from that particular link.

As any other review for Spdate shows, members can also register on Spdate using either Google Plus or Facebook. Once you have been able to log in, you have access to all the excellent features which Spdate comes with.


How to Communicate with Users?

Before you can communicate with any user on Spdate webcam, you need to ensure that you have been registered already. Once you have signed up, and you are logged in, all you need do is visit the profile of your preferred member, and send a message via text. Also, you can decide to communicate via video chat, and this depends on the person you are interacting with if he or she agrees to use the webcam feature, or wants to continue messaging for a while. All the activities mentioned above come without any cost, so members’ interaction is encouraged on this site.


Overview of Profile Structure

Creating each member’s profile starts right off the main page of the site, it’s the only thing that a visitor can do, if he or she wants to continue navigating this site. Fortunately, this is a simple task, without any complications, requiring a minimum of personal data. As mentioned before, in signing up for the chapter, Spdate can allow you to become a member by only knowing your name, email, gender, and age. An exciting aspect which tells us a lot about what type of relationships Spdate focuses on comes from the fact that there are only two genders available for choosing, which are the classic choices of male and female.

Although not mandatory from Spdate’s point of view, you should not leave out essential details like your name, age, color, and the likes. Also, ensure you include your interests, attributes amongst others. These are some of the most popular things that other members check out before deciding to hook up with a person on this site. You can always visit your profile to modify or add any relevant information. If your profile page is well-edited, you can be guaranteed better results when it comes to finding a partner for get-togethers.

How to Upload Photos?

It is also advised that you upload a clear and high quality picture so that people would have an idea of what you look like. It’s been statistically proven that profiles with a great picture that accentuates the user’s pluses have plenty more chances at becoming one of the trending users on top of the search list, in detriment of those that haven’t uploaded a profile photo yet. Uploading the picture is quite easy to accomplish and it can only be done through the Personal Profile page, clicking the upload button and adding the selected photo. As a disclaimer, make sure that you’re comfortable with the user picture, as once uploaded as the profile picture, it becomes publicly visible to all members.


Member Structure

Spdate is one of the most highly trafficked hookup sites. It surely has something to do with the multitude of free features, the high number of active members, counting an average of 500.000 active users weekly, and with the fact that every second contact leads to a new dialogue, which increases the chances of hooking up in real life as well. Although Spdate covers an international database, with users enlisted from 250 countries, one location stands out of the crowd, the United States being overwhelmingly present with over 700.000 members registered on this website.


Which Kind of People are Presented?

As mentioned before, the site seems to orient its focus towards heterosexual relationships, the only two excellent options to be selected for gender, being proof of a rather standard approach, but gay and lesbian hookups are also mentioned as options. As stated, Spdate also has its moments when it just wants to cut through the chase and get to the point of the activity, which is initiating a casual relationship.

Age Distribution

The age categories are pretty well-balanced between 18-44 years old, maintaining a favorable proportion to male profiles, over the female ones. For 45-54 years past, we almost can’t find any feminine silhouettes. Still, for the elderly categories of over the age of 55, it seems that the percentages of male/female profiles are almost reasonably equal. The overall look shows, however, a 73% in favor of men registered on the site, with the remaining 27% belonging to the feminine category. It seems a fair distribution if we report these numbers to how the statistics of the entire online dating industry looks like.

Categories on the Website

Spdate comes with what seems like a peculiar feature, or better said, lack of functionality, because it doesn’t have a search function or any other possibility to filter according to the user’s options. This is the point where the fact that the site is oriented towards heterosexual relationships becomes apparent, as the only profiles in the list that can be contacted by any Spdate member are those of people of the opposite sex.

Customer Support

Spdate customer support works round the clock to ensure that everyone is satisfied. They answer all inquiries promptly, and they struggle to ensure that members have a fun-filled time on the platform, without incidents which can be adverted by them. They also work hand-in-hand with the security team to fish out Spdate scam individuals who want to fraud other members. For getting in contact with them, there is an email available, at [email protected], or a mailing address at the owner company’s headquarters.

