Fubar Review

Fubar Review

Last Updated: April 24, 2020
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If you want to get familiar with people who have various thoughts and mindset, Fubar is the place to be, and this includes adult dating and hookups. So, if you are someone who needs a community where you can feel at home like a social networking site, Fubar is the place to be.

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male - 25% female - 75%
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Fubar is not just like any adult dating site, it is a social networking site basically for the purpose of dating. Hence, you will not readily find youngsters on this platform because the contents here are not meant for them. The fact that Fubar doubles as both a dating site and social network make it one of the best on the internet.

How to pay
Money back
1 credit
5 credits
10 credits
25 credits
Available features
Basic Search
Like Photos
See Location of the Person
Browse Profiles
Upload Photos
Read Messages
Video Chat


There are no fake profiles
The functionality available on this site is ample enough to keep you satisfied
There are lots of profiles on Fubar.com numbering millions
People have numerous reasons for using the site


Figuring out how to use all the features might be difficult


There are features like music, communities, videos and the likes that you cannot find on other hookup platforms. Fubar is not just any randomly cooked up name, it stands for “F*cked up beyond all repair/any recognition”. So, this means that, when you are paired for hookups, you will have the time of your life.

Hot Sexy Legs

Fubar.com Reviews: an Exciting Adult Dating Site

You can purchase virtual gifts and hook up with your friends on Fubar. There are normal options like text and video chats, which would keep you engaged. This platform is a top gun among other dating sites. There are around 13 million registered members and this number keeps increases. Fubar is 100% legit, so you can be assured of your safety.

Benefits, Peculiarities and Special Features

This is a dating network and it is one of the few social networking sites, which comes with so much simplicity. It is much better than other platforms which have lots of bureaucracies, starting from the point of registration, to the use of other features. The interface which this site comes with is very user-friendly, and it allows you to view any model or member who catches your interest.

There are a good number of special features on this platform, which you would not likely find anywhere else. To start with, there is the Bling feature. This feature can be shared with other registered members, and Bling stands for the animations and pictures of another character. It would interest you to know that, when you bling with another person, you are entitled to get 100,000 fubucks, and some credit points freely.

There is a section known as Achievements. This section enlightens you on the progress you have made since the time of registration. This also implies that you can see your statistics, and you can use some tools to get free points and fubucks.

The survey feature based on this Fubar dating site review is another fresh section which is not common with other conventional dating sites. With this feature, you can go through the surveys and receive additional credits for doing so.

It would also excite you to know that you can save the YouTube videos you have watched, and share them on the website. In addition to this, there is a feature known as MUMMS, and this stands for Make up my Mind. This feature is a poll which ensures you make a decision promptly. However, you are not allowed to use any explicit content.

There is also a blog section, and you can go through the blogs of other registered members to have an inward view or their interests. You can also compose your own notes and post them as blogs. Members of this site who know their onions would regularly use this blog feature to give other members insight on what is going on in their personal life. However, the private information shared on this platform is at the user’s risk.

There is another exciting feature on Fubar dating, which is known as Lounges. With this feature, you can get additional credits for free. This Lounge is a virtual room where you comport yourself for the purpose of attracting other registered members. If you become well-known in the lounge, this implies you getting free credits, without having to receive charges on your account.

Blasts is another feature that you can hardly find elsewhere. Blasts are short messages, and they cannot be edited when they have been published. Think of Blasts as message templates that cannot be changed. These blasts can be seen by other registered members.

The skins section of Fubar is a place where you customize your profile. A good number of registered members do not pay attention to this, but they are unaware of the fact that it makes your profile stand out among other profiles. You can use the skins which the website created, or you can customize one for yourself.

There is a contact book feature on this platform, and with this add-on, you can get the names, emails and phone numbers of other registered members. Closely related to this is the History feature. In this section, you have the full swing to completely monitor your activities, the changes made on your profile, and the time when those changes occurred.

Another peculiarity is the public profile feature. This is very easy to understand, it gives you the chance to see your profile, the way other people see it. The Pokes section is another feature, which allows you to check the member who pokes you.

Then there is the Log Out Function, and this allows you to leave your account for a period of time.

Is Fubar Easy to use?

For people who ask what is Fubar website, Fubar hook up is a platform that is very easy to use. It is a network that can be easily navigated even though you are a first-timer. One of the features which make this site easy to use is the Bling shop section. This is like a virtual shop, and it is a place where you can buy blings. The number of blings purchased determines the number of credits you have at that period.

What you do with the blings is, you either send them, or you give them freely to other registered members, just like you would give out a gift or an ice-breaker. One of the reasons why communication is easy on Fubar, is the presence of blings, because they help you to ease the commencement of communication. Blings are cool features that helps you to maintain the cool feature of communication, and when there is any occasion, they are the ideal virtual gift.

If you want someone to like you, you can use blings to get their attention. Blings gives the recipient of your approach the inkling that you are interested in him or her.easy to use

There is another section known as the Leader board section on Fubar. With this section, you can see for yourself, the best users, their merits and achievements. The first thing you would see on this feature is the Ranked members feature, and they are the top registered members of this dating network.

