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Rating: 4.9
FuckBook reviewed by Ingvar Rakastava:

Fuckbook gives you the best of satisfaction when it comes to hookup, the features are easy to use, and you will enjoy your sexual encounter on Fuckbook Rating: 4.9

   FuckBook Review Hookups: the Elite Adult Hookup Platform


Often, people wonder why the love for social media networks conflicts with the love we have for best hookup sites, and if it is feasible to have both of them in our lives.

One of the few platforms which have tried and succeeded in bridging this gap is Fuckbook. What this site gives is a social dating site.

On this review, it shows that it is a platform which does not entirely focus on personal chat, it also gives room for broader interaction. What’s more, it is an adult website, which makes it one of the largest x-rated social dating network which exists on the web.

Therefore, questions such as is Fuckbook real and what is Fuckbook would be answered in this Fuckbook reviews.

Readers are informed that signing up on this platform is one of the most natural things to do, and it happens in a matter of seconds. You would be required to provide the email and password which you would use, and you would need to verify the email by going through the link which would pop-up in your mailbox.

Once this is in place, you are fully registered, then you would need to tender your username, age location, gender, and other details to get fully started.

  • The interface of the website is simple, and it is effortless to navigate for those who are using PC and mobile devices
  • The registration process is not stressful, as it takes a few minutes
  • Upgrading membership does not cost much
  • There are many users on this platform


  • There are ads which pop up on the website from time to time, and it is usually annoying
  • The matching algorithm is quite poor, meaning you would have to do most of the linkup yourself

Pivot table of information about FuckBook

Types and cost of subscription

The subscription models include trial ($1.99 for 1 day, thereafter recurring every 30 days at $39.99); monthly (recurring every 30 days at $29.95); quarterly (recurring every 90 days at $44.85)

Money back
Payment must be made by a major credit card, checking account or phone charge accepted by's payment processor(s).
Features and possibilities

Private and group messaging
Gifts, Badges, and in-app Ratings
Local Fuckbook filter
Invisible Mode
Videos and cam shows live

Average online per month
967 400
Service ratings from various sources
For whom
For All
Main competitors
[email protected] Cargo Media AG, Zentrum Standelback 2,8808 Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland +34-518-889-033
4 / 5
4 / 5
Fake profiles
iOS / Android
Data required for registration
Gender Age E-mail Username Password
Alexa ranking



Benefits, Peculiarities, and Features

On this site, you would be amazed to find out that there are lots of attractive women, and using the search function would assist you in narrowing down your options. Also, you would be enabled to search for other members who live in your locality by using their age, gender, and physical features. This makes it very easy for you to find the ideal people to hang out with, or for dating, based on these reviews.

The design of the website is very calm and simple-looking, and this implies that it is straightforward to use. There is one unique feature of this site, which is very uncommon among other online adult dating sites, and it is the fact that there is a blog where you can pen down your sexual desires and kinks.

Doing this would help you get in touch with other members, as they would know you better. Hence, it is recommended that you make more time available for writing on the blog, and also look at what other members have written.

In addition to this, there is a cam site that you can log in through this site, which would avail you the luxury of undergoing all forms of sexual entertainment. You can view many live cam shows which have performers at any given time.

The models on the dating site are breathtaking, and they are always willing to give you the most suitable way of getting laid most straightforwardly. However, one point which is worthy of note is, you cannot get private cam shows, except if you are ready to pay extra for it.

You would enjoy this feature because it is one like no other. After all, hardly would you find sites that offer this. Now, you should also bear in mind that there are quite some bots on these sites, and they are tagged with “C.” Not to worry, these bots stand for the company’s profile, as they are on the lookout for unwanted members.

You can decide to receive email notifications when you get a message from another member. You also have the option of forwarding direct private messages to anyone who catches your interest. When it comes to messaging, it is effortless, and it can be done within the shortest possible time.


Overview of Profile Structure

The profile of each member has detailed data, which includes weight, height, age, location, and other essential things. You also have the privilege of uploading many pictures on your profile so that other members would see who you look like exactly.


Privacy Policy

When it comes to security, what this site has to offer is topnotch. This platform would ensure that all the details and information submitted are secure.

Hence, unlike other dating platforms that allow the data of their members to be tampered with. This site ensures that any data submitted on the website stay on the site, as there is a strict policy in place which assures that no third party has access to any information which concerns any member.

