Fuckr Review

Fuckr Review

Last Updated: May 4, 2020
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It would interest you to know that Fuckr has made a name for itself owing to the quality of services they offer. No matter the level of relationship you desire, Fuckr has all the requirements in stock, which would make you crave any service you opt for.

Gender ratio
male - 58% female - 42%
You will meet
Lots adult activities
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Total visits (by Alexa)
Real Profiles
Easy to Use

Good for country

United States


Fuckr is one of the notable, trusted and best real hookup sites that you can count on when you search the internet.

How to pay
Money back
Available features
Full Membership account
A gallery of photos
Winks and likes
Blocking of other users


All the profiles on Fuckr are verified
The level of security is top-notch, as all users have no cause to lose any of their data
All transactions which take place on Fuckr are protected
There are different kinds of women who you can opt for and communicate with
Matching with any lady on Fuckr happens in an advanced mod, as your likings are always placed into consideration
When it comes to customer service, it is remarkable


Registering on the website is not smooth
The website is not available in all countries
There is a limit on the trial period


To start with, it is needful that you supply information as touching your habits, age, location, appearance, income, religion, education, sexual inclination, and the likes. With this information, it would be easier for other members to search you out. These are the filters that Fuckr comes with, and they are essential in getting accurate searches.

Fuckr Review: a Great & Legit Hook-Up Site For All

If you also want to search for a member, you can use these filters, and you can be sure of getting accurate results. When you get new messages or users, alongside with winks, unique profile views, and the likes, you will be informed with the alerts feature.

In addition to this, you have the luxury of blocking any user who constitutes a nuisance to you. There is also a gallery of photos on Fuckr where you can check the images of other members. You can also check those who like you, and if you want the person, there could be a match.

Fuckr comes with an interface that is easy to use. This implies that people who are visiting the site for the first time would not have any problem as mastering the use of the site and its features. There are lots of opportunities associated with getting a person who entirely accedes to all your expectations and requests.

Our rating

Rating:4.4 / 5
Privacy:4.2 / 5
Safety:4.7 / 5
Easy to Use: 4.1 / 5

Features and Possibilities

An easy-to-use and user-friendly web resource, in compliance with the reputable opinions; Innumerable opportunities in getting acquainted with a person, who fully corresponds to all of your requests and expectations Connection with the many other similar affiliate hookup web sites to make your search even more successful An ability to have a Full Membership account, which guarantees numerous benefits in comparison to the ordinary profiles Having a Full Membership status allows your position at the Fuckr website being increased so that the other members of the Fuckr dating site would see your profile more frequently Blocking of other users, who do not suit your expectations or those, who violated your individual views or the dating online place’s policies, is ensured.

How To Search?

For Fuckr review, when surfing the website, there is a search bar you can use to search for any lady of your choice based on different factors. However, this is only possible when you have registered on the website, as guests only have access to the main interface of the site.

Furthermore, you can also make inquiries through Fuckr’s customer service in case you get things mixed up. Aside from this, you can pose any question to the customer service, and you will be attended to.

What Matches Are Represented There?

The matches on Fuckr are young and middle-aged adults who are looking to take a step further in their sexual encounters.

Overview of Profile Structure

After signing up on Fuckr, you are automatically given a profile that contains your data, and as you spend more time on Fuckr, there is a history section that includes a record of your past activities on Fuckr. The features on your profile are simple to understand, and this is done to give you fewer problems when navigating.

All prospective members of Fuckr are advised that their profiles should be well structured. In the long term, the profile of a member is what makes or mar the prospects of hookup success. A good number of people are certainly not attracted by patterns that were not correctly set-up, and they have no part in this blame.

The detail on your profile is a reflection of the activities you filled during registration. You can always revisit your profile to edit any information you want to. If you do not have an idea on how to go about correctly structuring your profile, you can check out the visibility of the top members on Fuckr, and see how they did theirs.

Your profile also needs photos, and you need to make sure that you upload clear and attractive ones

Features of a Fuckr Profile

  • The gallery which contains all pictures and videos
  • A mailbox which includes all messages
  • The image which reveals your facial identity
  • It is Cam-enabled

Conditions for Men and Women

On Fuckr legit dating platform, men and women are required to follow specific rules which are binding to both partners. For men and women, they are held liable for any content they upload or post on Fuckr. Also, all men and women are informed that irrespective of the kind of membership you opt for, Fuckr will replicate your profile and upload it on other websites that are affiliated with Timespace Holdings Limited.

Privacy Policy

On Fuckr, the website is poised to run full-time. However, there are times when there may be a temporary stop due to upgrades, etc.. Once this is about to occur, all users are notified ahead of the stoppage of service while the update takes place.

Also, all users are beneficiaries of updates on Fuckr, via emails and text messages. The data of all members are kept on impenetrable servers. Hence, no external party has the chance to access any data.

Features and Key Points

  1. There are lots of benefits inherent in the elements you enjoy from registering on Fuckr
  2. There is a smart alert system in place, which updates you regularly on messages and when any new member joins
  3. You can block any user who annoys you
  4. The gallery has a similar structure to Tinder
  5. When you become a full-time member, your profile attains a boost and gets placed where other top users are
  6. Your profile gets replicated on other hookup platforms which are affiliated to Timespace Holdings Limited
  7. It is necessary to provide needed data when registering, such as age, location, religion, ethnicity, income, education, and the likes

Fuckr Reviews

  • Matt: Male, 25 years old.

Fuckr is a website which appeals a lot to me; I love it, particularly the smart alarms systems.

  • Lizzy: Female, 24 years old.

Fuckr makes me want to act naughty, and I love the site for its affordability and convenience as well.

  • Roy: Male, 25 years old.

Admittedly, this platform is one I turn to whenever I want to satisfy my urge for communication and visual content.

  • Lewis: Male, 21 years old.

Fuckr always informs you about the latest events and happenings, and I think it is a great feature.

  • Sergio: Male, 26 years old.

As a regular user, there are lots of benefits, which is excellent, unlike another website that would make just a few features available.

Mobile Application

Fuckr has no mobile application

The Service Department

Irrespective of the fact that any data on Fuckr tends to appear on other platforms, all members of the site can be assured it is a secure website that is trustworthy.

The service department also makes sure that the website is kept running and that all inquiries are answered.


One of the reasons why people ask is Fuckr, and a scam is because it looks quite impossible that a site like this would be so proficient in function and service delivery. Having gone through this review, it is correct to state that one of the peculiarities of Fuckr is the ability of the platform to assure you of success when you are searching.

Based on the fact that there are lots of diverse profiles to select from, the chances are slim for you not to find someone who matches your interest. Also, Fuckr assures you of an atmosphere that is rid of scam, thereby making it one of the most customer-friendly adult dating sites on the internet.

Choosing Fuckr for your hookups is undoubtedly one of the best choices you can make because there is always an opportunity to explore and learn more about how to have a great hookup.

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