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Rating: 4.3
LocalHookup reviewed by Ingvar Rakastava:

LocalHookup is one of the proficient platforms which affords you the luxury of gaining unlimited access to their excellent services. In the world of online dating, Localhookup has earned a name for themselves. From the navigable website to a large number of models on the site, it is undoubtedly a place to be. 【⭐Read our review⭐】 Rating: 4.3

LocalHookUp Review: An exclusive dating platform

This is one of the best platforms which gives you unlimited access to their dating service. For a long while now, Local Hook-up has been in the business of meeting the needs of individuals who need someone for companionship. This platform has earned a name for itself regarding dating. In addition to this, you can be sure your interests come first, as this is what you consider when you are about to get a dating partner.

  • Your identity is kept safe with privacy features in place
  • The security feature which Local Hook-up has is impressive
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Many members currently use the platform


  • The platform has no provision for forums
  • Matching of dates is done manually

Pivot table of information about LocalHookup

Types and cost of subscription

The gold membership: $49.95 Month;
VIP membership $39.61 Month; and
VIP membership $28.87 Month

Money back
Credit card
Features and possibilities

With Gold membership:
you can use all the functionality of the site;
you can have unlimited access to the profiles on the website;
you can write and receive messages any time and in any number;
you can upload the photos of yours and you can save the photos of the people you liked.

The $39.61 VIP membership package presupposes your access to the platform, where you will be able to watch the hottest and the kinkiest videos of explicit character;
The $28.87 VIP membership package presupposes your access to the platform, where you will be able to watch the hottest and the kinkiest videos of explicit character.

Once you have provided you bank details, your card will be charged automatically each month even when you have quitted your membership. So, you will need to visit your bank and change the bank details or install the forbidden to payments charged by this site.

Average online per month
5 137
Main competitors
e-mails: [email protected] or [email protected] address: 1 Mitsi Building 1, 1st floor, Office 4 Plateia Eleftherias, Nicosia Cyprus 1060 the phone numbers: 877-597-3436 and +357-22674949
4 / 5
3 / 5
Fake profiles
Data required for registration
Gender, Email, Password, Age
Alexa ranking

How To Search

Local Hook-Up enables users to search for one another through the underlined features:

  • Age
  • Locality
  • Online status

You can also reach out to other members by sending messages or calls. Also, you have the opportunity of designing your profile with certain features which enables you to search for other users.

For each member, there are rankings which are based on the feedback given by other members.

What Matches Are Represented There?

The Local Hook-up platform contains women and men who wish to mingle with other members of the platform who have similar intentions. Also, you can meet people with whom you have specific interests, which could be dating or a sexual rendezvous.

Overview Of Profile Structure

The profile of each member is as simple as can be, the features listed on the profile make it very easy and not boring. Members have the opportunity of checking out each other’s profile.

Conditions For Men And Women

For men and women, there are some rules when it comes to chatting. To strike a conversation with a woman, you need to have an upgraded account. If there is a pink box in front of any lady’s name, you can chat with her.

It is advised that users do not send annoying messages to each other, so as not to piss off members of the platform. It is difficult to differentiate between original texts or not. So it is advised that when you join the platform, and you receive messages, make inquiries if they are really who they are, or not.

Privacy Policy

Unlike other conventional dating platforms whose privacy policy is not well spelled out, Local HookUp is one dating platform which assures users of utmost security and privacy. For any information uploaded on the platform, you can be sure it cannot be accessed.

The firewalls this platform possesses, are proficient, protects your profile from being infiltrated by spam.

With tight security in place, you can be sure that swindlers would not be able to gain entry into your profile. Local HookUp ensures that privacy is kept and protected to the maximum.

Features And Key Points

  • This dating platform is very navigable which makes the management of your profile very easy
  • Members can be ranked according to specific qualities
  • There are security features which protect the interest of all members

Reviews From Users

Richardson: Male, 27 years old.

One wonderful feature of this platform is the fact that it is very easy to check out any feature. It does not leave you confused at any point. It is a great dating site

William: Male, 22 years old.

You hardly see cool dating websites like this, I love all the features, and the ladies are very good-looking. I recommend this platform anytime, any day.

Kelv: Male, 24 years old.

The security feature is impressive, your messages are kept safe, and no one has to know what you are discussing with other members or the ladies themselves.

Susan: Female, 23 years old.

I quickly found my way around this platform when I newly joined. I love the simplicity which this platform possesses.

Craig: Female, 24 years old.

There are no ads when you are on this platform, and it is really cool.

The Work Of The Service Department

Local HookUp uses top-notch technological practices to ensure privacy, discretion, and security, are maintained at a very high standard. The firewalls and secure data encryption in place ensure there is no infiltration whatsoever. In addition to this, there is an encrypted transmission which enhances this function.

When you register on this platform, you are not asked to provide your address and real name, so there is no accurate record of the real identities of any users of the website. Customer service works around the clock to ensure all inquiries are tended to and settled.


Local HookUp is a platform which brings people together who want to have a casual relationship. A good list of its advantages is the extensive database which it has, alongside with the effortless method of registration. Registration is not all that free, as you are redirected to the page where you have to make a payment. However, you can be sure you are paying for a quality service.

Also, scammers are not a common sight on this platform, so there is nothing to be worried about. For both men and women, when you interact with anyone, be sure you communicate politely. Do not share any personal information with anyone, as you might be facing the consequences of such actions when it backfires. Above all, all members are assured of excellent time on Local HookUp.

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