Next is the member’s section, which gives you access to the entire database of all the members in a random pattern. You would also see the most famous, most active yesterday, top members this week, top MVP, Bling likes, Slots winners, Legends, Promoters, Bands and the likes.

With all these sections listed on Fubar, they make your stay easy. If you need access to any information or data, all you need do is visit the right section, and you will have what you need at your fingertips. This is one of the special sides of Fubar, which makes the site stand out.

How to Sign Up?

There is so much to learn about this platform, and one of the best ways to do this is to make sure you are signed up. The registration process of Fubar is not as strenuous as you would see it. Provided you supply the right details, it would go on as smoothly as possible. The first step is to insert the address “Fubar.com” into the address line of your browser, and you will be directed to the homepage of this great network.

On the homepage, you will see a sign up, and you need to click to get started. After clicking on sign-up, you will be taken to the point where you will be required to input your email address, password, date of birth, and also to select your gender.

After this section, you will be taken to another page where you will need to select a nickname, which will be shown to other registered members, and your photos. It is a rule on Fubar that you must be 18 years old prior to signing up, and explicit photos are not encouraged.sign up

You will also be required to confirm if you are human or not, by inputting a letter or number. When you are done with this, your registration would be approved, and you become a real user of the network. Your profile is also provided immediately, and you have access to using the Fubar login section as a legit user.

On this platform, each registered member has a referral link, and it is exciting to note that, when you share this link with your friends, you are entitled to get free Fubar credits in the form of fubucks and points. It is a known occurrence on Fubar that, a few minutes after being logged in, you will receive messages and notifications.

With reference to this Fubar reviews, after you have seen the number of notifications and messages displayed on your profile, they can be effortlessly opened by pressing the line which has the messages, and they would be displayed to you so that you can see the entire list of messages. You would always get tons of messages on Fubar, and this shows you how great the platform is.

How to Communicate with Users?

Communication is one of the integral features of Fubar, and this is what allows you to become acquainted with other registered members. The communication process on Fubar is amazing, and once you know the right things to do, you will get anybody you want. The communication feature on Fubar does not boil down to chats alone, there are other activities you can participate in, which allows you to interact with other members.

A good number of the features which have been mentioned in this piece are for the purpose of initiating communication and sustaining it, so there is no need to retouching the already-mentioned features. Hence, if the virtual features for communication are well utilized, it would be easy to translate them into the offline mode of communication.

The basic intent of this site is to enable you to know more prospects of communication. There is an outstanding feature of communication, which is known as the drinks section. The major purpose of this section is to act as an ice-breaker when it comes to the initiation and maintenance of communication.


Therefore, when you send someone a drink, this implies that attention has been attracted, and you have shown that you like the person. With this section, you can send an invitation to meet up in reality, and this gives the true definition of dating or hookups.

So, the way it works basically is, you send drinks to fix the connection, and you keep sending drinks to sustain the communication. The drinks, however, come with a specific price, which would be in fubucks. There are some discounts which come with purchasing drinks for discounts, so you need to select the one which works best for you.

Overview of Profile Structure

On this site, some people do not really give their profile much attention, and this is not good enough. Owing to the fact that Fubar comes with lots of features and prospects, it would be disadvantageous for your profile not to be well-structured. It would interest you to know that the fundamental details on your profile, are a reflection of the activities during the process of registration.

Based on these Fubar.com reviews, your profile serves many purposes, and it is best you take time in its set-up. Hence, your profile contains the needed information you have shared, and this includes your marital status. When your profile has been upgraded, then you have the opportunity to be very famous on the platform, and this stands in as a solid proof for the absence of Fubar scam and false profiles.

Unlike other dating platforms that operate bots profiles, Fubar is not like that. There are no bot profiles who would send you automated messages and keep you invested, only to find out later that it was all a sham.profile

So with your profile, the only people you chat with are real people. The first thing a registered member or model would consider is your profile. When you send out drinks to someone for instance, you can be sure, they would go through your profile to have an idea of who you are.

Hence, to sell yourself properly, and position yourself for lots of hookups, the best way you can help yourself, is to properly create your profile. Some of the basic details you would find on the profile of a female model, for instance, includes her name, location, boob size, age, favorite sexual orientation and the likes.

There are also efficient filters on Fubar, which helps you to narrow down your search. What registered members do in most cases is, they narrow down their search to someone who lives in their exact location. This is to prevent them from going through the stress of having to travel for a date.

Also, this review for Fubar site shows that the process of uploading pictures on Fubar is very easy. What you have to do is, get a picture that clearly shows your face, so that other registered members can identify with you. You should also ensure the picture matches the exact size which the site requires.

Member Structure

Fubar legit site has a large database of members, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. Fubar has a good structure, which ensures people get the exact thing they want when they visit the platform. For those who want hookups, they are assured of getting it. People who want to meet-up in reality for a one-night stand would surely get another member of Fubar who wants the same thing.

