Instanthookups Review

Instanthookups Review

Last Updated: May 4, 2020
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You will find some of the hottest and sexiest women on Earth here. Everyone has access to all the features and getting a match usually comes easy.

Gender ratio
male - 28% female - 72%
You will meet
Lots adult activities
Available on
Total visits (by Alexa)
Real Profiles
Easy to Use

Good for country

United States


Instant Hookups is a platform where you can connect with single local women on a free basis.

How to pay
Money back
Available features
Send and receive emails
Live Webcam Chat
Unlimited Seraches
Advanced Searching
View Full sized Pics
Free Cam Shows
Access Members Videos
Expedited Support
Personalized Matchmaking
View All Profiles
Satisfaction Guaranteed
20000 New Members Daily


There is a gender balance on this site
The atmosphere is secure
People who have the basic account can receive messages
The number of monthly visitors is very impressive
The auto-match system is advanced


There is no phone support for the customer service


If you do not have much knowledge about sex, this is a place to learn a whole lot. Flirting and chatting is the order of the day on Instant Hookups, and it is essential you master this phase before going out on an actual date.

InstantHookups Review: an Outstanding Hookup Platform

Benefits, Peculiarities and Special Features

To start with, this instant hookup review shows that the major orientation of this site is InstantHookups adult dating. They motivate prospective members by informing them that they have a system that gets the best match for a fling, and you could be lucky to spend less than 24 hours on the site before you get one. works with a proficient GPS AutoMatch system, and it selects members who are online at that moment, working with the preferences which you selected during the process of registration.

Hence, once you register, you should be ready to go out because you could get lucky. This feature alone is one of the major reasons why people sign up on a daily basis. Instant Hookups operate on the basis that is success and speed. This platform provides encouragement to users, informing them that they do not have to stroll aimlessly looking for people to have casual sex with.

Based on this InstantHookups review, there are diverse options that you can use for communication on Instant hook up. You can chat online, video chat, get friends and a host of others. Communication is integral on this platform, and every user is provided with the needed feature to make their sexual encounter a success.

For people who want to have a secret affair because their partners are not meeting up to standard or those who just want to enjoy themselves, this platform has the capacity to serve you well. There are a good number of people in the world who are having affairs with many users on this site.

InstantHookups hookup comes with an auto-match feature that enables you to get the best users. It works with the details you give during the process of registration. It also works with your activity and location as well.

Is Instant Hookups Easy to Use?

Instant Hookups comes with an interface that makes it easy for everyone to use. This site has a stylish and awesome design that speaks volumes of its pleasantness. On the main page, there is an ample amount of information which is sufficient to get you started on instant hookups. Most importantly, you would also have a good understanding of how the registration process works and what you should expect.

The site’s design and the well-written content stands for the major content of the service, which comes at a low price sequel to registration. This site provides a selection of users, which is produced by a feature known as ViewYourLatestMatches. You will see people who have your basic requirements like color, body type, and the likes. menu

How to Sign Up?

The registration process on InstantHookups safe is very easy, and it is free as well. When you want to sign up, you will be asked to state your hookup preference. The following options are available: Asian, Young and legal, Caucasian, Older, Latina, Black and Biracial/Multiracial. When you have selected your hookup preference, you will be asked to opt for the body type which you have an interest in.

The next step would be to state the reason for creating an account. Do you want to create an account majorly for the purpose of a one night stand? Or do you want to make friends or probably a relationship partner in the long term? Prior to creating the account, you need to check the username, and also tender your email address.

After this step, this review for InstantHookups shows that there is a verification link will be sent to your email, and you will be required to confirm your verification via that link. Once you have confirmed this, you are fully registered, and you are set to use the site. This answers the common question InstantHookups is it reliable?

How to Communicate With Users?

Communication is very integral to instant hookups, and this is one of the most powerful driving forces which determines your success on this platform in the long run. The way you communicate with a user determines how well you would fare with him or her. People who know how to play their cards well usually get the best of members for themselves. On instant hookups, there are various communication options at your disposal. However, what seems to be the major orientation of the site is live communication.

However, if you want to hook up with people who are online, but are far from you, you can use the live video chat, as this is the most suitable option available. One benefit that live chat comes with is, it is efficient in connecting people.

There are not many options for commenting, but you can still chat, flirt, send gifts and the likes. With this feature, you can communicate fast, and if you use this feature well, who knows to an extent what you can achieve in the shortest possible time. There is also the option of communicating via text.

Basically, this operates like your normal social media platform. This is more like a private feature, your chats stay between you and the other user. It is not accessible to any third party. With this text feature, you can still get to know more about your crush, and probably meet up in reality. blog

Overview of Profile Structure

Your profile is what belongs to you on instant hookups. You should be aware of the fact that the details on your profile are what you filled in when you were registering. The good part concerning this is, they are not permanent, you can decide to edit them when you want. Your profile makes other users know you truly, and what you stand for.

