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Lesbian personals are arguably the best dating site for lesbians and bisexuals. This is an avenue which allows women to explore the full length of their sexuality Rating: 4.8 Review: a User-Friendly Dating Platform


One of the beauties of online dating in this age is, it has provided an avenue for people who find it difficult to approach someone for a hook-up in reality. People who are shy in reality have seen online dating platforms as a safe haven for them to explore all aspects of their sexuality. It even gets better when they find a platform devoid of discrimination, their rate of success would definitely be fast.

One of such sites that is great for hookups is This site is for lesbians who have an interest in dating other lesbian women. It is a very convenient and reliable platform for lesbian women. If you want a relationship that would last longer, one of the best places to find it is lesbian personals.

The number of registered female members is more than other lesbian websites. It is also great for couples who have intentions of exploring their sexuality with another individual. Another lovely feature of this site is the number of couples tally with the number of single girls.

There is a top-notch cancellation policy and lots of members. This platform is also very effortless to navigate, and it is something that would be worth the while of lesbians, couples and bisexuals.

The major focus of this website is to help lesbians and bisexuals have a nice time and long-term partners. Taking a look at the pictures and videos on this site, it becomes obvious that there is an atmosphere in place for you to explore your naughty side.

Ladies are assured that they would definitely get a partner on lesbian personals, they just need to be open-minded. This is one of the platforms where your dirtiest imaginations can come to a reality. Registered members from different countries would definitely enjoy using this site. Lesbian personals also come in other common languages, so people who speak them would find no problem understanding how this site works.


  • It is one of the best lesbian sites
  • There are many lesbians on this site
  • The registration process is simple
  • The customer support is awesome


  • Some of the services cannot be used unless you have the premium membership

Pivot table of information about

Types and cost of subscription

$30.95 for the monthly subscription.

$59.89 for 3 months subscription.

$179.10 for 12 months subscription.

If you want to enhance your profile, it costs $7.95-18.95 a month.

If you want your profile to show in the search results on a regular basis, it costs $7.74-$9.95 a month.

If you want access to adult movies, it costs $10.95-$19.95 a month.

Money back
Credit card payment and Paysafecards
Features and possibilities
  • It is one of the best lesbian sites
  • There are many lesbians on this site
  • The registration process is simple
  • The customer support is awesome
Average online per month
29 353
Most of the people on this platform are lesbians and bisexuals.
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For all
Main competitors,,,,
Contact us at 888-575-8383 (US toll free), 0800 098 8311(UK toll-free), 1800 954 607 (AU toll-free) or 408-702-1033 (worldwide).
5 / 5
4 / 5
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Email, password, birthday, gender
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Benefits, Peculiarities and Special Features

On lesbian personals, if you are a lady who loves some exclusive fetishes and turn-ons, then this is the site for you. Lesbian personals com comes with a search tool that aids this, and it is also available for basic members. Hence, you can find other women who have exclusive eroticisms and weird fantasies which you probably have not heard of.

You can select the age range you want so that you do not have to go through the stress of checking the pages of women who do not meet your specifications. Once you get the woman you want, it becomes easy to communicate with them.

Is Lesbian Personals Easy to use?

Lesbian personals is a platform that comes with so much ease. The interesting part is, it is very effortless for new members to use, as it comes with fewer complications. A good look at the homepage will stir your instincts to know where the features are located.

The features are arranged in such a pattern on the homepage, which makes it easy for you to sort out the one you want.

How to sign up?

To sign up on lesbian personals is one of the most enjoyable processes you would ever encounter. You just need to state the exact thing you are looking for and your identity. You should state whether you need groups or just single partners.
lesbianpersons sing up
On lesbian partners, there are five stages you need to go through before you become a verified member. Some common information you will be asked to supply is your name, color, location, gender, and a correct email address.

After the completion of the registration process, your profile can be created for free. More questions will be asked, which would be beneficial to help you hook up with people on the website. Questions will be asked concerning your marital status, education, occupation, preferences, and likes.

New users will also need to field questions as touching their fantasies and desires. It is not compulsory you answer all these questions, but it is important because it improves your chances of getting better matches.

Once you feel you have done a good job updating your profile, the next step would be to upload videos and pictures of yourself, to spice up your profile.

How to communicate with users?

Communication is paramount on any dating platform, and knowing how to go about this, determines your success. Lesbian personals have a top-notch communication system, which all members would find interesting. However, communication is not free for all members. If you operate the free membership account, you will not be able to send emails to other registered members, but you can receive messages and emails from gold and silver members.

You would also be able to view profiles in view and send chat messages without having to pay.

Overview of profile structure

The profile of a member on lesbian personals is simply the reflection of all activities done during the process of registering. Your profile would typically contain your name, age, color, location amongst other information.

Someone who has a well-structured profile would find it easy to get a partner than someone whose profile is not well updated. This is why it is advised that people take ample time to fill out their profile.

