MenNation Review

MenNation Review

Last Updated: May 4, 2020
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It would interest you to know that this platform has around 100 million members, from different countries of the world, comprising single and couple men.

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MenNation is a dating site exclusively for men; it was created by one of the foremost companies in the dating world. In 1996, it was developed by Friend Finder Networks, who are now known as Various inc. This company is known for the creation of popular sites like and AdultFriendFinder.

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The registration process is fast and easy
It is a proficient dating site for couples and males
There are lots of peculiar features
The support is great


Not all the services are free


This site is known for quick and easy registration, with lots of exclusive features, and this proves the fact that it is one of the most known gay dating sites on the internet today.

Masculine young man Review: a Proficient Gay Dating Site

Unlike other dating platforms, a good number of registered members are found in the older age bracket. The primary reason for this is, they have made up their minds, and they are not confused concerning their sexual inclinations. They have accepted their sexuality, and there is no fear of being criticized by others.

MenNation is an open site, and the members here are not shy to share explicit content. A good number of people here are more concerned about hook-ups, and they might not necessarily have time for long-term relationships.

It is impressive to note that there are lots of active members on this platform. They all want to hook-up, and you can be sure that they would undoubtedly cooperate when you begin to communicate with them.

This site comes in handy for guys who do not know how to meet other gay guys in their locality, simply because of the fear of being rejected based on their sexual orientation. MenNation is a platform that helps you feel at home and meet up with other people who are like you.

The features on this platform are mind-blowing, and they are in place to boost your confidence and help you have a better dating experience. Giving MenNation a try is a great decision, and you might be lucky to get a partner within 24 hours of being registered.

Benefits, Peculiarities and Special Features

There are tons of special features on this platform, and some of them are peculiar to ManNation gay alone. To start with, you can check the blogs of other members and know more concerning the topics being discussed. You also have the chance to share your blog entry, which can be given to others.

On man nation dating, if you do not feel like utilizing the conventional email format, you can use the instant messenger instead. With this feature, you can broadcast a live video, or do a face-to-face chat with another registered member.

In addition to this, there is a Broadcast and Buzzmode feature. All you need to do with this feature is to share a video on your profile and send an invite to friends to view. You can also interact with them in the chatroom, and this also applies when you receive an invite in the chatroom of another member.

With the Buzzmode feature, you can feel the vibration of a sex toy, and whenever someone clicks on the buzz mode, he gets an extra point. Also, there is the FriendFinder Messenger feature, which is quite similar to IM. With this feature, you can connect with other members on other FriendFinder sites, which are linked to your account on gay men personals.feat

There are some interest groups on MenNation which might catch your interest. If you want to become a member of any of these groups, you will need to meet some requirements set by the moderator. You can also decide to create your interest group and become a moderator too. Using interest groups, you have the chance to join any interaction which takes place inside the group’s chatroom.

On MenNation, there is also the live model shows and chat, and you need to pay for them. There are some guidelines that you need to stick to and some requirements which you need to follow before earning money. If you do not want to be the live model, and you want to watch instead, you can give the models tips or buzz, which would help them to earn points and money.

There are usually contests sometimes, and all you need do is, send a video or photo of yourself if you want to win a prize. The full rules and regulations are available on the general contest rule page. There is also the top fan feature on MenNation. You can become a top fan, and be displayed on the profile of any member, by bidding some points. You will also get a badge and highlight. Members can also contest for the top fan position on your profile.

Is MenNation Easy to Use?

MenNation is a platform that is very easy to use, and it is complete as regarding the features. The profile might look quite busy due to the amount of information there. Not to worry, it should not scare you off; you need to take your time to understand everything there. The design of the site is excellent, however, as it finds a way to position all the features conspicuously.


The profile page and the homepage are quite similar to some social media platforms like Facebook. Three colors make up the background of the website, and they are white, blue, and black. On the homepage as well, there are some ads, which advertise other dating platforms, which are created by the same developer.

The registration process is also one of the most straightforward tasks to perform on this site, and you will discover that people who want to use the free and paid accounts, would still have to go through the same process.

