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Rating: 4.9
FuckSwіpе reviewed by Ingvar Rakastava:

On Fuckswipe, there are lots of great-looking girls who are willing to satisfy any client who requests their services. Rating: 4.9

 FuckSwipe Review: a Remarkable Hookup Site


One of the prominent dating sites for adults you can trust is FuckSwipe. This platform can be regarded as a reserve where sexy-looking girls share pictures of themselves, to hook up with a prospective match and have casual sex with them in the long term.

So, your relationship status is not a barrier, as FuckSwipe provides the perfect partner who has the ideal features that match your requirements.

  • FuckSwipe has a good number of verified profiles, numbering more than 2 million
  • The security and anti-spam protection is proficient
  • The latest technology enables all transactions to be completely secure with 256-bit encryption in place
  • The matching algorithm is very advanced, as it takes your preferences into consideration
  • On FuckSwipe, you are open to communicating with various women
  • The customer support is awe-inspiring


  • The registration process is quite rigorous
  • The trial period is quite limited
  • Not all users from all countries can access the website

Pivot table of information about FuckSwіpе

Types and cost of subscription

Standard Silver membership:
▪ Free
Premuim Gold Account:
▪ 3 Day Trial: $2.97, then $39.95 Per Month
▪ 1 Month: $29.95 Per Month
▪ 3 Months: $24.95 Per Month, Billed $74.85
▪ 6 Months: $19.95 Per Month, Billed $119.70

Money back
Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard
Features and possibilities

Being a Silver Member you are allowed to communicate via a live chat, to exchange emails, to view and upload pictures, to apply search filters and matchmaking tools.
Premium features include:
Live Chat Instant Messenger
Members Only Live Cam Access
View & Upload Unlimited Pics
Top Search Results Placement
Send & Receive E-mails
Smart Match Detection

Average online per month
2 415 000
Main competitors
Phone: 877-597-3436 Addresses: Stasinou, 1 MITSI BUILDING 1, 1st floor, Flat/Office 4 Plateia Eleftherias. Nicosia, Cyprus 1060 Email: [email protected]
4 / 5
4 / 5
Fake profiles
Data required for registration
*Login *E-mail *Password User location Phone number Hobby Nationality Body type Marital status
Alexa ranking

How to Search on FuckSwipe?

Members of the platform are informed that this FuckSwipe review tells the safest way to search is to make use of customer support, as there are chances you might get confused along the line. The customer support team is always available, so any questions can be asked, and be sure to get prompt replies.

Also, after login in on FuckSwipe, you can go through the website and search for women in categories such as those who are online, those with the hottest profiles, Live member cams, and those who have recent activity.

Who is Represented here?

On FuckSwipe, members are meant for individuals who are between the ages of 18 to 80 years old. The platform is for those who need a woman to satisfy their sexual desires and fantasies.

Overview of FuckSwipe Profile Structure

Once you sign up on FuckSwipe, you are allotted a personal profile that has some basic features that are not too complicated.

profile structure

Below are the features of a typical profile on FuckSwipe:

  • Live chat instant messenger
  • Cam Access
  • Picture upload feature
  • Search feature
  • Receive and send E-mails via your mailbox
  • Photos and videos gallery

Conditions for Men and Women

The requirements for both men and women seems to apply to both parties. It is stated that once the content is shared on FuckSwipe, you are solely responsible for it. Also, FuckSwipe has the unrestricted right to share any of the content on other platforms, which may be owned by related service providers or best dating hookup sites.

Privacy Policy

FuckSwipe does not assure that the website is functional 24/7, as there will be times when there is a need for an upgrade. Hence, there might be a temporary service disruption during those times.

There is also no assurance you’ll meet your ideal match in person, or that any of the competitions offered is interested in dating or hooking up with you.

From time to time, users might also receive e-mails and even an SMS, if there is an important update

Information is preserved on secured servers, which prevents any party from gaining access. In addition to this, the firewalls are proficient. Hence, no spam can reach you. Also, FuckSwipe protects you from being scammed, so you can be sure you are 100% protected.