Security and Privacy

As any other respectable dating site would have it, the data security is an element of great importance for both members and operators. As most Spdate reviews can confirm, the site’s admins put a high price on keeping the personal information clear of any wrong-doers, or out of any third parties’ reach, which isn’t allowed to use them. On that matter, the safety on Spdate hookup is guaranteed because there are strict security measures put in place to ensure this, such as SSL technology encryption for financial transactions and firewalls for repelling any hacking attempt.

One of the advice shared in the privacy policy of the site refers to being careful at the type of information included in the profile, as all the details become of public notice to all members of the website.


Suitable for Women?

Spdate is an excellent choice for women looking for a casual heterosexual relationship, as the proportions are more than 3 male profiles to 1 female. Not suited for women trying to experiment with bisexual or lesbian hookups.

Suitable for Men?

Although over 73% of total profiles are represented of masculine figures, there is still a lot of action for men in Spdate. There is a comprehensive gallery of girls, mostly aged 18-44 that men can choose from the list of top profiles and most active members.

The Impression of a Satisfied User

  • I love the Spdate app because it is user-friendly, the site has an attractive design, and there is no Spdate fake.
  • I was surprised to see hot guys on this site. Spdate dating site is one like no other, as it functions similarly to Facebook and Instagram, making it easy to use.
  • It’s not often that a dating site permits being so direct, as this one does through the Sex Request option.
  • It’s unpleasant that I can’t filter my searches, but the top listed profiles make me not need to search anywhere else.
  • It was fun chatting up the bots used by Spdate, but after a while, I kind of needed talking to a real person.
  • Most things on Spdate are free. I got to talk to many girls for free. This is a feeling that men don’t usually experience on other sites.
  • Get your free shots at hooking up. Hurry up and talk to as many women as possible, before they change their politics and start taxing us money.
  • I’ve never seen such an intuitive and necessary way of registering for a dating site.
  • The mobile version of Spdate is a convenient way to permanently keep in touch with their favorite members.
  • A lot of young women willing to chat, and I love that I can immediately approach the topmost active users on the site.

Reasons to Choose

If indeed simplicity and rapidly getting to the middle of things are the most important subjects that people look for when trying an online dating site, then they’ll love Spdate. The main page isn’t overcrowded with useless information, but gets right to it, offering only the signing up option, with 4 minimum data requested to finalize the profile.

Jumping over some steps to reach their goal of hooking up, can also be done via Spdate by accessing the option Sex Request, which is an option with obvious connotations.

There’s also no denying that the multitude of features available free of charge, represents one of the most sought after aspect, becoming an essential motivation for choosing Spdate as a preferred hookup site.


Mobile App

Spdate currently has no specifically designed mobile app. However, if the reason behind developing such an app was to make it more convenient and more comfortable to access, Spdate can be accessed fast enough using the browsers on smartphones or tablets. This mobile version with instant access has all the features that the desktop alternative has, although slightly disposed of differently on the page, adapting them to the smaller screens of these mobile devices.

Cost, Taxes, Pricing Policies, Payment Methods

As we’ve already specified the number of times, many features come without any fees. Members aren’t taxed for some important traits such as creating an account, browsing through a lot of pictures on the site, as well as looking at profiles and even having access at the visibility of the topmost active users and, most importantly, getting the chance to send and receive messages to and from other members.

The Premium VIP package costs $39.99 and offers a couple of additional benefits, in the shape of receiving more likes, messages, and visits, receiving full access to the entire profile of any user and unlimited access to photos or prioritizing the user’s notes on top of the list in the receiver’s inbox.

The only accepted payment method for this site comes in the form of credit cards, specifically those branded by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How to make orders?

If you want to make orders on Spdate hookup, the best move is to contact the Spdate support, so that they can put you through.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for hookup sites that are similar to this one, you can take a look at


Spdate is a platform where everything begins and happens with ease. It’s an intuitive system, where people find it simple to register, to complete their profile with all the personal data they want other people to know, in the hope of finding persons of similar interest, alongside whom to engage in casual relationships.

The website has some interesting services, customized to answer to the specific needs for hooking up, that its members have. Although it’s focused solely on heterosexual relations, it still represents a great modality to find interesting people for a care-free and entertaining night out. If there is one thing about Spdate.com, is that it presents a natural openness and a direct approach, most users finding it comforting to skip over the flirting part and state out directly the real reason for which they’ve joined.

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Spdate when did it come out?

Spdate was launched in 2002