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The best place you can be for hook-ups is onenightfriend, this site comes with lovely features which helps you to have a nice sexual experience Rating: 5

       OneNightFriend Review: an Amazing Adult Hook-Up Platform


If you are making a list of the top adult dating sites on the internet, onenightfriend is one site you cannot leave out. This site is very famous based on the fact that it has a high level of success when it comes to hook-ups and casual sex. Just as the name implies, this is a site where you can hook-up with anyone who catches your fancy for a night and have a nice time together.

Doing this is very simple because of the awesome features which the onenightfriend has put in place. If you know your onions, you can get any of the hottest girls on this platform. Communication is key when it comes to onenightfriend reviews, and this is why we advise that everyone is diligent in this aspect.

This is a website that offers mouth-watering features at an affordable cost. This is specifically not the platform for long term relationship, but if you are lucky, you can get what you desire. Based on the onenightfriend review, there is no weird individual. This would come as a surprise to many because, no matter how strange your sexual mindset is, you will definitely see someone who matches it.

Onenightfriend is a unique site that attends to your personal sexual needs, and you would always have fun when you are logged into this site.

People often ask questions like “is onenightfriend legit?”, “is onenightfriend trustworthy?”, “is onenightfriend reliable?”, “is onenightfriend cheating?”, “onenightfriend is it reliable?”, “is onenightfriend a good service?” and the likes, will get answers to their questions.


  • Onenightfriend is user-friendly
  • It is easy to register
  • There are lots of members on this platform
  • The customer support is awesome
  • No third party has access to your personal data on onenightfriend


  • Not all the features are free

Pivot table of information about OneNightFriend

Types and cost of subscription

3 Day trial – $1.50 per/day

1 Month – $1.38 per/day

3 Months – $0.77 per/day

6 Months – $0.62 per/day

Money back
Credit card payment, all major brand gift cards, and Paysafecards. We accept all credit/debit cards with a VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club International or Discover logo
Features and possibilities

Fun dating site for singles

Go for a date even tonight

Leading dating site around

Try Our Best Flirty Dating Site to Find Hookup Tonight

Average online per month
3 500 000
You can choose almost any filter both in appearance and preferences by region.
Main competitors
3 / 5
Fake profiles
Alexa ranking

Benefits, Peculiarities and Special Features

One fact you should know about onenightfriend is, this is one of the best hook-up sites which you will ever come across on the internet. To start with, this site comes with a professional outlay which is modern and attractive. On the site, above the fold, there are two conspicuous elements which are obvious. The first one is the registration box, and the second one contains a message which states that women can message men for free.

Scrolling down beneath the fold, you will see some sections containing some texts, which is specifically for all the amazing features of the site. In a nutshell, what they inform you is, this is the best place to find short-term hook-ups and casual sex.

Is OneNightFriend Easy to use?

OneNightFriend is a website that comes with no form of complications. This is a platform for people who need casual dates. There are paid and free chat and messaging features that come with template messages that you can use to flirt and interact with other members. The aim of this site is to connect people who live close to each other and want something in common. It is not for people who want a serious relationship.

On this site, you will see date suggestions, which are as a result of your search preference. For the best ease of use, this platform has a mobile version, which makes a onenightfriend easily accessible.

How to sign up?

Signing up on onenightfriend is very simple, as it is a process which can be concluded within a matter of minutes. You will be asked to input your email address, age, location, and interest. After this step, a confirmation link will be sent to your email, and you will need to click the link as a way of ascertaining that the account is created is onenightfriend legit, and it belongs to you.

After this step, your account is ready, and if you are fast enough, it should not take you up to ten minutes. Being verified as a member avails you the chance of receiving and responding to messages even if their accounts have been set to safe mode.

At this point, based on review for onenightfriend, you will be able to operate onenightfriend, but in a limited way. This is because you have not upgraded your membership. Only those who have upgraded their membership will be able to access all the features on this site. signup menu

How to communicate with users?

A dating platform is not complete without communication, as this is what makes a hookup site important. Messaging is essential on the onenightfriend, as it is impossible to reach out to other members aside from this feature. If members cannot communicate with each other, then the purpose of online hookup sites has been defeated.

If you are serious about getting a date, then it is important that you pay for a premium account. You should also be aware of the fact that, even if you are using a paid account, there is a possibility that the individual you message, might be using a free account. Hence, you might not get replies to your message. Once this happens, you now have a good idea of the exact situation of things.

You can use the Safe Mode feature to regulate the way you receive messages. If you are using the Full mode, it means that members who have been verified, are only those who can message you. With the basic mode, everyone can send a message to you, however, you cannot reply to these messages until your onenightfriend safe mode has been deactivated.

With additional payment, the SMS chat service can be activated. Once it has been activated, the payment is on auto-renewal until the subscription is canceled manually. If you want to know how to activate the chat service, you can contact the customer care support.

Overview of profile structure

This best onenightfriend review shows, the profile is an important feature on onenightfriend webcam, and it should not be taken with levity. The information which is displayed on the profile of a member has to do with some notable physical features like the color of the hair, body type¸ height, weight, habits, eye color, and the likes. You can also include some of your habits like, if you smoke or drink, your ethnicity, location, income, preferred gender, educational accomplishment and a host of others.

You can also decide not to share some bits of information on your profile. However, you need to be sure that it is an info that is not really necessary. On onenightfriend adult dating, you can post a status to show what you are thinking of, or how you feel at that particular moment. You need to stick to the rules when posting a status, and when the community guidelines are not followed, your status message might not get approval, particularly if it is flagged.

