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Rating: 4.8
MegaHookup reviewed by Ingvar Rakastava:

When it comes to one of the best online adult dating sites you could ever access, Megahookup always leaves you longing for more. Rating: 4.8

Mega Hookup Review: An Exceptional Adult Dating Site


MegaHookup is one of the most essential meeting points on the internet, where singles have the chance of hooking up with one another and undergo online seduction. There are top-notch features that this platform has to offer, and you will not readily find on other dating platforms.

You are assured that you will definitely have a swell time when you start using this platform for your hookups.


  • The trial membership is for one day, and it is very cheap, and you will be able to use all the features.
  • As a registered member, you can see the details of all members on their profiles, which makes it easier for you to get your ideal match
  • Many filters assist you in narrowing down your selection
  • There is a mobile application version which makes navigation and chatting easier


  • After the free trial, you cannot access any feature till you become fully-registered

Pivot table of information about MegaHookup

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3-day trial is $2.97 then renewing for $39.95
1-month membership is $29.95
6-month membership is $119.70
$49.95 for a monthly -GOLD Membership
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$28.87 for a monthly subscription to

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What Are The Features and Benefits of MegaHookup?

Based on various MegaHookup reviews, you will see that the significant purpose of this platform, is to connect you with your dream partner who has all that you desire, in the same location as you, with whom you can spend ample time with, thereby deriving the needed gratification and contentment.

Also, this MegaHookup review shows you that you have the luxury of chatting and sending pictures, just like other registered members. If you want to sign in on MegaHookup, it is speedy and seamless, and in no time, you will become a member of the platform.

All you require to submit for a MegaHookup sign in, is your name, age, location, gender, email address, amongst other information. The next step is for you to create a username and a password, this is all you need for a MegaHookup login. For those who have not registered, you can also give the platform a trial before going for the fully-paid membership plan.

Hence, you do need to pay for the features before you use them, and they are quite affordable.

Overview of MegaHookup Profile Structure

On MegaHookup, there are many hot profiles to look at. However, you cannot access the profile of a registered member, until you have been registered yourself. The information you see on the profile of a registered user is the same you filled in when signing up on the platform.

There are also some profiles on the website, which are known as bots. They can like and chat with you, and you must respond in return.

Going through the terms of use in the MegaHookup website, you will see that they mentioned some profiles might not be who they claim to be and that the primary intent of the site is for entertainment.

Also, you can use your profile to chat like a normal conversation or even sex chat where you can exchange nude photos with other members. However, the website’s privacy policy does not cover the privacy of any personal pictures released online.

In addition, this website can also be accessed through the MegaHookup app, alongside a MegaHookup phone number. Going through the MegaHookup app review online, you will see that many users find it convenient to use instead of having to log in on the website every time. The app also makes chatting easier, as it gives you the interface of an ideal social media platform.


When you sign-up on this platform as a free member, you need to bear in mind that you attest to all the terms and conditions which are listed on the website. Also, the privacy policy states what could be done with your private information.

However, prospective members of this platform should rest assured that their data is not be tampered with, as MegaHookup is a safe website with all private details, including your financial particulars.

Also, this website makes use of standard data encryption, which ensures the data of all registered members. You can be sure it will not be revealed to third parties.

Hence, it is recommended you go through the privacy policy and security measures before registering to assure yourself that every rule on the website is not scandalous.

With all these in place, those who ask is MegaHookup legit?, can see that there are more reasons to trust MegaHookup.

Models / Users

There are many great looking models on MegaHookup whose intent is to keep you satisfied. These models are aware that the competition in the online adult dating world is stiff, and they regularly strive to ensure they deliver satisfaction.

These models also do your bidding when it comes to any sexual activity, and can even agree to meet you in reality.

MegaHookup has a relatively large database of registered users, and this can be credited to the quality of service on this platform is fantastic.

Customer Support

The customer support at MegaHookup is another beautiful feature this platform comes with. For registered members who have any complaint whatsoever, they can be sure they are swiftly attended to.

Customer support is available for all registered members, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week to handle all inquiries.

What are the Reasons for Choose MegaHookup?

One of the reasons you should choose MegaHookup is because of the affordable pricing. It does not cost much to register, and for subscription purposes, it is inexpensive. Also, you can use your MegaHookup credit card to pay and be rest assured your details are well-secured.

Also, with your phone number on MegaHookup, alongside with your email address, you can be contacted if there is an upgrade on the website.

Mobile application

MegaHookup has a mobile application which is compatible with all devices

How to Place Orders?

Understanding how to place orders on MegaHookup is best explained by customer support. Also, there is a FAQ section which all members are advised to go through before they register.


MegaHookup is one of the foremost online adult hookup platforms that can be employed for any form of sexual entertainment. This is a large community where hookups take place on a big scale.

However, all users are advised that prior to sharing their personal info with other members of the site, they should exercise great caution in doing so. Once you apply ample care, you will have an awesome time on this platform.

Last Updated: February 4, 2020 by Ingvar RakastavaIngvar RakastavaRating: 4.8