This platform uses state-of-the-art encryption, which ensures that your data, even your financial information, does not get stolen or tampered with. Instead, they would utilize your data in providing that the platform undergoes improvement. Hence, all prospective members of the site are required to go through the privacy policy before they register.



This is a large platform that has lots of registered members and models (such categories, as BBW, gay, black, fat, milf, Asian, Latinos, couples, and many others) as well. As you would expect of a site that has a whole lot to offer, the population of models and users is continually on the increase.

It suggests that you would never run out of nude photos to feed your eyes on, neither would you run out of living videos by any model. Also, you can be sure that your chances of getting a hookup or fuck book hookups of your choice, is high.

Customer Support

The customer support is the best you could ever ask for. The support team works round the clock to ensure that all registered members and models are satisfied. Also, customer support makes sure that all your complaints and lodged inquiries are attended to as promptly as possible.

Hence, they are aware of the fact that there are some devious individuals on this site, who would want to deceive unsuspecting members.

Reasons to Choose

Anyone who has interests in any form of sexual activity, or needs hookups with sexy-looking models or members in their area, needs to give this site a chance to make their sex lives better, and their sexual desires come true.

Fuckbook gives you an effortless way of mingling with people who have the same mindset as you do, and also have fun with them. This is one of the best places where you can also enjoy viewing live cams.

Mobile application

There is no mobile application.

Hot to Make Orders?

Making orders is one of the most natural things to do. However, for members who are new to the platform, all you have to do is, reach out to the customer support, and they would give you the steps on how to get it done in no time.


This Fuckbook review shows that this is one of the best adult dating websites available on the internet. It has various features such as live cams, a thorough search function, email notices, and a host of others.

Fuckbook has a relaxed and straightforward design, which helps navigation much more comfortable, and there is a mobile application that can be used with it.

What is Fuckbook?

This is a hookup platform where people meet to fulfill their sexual desires, thus answering the
question of what is Fuckbook com

How to delete Fuckbook?

You are deleting means to deactivate your account. You can do this through your profile, or contact your customer care so that they can do it on your behalf.

How to unsubscribe from Fuckbook?

Unsubscribing comes in two ways. You can decide to unsubscribe from their regular updates,
which would pop-up in your email. You can also unsubscribe by deleting your account.

How to find your partner on Fuckbook?

Finding your partner depends on how well structured your profile is. You could get lucky to be paired with someone who lives in your location.

How to search to see if someone you know has Fuckbook cheater account?

The question is Fuckbook safe is answered by searching or contacting the customer support if you suspect a particular account.

How to cheat Fuckbook?

The fact is you cannot cheat on this site. People who do this are termed as fraudsters, and the site has been fishing them out regularly. This also answers questions like is Fuckbook a scam.

How to read your messages free on granny Fuckbook?

Your messages would always be on your profile, so all you need do is check if you have any.

How to unreview from free lifetime Fuckbook?

It is advisable to contact the customer support if you want to unreview, so that you do not make mistakes.

Who is hadas-mccray indian orchard Fuckbook?

Not listed.

How much is it to join Fuckbook?

To join this site is free, however, you will need to upgrade your membership, and you need to pay for this. Thus answering questions like is Fuckbook for real

How to turn off icebreaker in Fuckbook?

To turn off the icebreaker, all you need do is visit your profile, and locate the feature, then you deactivate it.

How legitimate is Fuckbook in Abilene?

This platform is legitimate in Abilene

Fuckbook how to redo profile questions?

To redo profile questions, is simply to edit your profile, and answer the important questions there.

How to find locals on Fuckbook?

Finding locals is very easy. On a regular basis, you will be paired with someone based on the
details provided on your profile.

Fuckbook how to add a blog post?

Creating a blog post is one of the features which users can explore. You just need to write a normal-sized article and post, for comments and reviews.

How much for a Fuckbook subscription?

It costs $5.99 for 100 credits, and this is one of the most affordable subscription prices on the internet.

How to find a profile on Fuckbook?

You can search a profile based on their location, color, age and the likes.

Why was Fuckbook created?

This platform was created to ease people of the stress they go through in finding hook-ups.

Fuckbook how to remove free trial?

If you want to remove free trial, it means you want to upgrade your membership. The free trial is meant to give you heads-up on how the site operates.

How to find someone on Fuckbook?

Finding someone can be done with any of the site’s search filters.

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