In addition to this, much patience should be exercised in picking out the pictures to upload on your profile. Clear pictures are more attractive, and you need to clearly sort out this one. You should also ensure that your pictures match the required size of lesbian personals.

Member structure

Lesbian personals is a huge site, and it is exciting to know that there are around 70 million members worldwide. Around 50% of the members of lesbian personas are from the United States of America. Lesbian Personals is a platform that has members from all parts of the world, and this provides an opportunity for you to meet people whose cultures are different from yours.

Based on various reviews, the minimum age of registration on this platform is 18 years old. However, most of the members here are within the age range of 25-55. A good number of the ladies here know what they want, and they are not shy to declare their sexual orientation.

Lesbian personals is a site which does not offer any form of discrimination. So, for those who are shy of who they are, this is the best platform to be, and this answers questions like “is legit?” and “is cheating?”.

Categories on the website

Most of the people on this platform are lesbians and bisexuals.

Customer support

The customer support of Lesbian personals, is one you can always count on at any time of the day. Whenever you have a complaint, you can be sure it would be expertly handled. If you have inquiries to make or questions to ask, you are assured that it would be excellently answered.

The support operates round the clock, so you would hardly miss them. There is also an FAQ page that contains answers to common questions you might have. So, before contacting the customer support sometimes, you can check the FAQ page to see if your question is there.

Security and Privacy

The terms of service on lesbian personals are very easy to understand, and users are advised to check it out from time to time. There is the billing policy, which every member is meant to know, and there is a strict penalty for defaulters of the various rules of the site.

If a member is found to engage in seemingly fraudulent practices, the person might have her account suspended, and if she persists, her account could be permanently deleted. Members of lesbian personals are assured that none of their data can be accessed by any third party.

Lesbian personals has a beefed up security team and system in place, so there is no need to worry about any scam. Thus, it safely answers common questions like “is trustworthy?” and “is reliable?”.

Suitable for women? safe is great for women, owing to the fact that it is a site for bisexuals and lesbians.

Suitable for men?

Men are not allowed to register on lesbian personals, they can only view the sexy women on this site

Impression of a satisfied user

Jane, Female, 21 years old: There are lots of features on this platform, and they have helped to improve my dating experience

Sandra, Female, 22 years old: I have met lots of hot females on this site, and they have all been great. Everyone seems to understand one another here. It is awesome

Reasons to choose

There are lots of reasons to choose lesbian personals, and they would be highlighted below:

  • Lots of women on this site
  • Exciting features which improve dating encounters
  • Great customer support
  • Affordable services
  • Lots of pictures
  • Seamless registration process


This price review shows that it costs $30.95 for the monthly subscription, $59.89 for 3 months subscription, and $179.10 for 12 months subscription.

If you want to enhance your profile, it costs $7.95-18.95 a month for enabling standard members to contact you. If you want your profile to show in the search results on a regular basis, it costs $7.74-$9.95 a month.

In addition to this, if you want access to adult movies, it costs $10.95-$19.95 a month.

On lesbian personals, there are three packages, the free, silver and gold package.

Free package:

  • Profile creation with videos and pictures
  • Profile views in full
  • Send friend requests
  • Send chat messages
  • Check who has viewed your profile
  • Take personality tests
  • Send ice breakers

Silver package:

For the silver package, it costs around $22.95 per month, and you have access to do the following:

  • Check private photos
  • Appear among the first set of members in searches
  • Use advanced searches
  • Email all members
  • Send friend requests
  • Perform all activities which free members can do

Gold package:

The Gold package costs $34.95 per month, and it enables you to perform all activities which Silver package members can perform.

However, there are some special features exclusive to only Gold package members:

  • Additional data storage
  • Top priority in tech and customer support
  • Appear first in search results

Taxes, Pricing Policies, Payment Methods

Automatic billing practices are used on lesbian personals. This implies that your billing method is billed automatically two days prior to the close of the service term. However, if you cancel the service, you will not be affected.

Hence, the automatic billing can be canceled at any time when you log into the site and access the billing history page. If you do not access the site for a period of 180 days, you will be charged $5 a month for maintenance fees.

Within three business days of signing up, you can cancel your contract without attracting any penalty to yourself.

How to make orders/ Ordering Procedure?

It is best to contact the customer support if you want to make orders on lesbian personals.


Based on this review, it is safe to say that this is a platform which is great for ladies who want to explore all aspects of their sexualities. When you check the internet for other reviews of this platform, you will see that they are all positive reviews. For people who are regular members of this site, they can attest to the fact that it is difficult to find other sites that match this site.

Lesbian personals com has set the pace in online lesbian dating, and it is difficult for other sites to catch up. So, if you want an exciting sexual encounter, this lesbian personals review shows that this is the platform to be. The registration process is smooth and easy, and within a few minutes, you become a legit member of this site.

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