How to Sign Up?

MenNation is one of the platforms which has an easy registration process. The registration is also fast, as all you need do is submit some necessary information which the site needs. To start with, you would need to confirm if you are single or couple (2 men). You are mandated to either tick the “male” box or “looking for” table because all the members on this platform are male.

After this step, you will be required to submit your date of birth, country, zip code, and the likes. There is a zip code finder that you can use to get yours. It would help you get your zip code by selecting your state and your location.

After that, you will be asked to submit your email address and select a username. The required username length is 4-16 characters, with no space or unique style. You also need to choose a password that is case-sensitive and is around five characters long.

MenNation signup menu

In addition to this, it is up to you to select an answer when asked for your sexual inclination, marital status, race, and body type. You will be asked to choose your solutions from the drop-down list if you want to include it on your profile.

There is a space that you will be required to fill in, and it serves as a brief introduction title for your profile. Hence, it is up to you to decide if you want to write a short bio about yourself, alongside the profile title.

This review for shows that, when you complete these steps, a verification message will be forwarded to your email address. All you need to do at this point is to click the link and start surfing the platform. The entire process of verification and registration are not strict. On the website, there are some safety dating tips, which every member is expected to read.

How to Communicate With Users?

Communicating with other members is essential, but this can only be achieved when you have points, or your membership has been upgraded. Hence, if you want to communicate with another member, you need to try the premium option. Becoming a premium member ensures that there are some benefits that you would enjoy.

To begin with, you have the chance to send emails, which is the conventional way of messaging. There would be a subject and a body. Fill it and send it. There is an instant messenger feature also. It is a faster way of sending messages. You can send an invite to a friend, or share videos and feed to one another.

If you are shy to communicate with someone, you can start by sending the flirt or wink feature. If a person likes you, then there is a considerable chance that they would respond by sending a message to you.

People love gifts, and the same applies to MenNation. There are virtual gifts which you can send on this platform, and to achieve this, you need some points. You can also effectively monitor your favorite members, by including them on the hotlist feature.

You can also send a tip as a means of showing you much appreciate them. If you are someone who receives messages every day, we know how tasking it can be to sort every single one of them out. However, to make things easier for you, we have included a feature that allows for sub-folders creation; that will allow you to organize and filter your messages. You can name the folders so that you do not get confused.

Overview of Profile Structure

There are lots of information you would find on the profile of a typical member of MenNation. However, before you can contact anyone, you would need the premium membership. On your profile, you can decide to upload just a picture or hundreds of photos. This can effectively be managed by creating folders for your images. It works just the same way you would sort out your messages into folders.

Profiles, which come with lots of photos, would most likely attract more visitors, and they have better chances of meeting up with someone they fancy. Some people are open-minded, and this would be reflected on their profile, and some people are very conservative, you would be able to detect this on their profile.

You can fix your content filter based on what you want. It could be some nudity, no nudity, or everything. This has a way of influencing matches, and the search filters of members. It is advised that some sensitive personal information is not shown on the profiles for security reasons.

There are other parts of your profile, which include: Testimonials, Bling, Sex, Compatibility Chart, My Kinks, Top Fans, and Academy Courses.

Member Structure

There are many members on MenNation, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. There are lots of exciting features that help to make dating more relaxed, and MenNation has a host of them. Currently, this site boasts of around 97 million members from all over the world. Hence, it is safe to say that MenNation is the most popular male dating platform in the world.member

Out of the 97 million members, around 60 million are from the United States of America. A good number of members are about 55 years and above. As earlier mentioned in this piece, most of the members here are not looking for a serious relationship; they want to flirt and have fun.

MenNation is one of the places where men are free to express their sexuality without any fear of prejudice or discrimination.

Categories on the Website

On MenNation, the only set of people you would find here, are gays.

Customer Support

There are various ways you can use to receive help on MenNation, and this is one of the trademarks of a top-notch dating site. You can receive help via Live Chat, an FAQ section, email, or a blog generated by a member. All these mediums are put in place to make things easier for all registered members.