Part of the rules which come with posting status is personal details, aggressive language, currency status, and the likes, should not be found on your status. On this platform, people have often reported that there are several fake profiles. You will even see pictures of famous celebrities and models who themselves have no idea that their pictures are being used elsewhere.

Therefore, members are advised to always be on the lookout and report any strange sightings to the site administrator either via the email or hotline, which is provided on the site. You should also be aware that you cannot see the information of a member if you have not shared yours as well. Until you share yours, the field would be marked as “Not given”.

In addition, all members are advised that all pictures uploaded are clear and high quality ones. Pictures that do not have top quality will not be approved by the administrators of the site. profile structure

Member structure

Based on research and profound reviews, it has been discovered that a good number of people who registered for onenightfriend nude are males who are looking for hot girls as their dates. It can be said that the ratio of males to females on this site is 3:1. On onenightfriend hookup, the most populated country is the United States of America.

Currently, there are 550,000 registered members from the United States, and the number keeps growing. Daily, there are around 19,600 logins, and the number of members who are online each week is around 137,000. The age range which has the greatest percentage of members is between 25 to 34 years old.

On the onenightfriend adult, members are advised to be careful, as not all member’s profiles are legit. If you want to spot a bot, it is very easy. They are the ones who send you a message almost immediately after registering. There are some websites or software which you can use to verify if the picture of a member you like has been posted elsewhere on the internet, this will help you to know if the person is legit or not.

Categories on the website

There are various categories on onenightfriend, ranging from straight males, females, lesbians, milfs, gays and the likes. They are basically after finding someone for a night’s period of fun. category

Customer support

Onenightfriend is a platform you can always vouch for when it comes to customer support. The team operates all-round the clock, ensuring that their service delivery is optimum. You can always reach out to them if you are confused about any features on the site. It is better to ask the onenightfriend support, than to ask a fellow member, in order to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

Security and Privacy

Safety is a factor that everyone is concerned about before they sign up for any hook-up site, and onenightfriend live assures this. All your data on this site is not accessible to any third party. The firewalls of this website come with top-notch encryption, which is an indication of how tight this site is to penetrate. In addition, the security team is always on the lookout for onenightfriend scam individuals, so that they can flush them out as soon as they are spotted. policy

Suitable for women?

One night friend is great for women who are looking for casual hook-ups. This is not a go-to site for long-term relationships, except if you get lucky. Even though there are more men than women, there is still enough to go around.

Suitable for men?

Men have a great advantage when it comes to getting hot girls for hookups. There are several ladies on this site, and there is a surety that you will see the ones who catch your fancy.

The impression of a satisfied user

Malcolm, Male, 25 years old: I have had the chance to meet sexy ladies on this site, and the experience has been worthwhile.

Angela, Female, 23 years old: One particular feature I like about onenightfriend com is the customer support is very responsive.

Reasons to choose

One of the major reasons why onenightfriend cams is a great site to choose is, it comes with a very superb design. The photos of members who fit your predilection will be displayed on the homepage of the website, and this will definitely motivate you to start browsing once you have logged in.

On the profile of each member, there is a link on the homepage, and there are also links to the gallery, notification, messages, flirtcast feature and the likes. So, you can effortlessly access the features which you want to use after making payment for the full membership.

The site is user-friendly and you cannot get bored with the site. You will definitely get interested in using the site because it can be easily understood. There are no many words of content on the site, but it comprises all the needed information. advantages


The mobile version of the onenightfriend is very easy to use. It is just the desktop version, but it is meant for mobile. There are no additional features different from what is on the website. Using a mobile phone is conventionally convenient, and a one-night friend app on mobile ensures the same ease. So, you can take it along with you anywhere you are.

The mobile version can be used for free because it is on the browser, and you do not need to download it. All you need do is, put your email, username, password, and login. The mobile version loads faster, and the features can easily be accessed faster than the website version.


On onenightfriend, based on onenightfriend prices review, costs $39.00 for a month, $65.70 for 3 months and $106.20 for 6 months.

Taxes, Pricing Policies, Payment Methods

Based on onenightfriend prices, you can make payment with either your credit card or direct debit. When you want to subscribe for the full membership, all you need do is click on the upgrade button, which is colored green at the top of the page. Then, you will be redirected to the page where you can fill in your card details and make payment.

A good number of times, there are discounts which onenightfriend hook up offers, so you need to be on the lookout. The membership comes with the auto-renew feature, and if you want to cancel, you need to ensure it is done before the expiration period. You will place a call to the customer service via their hotline, and they will deactivate it for you. prices

How to make orders/ Ordering Procedure

Making orders based on a one-night friend site review is as straightforward as possible. All you need do is, contact the customer care support, and they will put you through on how to fix it. payment


This review is one of the sites you can bank on when it comes to online hookups. Now, before you become a registered member of this platform, there are some questions which you need to answer. Based on a one-night friend app review, these questions are self-discovery questions that you must sort out before you register on the site. You need to ask yourself how top-notch your communication is, you also need to know your sexual inclination and the likes.

Once you have fixed this, you can be sure of having a nice time based on the onenightfriend com review. There are some awesome search filters on this platform, which makes your search easier when it comes to finding someone who matches your interest. Indeed, this is a platform where you will see people who have amazing personalities from different countries in the world.

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