Your profile contains your name, location, age, marital status, color, sexual orientation and the likes. On your profile, there is also a portion where you need to state more about yourself. It is advised that when you are updating your profile, you use this portion to your advantage. This is one of the best mediums you can use to sell yourself.

Also, this instant review shows that, when you go through the profiles on other individuals on instant hookups, you will discover that most of them are complete. To get the best result, you can check the profiles of people who have been on the platform for over two years. These set of people have the best picture of how a profile should look like, and you could use this as a template to restructure yours.

The process of uploading photos on instant hookups is very easy. All you need do is ensure that the photo size you upload is what the site requires. Once you have fixed this, you are good to go. Your photo gets approved, and your profile is fully set for use.

Member Structure

There are lots of members on InstantHookups nude, and the number puts it at 27 million users. This makes InstantHookups adult site one of the most populated hookup sites in the world. Every day, new members are added to this platform, and this automatically updates the search results and the ViewYourLatestMatches feature. For people who have been on the site for a while, they are usually attracted to new members. This is because they have been used to a good number of accounts on the site. Hence, they need fresh and new challenges. Hence, this is one of the reasons why a new account is highly rated than others, which have been on the site for quite a while. The best time to upgrade your membership is when your account is new. When you do this, it increases your chances of becoming one of the top-rated members of the site.

For each member, there are personal details that give a good description of how they look like in reality and their sexual inclination. Therefore, if you need a long-term relationship, then the best step is to chat, get to know the person before you ask them out on a date. Well, owing to the fact that most people want to mingle on the site, there is a high chance that the person would not turn you down because you have been familiar with him or her for a while.

There are two basic types of membership on legit, and they are free and paid. Operating free account limits you to the usage of some features on the platform. However, using a paid account allows you to access all the features of the site. Using a paid account increases your chances of getting a partner on instant hookups than operating a free account. The age range of members on instant hookups is 18-35.

Categories on The Website

Also, this instant hookup review shows that, on instant hookups, there are people who have all sorts of sexual orientations on the site. There are lesbians, milfs, gays and couples.

Customer Support

Various reviews have shown that the customer support on instant hookups is one you can always be proud of. One thing which scares people off from some hookup sites is their unresponsiveness. There are some sites whose customer care would take a week before they respond. However, with InstantHookups support, the case is different. The customer care support responds to inquiries within the shortest possible time. This is an answer to the question whether is InstantHookups a good service.

So, when people ask questions like is InstantHookups trustworthy or whether is InstantHookups reliable, it is because they have not had a taste of this site.

Also, in order to make things easier, there is an FAQ page, which is basically to answer possible questions that users might have. Therefore, it is advised that you go through the page before you contact customer support. All they might just need to do is shed more light on some answers on the FAQ page.

Security and Privacy

It would interest you to know that InstantHookups legit is well-suited to tackle the challenges which come with online dating. Instant hookups is equipped with a two-factor authentication policy, which ensures that it is easy to differentiate legit profile account owners from the instant hookups scam individuals. When you suspect anyone, you can report the account to the customer support, and they would take down the account if the person is suspected to be an InstantHookups scam.

Suitable for Women?

Instant hook up app is great for women who are looking for hookups which would spice up their sexual lives

Suitable for Men?

Men would also love this site because there are lots of hot women here, who would make them come alive. So for men who ask is InstantHookups legit, they can be assured that it is.

The Impression of a Satisfied User

Kate, Female, 22 years old: I have had interesting hookups on this site, and they were all worth it Prince, Male, 23 years old: There are a lot of sexy ladies on this site, and they keep me enthralled whenever I am online

Reasons to Choose

Based on these instant hookups reviews, choosing InstantHookups to hook up is one of the best choices you can make if you want to improve your sexual life. With the user-friendly interface and features which this site has, you are sure to enjoy every moment spent on this site. In addition to this, the features on this site come at an affordable fee, so you do not have to go broke before you enjoy the features on this site.

So people who ask is Instant Hookups a scam, can be assured that it is not. premium


To have a swell time, based on InstantHookups prices review, you need to pay. The InstantHookups prices are $39.95 for a month of membership and $34.95 for three months of membership

Taxes, Pricing Policies, Payment Methods

The best form of making a payment on instant hookups is to use your credit card or PayPal. Such doubtful questions like is InstantHookups cheating can be avoided.

Mobile Application

InstantHookups has no mobile application

How to Make Orders?

Making orders on Instant Hookups comes very easily. All you need do is either to check the FAQ page or contact the customer support, so that they can put you through.


Conclusively, this is the best number one stop for any form of sexual encounters. While flirting on this site, you will definitely feel at ease. There is no reason to fear or worry about your safety. All your data on this site is safe because InstantHookups has a beefed-up security system that prevents a third party from access your data.

The security and safety of everyone on this site is a top priority, and InstantHookups would go great lengths to maintain this integrity.

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