There are times when people would need immediate answers, and using any of these mediums at such times would come in handy because other answers might not be readily available at that instant. However, you can rest assured that the customer support is fully operational, particularly the Live chat. You might be lucky to get attended to first, or you might have to join the queue.customer

Not to worry, all complaints are usually resolved, and inquiries would undoubtedly be attended to. For the FAQ section, questions and answers are always updated regularly. The reason is that, due to the periodic inclusion and upgrade of certain features on the site, members might be new to some of them, and they would need answers.

A site that has excellent customer support would attract other prospective members, and this is what MenNation has to offer.

Security and Privacy

Based on various reviews, another trademark that MenNation is known for is optimum security and privacy. MenNation takes the safety of her members seriously, as they are always on the lookout to prevent any form of scam. The first point to observe is, this site is not meant for guys who are below the age of 18. So, to ensure your safety, you need to ensure you are above the age limit.

The privacy policy which this site offers, alongside the terms of service advocates, promotes a safe approach to online dating. If you are always bothered about what people think of them, then you might need to exercise caution when sharing information with other members of the sites.

However, you can be sure that you would not find any of your information on other best online dating sites for hooking up. They are not accessible to any third-party. If you happen to experience any form of abuse on MenNation, you are advised to report such cases promptly, and they would be attended to immediately.  privat privacy

This review shows that there are also some settings on the site, which you are advised to use at your discretion. These settings can be used to limit the things you see on the site. So, if you do not want to view explicit videos, then you can block profiles that display this.

MenNation is also on the lookout for members of the site who want to scam other unsuspecting members. So, if anyone requests your financial card details, it is advised you report such a person to the security team. They would most likely have their accounts suspended or permanently deleted.

Suitable for Women?

MenNation is not actually for women, but they are welcome to see what men are doing on the site. They cannot create profiles for themselves because the provision available is for men alone. However, they can only view it.

Suitable for Men?

Judging from what the site offers, it is suitable for men. However, straight men would not find it interesting because there are no women here.

The impression of a Satisfied User

  • Mike, Male, 23 years old: MenNation has given me a whole new perspective to online dating, and I am glad I chose this site for my hook-ups
  • Elvis, Male, 24 years old: I have had hook-ups on this platform, and I have enjoyed every single one of them

What Are The Reasons to Choose MenNation?

Choosing MenNation could be one of the best decisions you would make in your entire life when it comes to hook-ups. To start with, it is arguably the best site for males and couples who want to hook-up and go out on hot dates.

This site comes with a registration process that is fast and easy. The information on the profile is also comprehensive. It, however, depends on how you want it. There are also lots of unique features that you would love. All these features are put in place to spice up your dating life.


Based on this price review, it would interest you to know that MenNation has a free set-up for gay men who intend to socialize or go on dates with other male users on the platform. You would, however, need to pay for the communication features. The chat rooms come for free, and you can only view one video per day on a complimentary basis. However, if you operate the paid membership account, you can see many videos as you want.cost

Below are the prices of services

  1. $30 for one month
  2. $60 for three months
  3. $180 for 12 months

Taxes, Pricing Policies, Payment Methods

It is exciting to note that there are no taxes or hidden payments on this platform, and the conventional method of payment, is the use of credit cards.

How to Make Orders?

This MenNation review shows that the process of making orders on MenNation is straightforward. However, to prevent yourself from getting confused, all you need do is contact the customer support, so that they can put you through. You can also check the FAQ section for yourself, to see the method of making orders.


MenNation is the best place you can be for your hook-ups. If you are gay, or bi-sexual, and you want to have casual hook-ups, then Men Nation com is the perfect spot for you, as it promises to be worth your while.

This platform comes with a massive database, which implies that you cannot get stranded when it comes to getting a partner for hookups. There are huge chances that you would find someone who lives in your area, thus making things more comfortable to go on hot dates in reality.

If you want to have the best dating experience on this site, it is advised that you should be willing to spend some money, because most features can be used when you have points or upgraded membership.

With the features on this site, you are in for a swell-time on this platform.

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