Fubar adult dating site was founded in 1997, and it has been in operation for 22 years. The site is owned and operated by the Social Concepts, Inc. At this moment, there are around 11 active users of the site. The country which has the most active users on Fubar is the United States. The USA has more than 8 million registered members, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Philippines and Australia.Member

To be a member of Fubar, you need to ensure you are above 18 years old, and there is no age restriction as far as you are above this age. So, you can even see a member of Fubar who is above the age of 70 on this platform. Fubar is highly populated, and this means you will surely see someone who thinks like you and has the same sexual orientation as yours.

Categories on the Website

Fubar is a very big platform, and what you would expect from a place like this, is the presence of various sexual categories. There are straight individuals, lesbians, milfs, couples, milfs and gays. So, literally speaking, there is enough to go around for everyone.

Customer Support

One of the reasons why people are endeared to Fubar adult site is because of the efficient customer support. When people have inquiries to make, the best set of people to contact, is customer support, it is much more effective than asking a fellow registered member.

For people who ask is Fubar a scam?, the Fubar support is very swift in responding to and handling inquiries. Within 24hours, any problem you have would be fixed. This is how efficient they are. The Fubar support works round the clock to make sure they do not leave anyone stranded. So, the question is Fubar legit?, is answered

Security and Privacy

Security is an essential feature that needs to be handled with caution. This is usually the headache of top dating sites. There would always be people who would try to infiltrate the site, either for the purpose of accessing the data of registered members, or posing as legit members of the site so that they can scam them. Does this answer the question is Fubar trustworthy?.

Hence, this is why it is advised that you do not submit your financial details to anyone who asks on the site alongside the information which surrounds personal matters. During the signing-up process, you will see the Terms of Service, which prevent you from getting ensnared by the wiles of these scam individuals. So, it is advised that you read every bit of the information provided.Privacy

For those who ask is Fubar reliable?, You will see that Fubar is concerned about the safety of her members and would do everything possible to keep everyone Fubar safe. However, if you, as a member, should violate the stated conditions, like uploading sexually related content, your account could either be suspended or disabled.

Fubar also clearly states that they are against the violation of human rights, and it is shown in terms of service. Does this quell doubtful questions like is Fubar cheating? And the likes.


There are mixed reviews regarding this website. There are some registered members who complained about the signing up process as being strenuous, and similar to a conventional social networking website. However, they are not bothered about the tons of sexual advances gotten from other members, and this answers the question Fubar is it reliable?.s

Suitable for Women?

On this review for Fubar, it shows that this site is great for women who have all sorts of sexual inclinations. There are however no special benefits for women on this platform, everyone has equal chances to make the best out of this website. There are however more women on this platform than men.

Suitable for Men?

Basically, this review shows that men also have equal chances, like women on this dating platform. No matter your sexual orientation as a man, you are welcome to use this site as you wish, and ensuring you do not violate any of the rules.

The Impression of a Satisfied User

Ruby, Female, 23 years old: Fubar is the best dating site I have ever used. The features are exciting to use, and I’m glad I registered on this platform.

Dave, Male, 24 years old: The customer support of this site is swift to answer all inquiries. I love this site

Reasons to Choose

For people who ask is Fubar a good service – there are lots of reasons why you should choose this site, and they have all been mentioned in this piece. However, it is still important that we mention some of them again in a summarized format:

  • Swift customer service
  • Lots of exciting features
  • Many members and models to pick from
  • Tight security
  • Fubar.com advantages

Reasons to choose

Mobile Application

Fubar has an application version, and it is something you would love to use. This Fubar app review shows that the application can be gotten from the Google Play Store and iTunes. When you want to download and install, it comes at no cost. Currently, the number of people using the application number of 10.7 million members.

As at the end of the first quarter of this year, the number of downloads on iTunes and Google Play were 5K and 4K, respectively. On the application, you can accomplish the same acts, as you did on the website. As a matter of fact, the application is suited in such a way to grant you ample convenience.

When you use the application version, you can view the alert statistics, and you cannot see this when using the web version.


Based on this review, you can buy credits, which encompasses fubucks and points. Below are the cost packages:

  • $0.99= 1 credit
  • $6.99= 5 credits
  • $13.99= 10 credits
  • $27.99= 25 credits
  • $69.99= 35 credits
  • $49.99= 65 credits, with a discount of 23%
  • $99.99= 135 credits
  • $249.99= 350 credits
  • $679.99= 1000 credits with a discount of 32%
  • $1624.99= 2500 credits



Taxes, Pricing Policies, Payment Methods

During the process of registration on the platform and based on Fubar prices review, you stand a chance to gain around 50,000 fubucks and points. Uploading more pictures also gives you the chance to earn more points. The messages you send on this platform are limitless, and you do not have to pay for any of them.

All the stats you would ever have to check come for free, and there are no hidden costs.

How to Make Orders?

If you want to make orders on this site, the best step is to contact the customer support, so that they can put you through on how best to do it. Do not make inquiries from another registered member, as it is not entirely safe.orders

Competitors and Alternatives

There are other top dating sites that have mouth-watering features, and the only sites which come close are fling.com, iHookup.com, and FreezeCrowd.


Reading this Fubar review thoroughly shows you that, this is the place that wants nothing short of the best for you. One of the ways to make this a reality is to become used to the features of the site, and make sure you do not violate the terms of service that the site demands from every registered member.

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