Features and Key Points of FuckSwipe

  • The methods of searching for a match is based on what you want
  • There is a three-day trial at an affordable cost
  • The algorithm is of top-quality, as it critically scrutinizes your interests

Features and key points of FuckSwipe

  • You can also search by using marital status, ethnicity, gender, and age
  • You can also sort your potential partner by using the location feature, which makes interaction and communication very effective
  • There is also smart match detection

FuckSwipe Reviews

Dave: Male, 26 years old.

I love this platform fully spells out the needed features which a hookup platform needs, and it makes sure you get your potential partner.

Cole: Male, 26 years old.

The mode of conducting searches for a potential partner is praiseworthy, and it works perfectly for me. It is fun to be on the platform. The cost of services is very affordable, considering the high quality which FuckSwipe provides.

Pete: 22 years old.

Unlike other dating platforms that do not provide the match you desire, and in times when you are in dire need of a hookup platform, FuckSwipe comes in and saves the day. I prefer the use of FuckSwipe to any other website.

Amy: 24 years old.

I first heard about Fucks wipe through a male friend who desperately needed a hookup, and none was forthcoming. A mutual friend recommended FuckSwipe, and the end is history. I have recommended this platform to a good number of my male friends, and they have always given good feedback.

Lionel: 29 years old.

I love all the features, particularly the video feature. On FuckSwipe, it is easy to connect with a partner and find someone you like. There are a lot of great looking models on FuckSwipe, so it is quite hard to select one.

Mobile Application

FuckSwipe has no mobile application, but it is compatible with mobile devices

The Service Department

Asides the fact that any content is shared publicly, Fucks wipe can be used on any other platform; it is a fully private, dependable, and secured website that assures security. All members of FuckSwipe can be confident their data is not revealed, and any information shared between users is kept private.

Furthermore, the Swipe hookup review also confirms the fact that the service department is responsible for ensuring the website is in shape and that all technical malfunctions are resolved, and all complaints are tended to.


If you check the internet, you will see that there are lots of positive FuckSwipe reviews, and this is no different. Irrespective of your relationship status, FuckSwipe has the ideal provision for you. Over the years, this platform has proved to be a dependable website that provides excellent services. Navigation on the website is straightforward, and this is done to ensure you do not get bored at any point.

How would someone from FuckSwipe have your email address?

It is possible for someone on FuckSwipe to have your email address. During the process of registration, your email address will be displayed on your profile. So, if someone wants to take communication further with you, they will most likely have your address

How do I delete my account on free Fuck buddy finder and FuckSwipe?

One of the most appropriate ways to delete your account on free buck buddy finder and FuckSwipe is to deactivate your account with the link on your profile. It does not take much time to get it done. The customer support can also deactivate your account for you

How do I cancel a FuckSwipe account?

You can cancel your FuckSwipe account with the help of the customer service. You can also request a guideline from them, for you to follow, and your account would be canceled

How to trick FuckSwipe your a paying member?

You cannot trick FuckSwipe into believing that you are a paying member, because the entire process is automated and monitored. As a matter of fact, not all services can be used without paying. So, joining the site as a free member, and not making payments, ensures that you are stuck on the site, doing barely anything

How to hack FuckSwipe?

FuckSwipe is a top-notch platform that cannot be hacked. The security system is well fortified to protect it against any form of hacking. So, you can be assured that your information on this platform cannot be tampered with

How do I close my account on FuckSwipe?

Closing your account on FuckSwipe still means you want to delete your account, based on personal reasons permanently. You can use the deactivation link on your profile to close your account

How to block credit card from FuckSwipe?

If your credit card has been linked to the payment portal of FuckSwipe, you can unlink it. All you need do is, go to the settings on your profile, and carry out the operation. If you get confused at any point, you can consult the FAQ or contact the customer support

How real is FuckSwipe?

FuckSwipe is as real as any legit dating site. The services provided here are real. The models on this site are real, and the features here are entirely real

How to delete FuckSwipe account?

You can delete your FuckSwipe account by using the deactivation link on your profile, or by contacting the customer support

What is the cost for a FuckSwipe account?

It does not cost to get a FuckSwipe account, it is completely free. However, if you want to upgrade your membership, you need to pay some money

How to complete your FuckSwipe account?

The best way to complete your FuckSwipe account is to check the profile of other members and see if you can model yours according to theirs

FuckSwipe how to watch private videos?

You can watch private videos if another member of the platform agrees to let you see theirs

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