FriendFinderX Review

FriendFinderX Review

Last Updated: April 24, 2020
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That website offers a lot of adult dating options to its clients, so you can surely meet someone that would fit your taste just right. You can get same-sex dates here as well, so let’s get straight into it and see whether this is worth your attention and time.

Gender ratio
male - 27% female - 73%
You will meet
Lots adult activities
Available on
Total visits (by Alexa)
Real Profiles
Easy to Use

Good for country

United States


Friend Finder X is a website that gives you admittance to a huge database of individuals looking for all sorts of dating experience starting with some one-night stands and ending with serious long-lasting relationships.

How to pay
Money back
Available features
Basic Search
Upload Photos
Video Chat


Professional webcam models
100% fake free
Live chats
24/7 Customer support
Sexual fun
Completely anonymous


Membership fees
Overcrowded chat rooms
Many inactive profiles


In this review, we are going to discuss all the benefits of this hookup site.

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What Are Pros And Cons of This Tool?

As much as all the other sites or products out there, Finder X has its advantages and disadvantages. There are many features of this website that renders it user-welcome and extremely comfortable to use, that is why so many visitors prefer this experience over other dating sites. Of course, this website has a great reputation among and there are hundreds of positive reviews out there that tell you all about how decent it is. Here, though, we are going to discuss both the positive and negative features of this dating service.

What Are the Benefits, Peculiarities, And Special Features?

As you can see, there are several issues here and there, and most of the Finder X reviews do not mention those. In fact, the main problem with this online dating service is that it is massively popular and sometimes, when you get to some live action, the servers there may freeze a bit. This, however, does not influence the emotions you get, and you can still enjoy access to a hot and really sexual content.

This site offers benefits to the users and the major one is the entry to the huge database of single guys and girls around who also want to hook up. Friendfinder is one of the leading dating sites in the world, and that is exactly why there are so many of visitors out there reaching out to each other via this particular dating site. The first thing you might notice is a gold membership that allows you admittance to the special benefits. These include entree to the videos of potential partners, exclusive photos of steaming models, and to the profile pages of the top members. There, you can also text messages to the hottest profiles of the most popular people on the website.

You can also have a conversation with a live model who’s going to make all of your desires come true. All of this is possible with premium membership on Friendfinder. The way to the live model rooms is a peculiar feature that is designed specifically to attract as many members as possible. Text messages and video convo with any potential partner either for sexual indulgence or just to have some conversation – the call is yours. Also, there’s a referral bonus system, so if you bring some fellows, you can get some additional perks.

Is It Easy to Use?

Yes, the site offers of options for the members but it is truly comfortable and easy to use. There also is a mobile app that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of membership on a hookup site, use all of its features straight from your mobile, and enjoy sexual dating content on the go. All you need is to create an account, which is a simple process that takes just a couple o minutes. You create your profile, and boom, you are one of the happy members of the family! Once your account is set, you can review the profile of all the other members, do all the crazy things visitors do on online dating services like FriendFinder, enjoy live sex, join any chat from the available list, and have some real fun with web girls who show themselves off.

This is 100% adult content right here but it is also a place where true love can be found. This tool gives you everything you want – sex, passion, live adult stuff, some good time, and anything you want on a single page, so you’ll be coming back for more. This is action like you’ve never seen before, and most importantly, it’s comfy to use, so any casual user of any age can approach it and have a good day.

How to Sign Up?

It’s simple: a rather simple and intuitive interface, so you can do it with your eyes closed. If you want to log in for this dating site, type your personal data into respective fields on the membership creation. Choose your country, for example, the United States, type in your email address. Then, you’ll have to confirm your membership by paying for it with your credit card or any other payment system you prefer. Did I mention that married couples can use it for mating too if you and your spouse into such stuff? This is just one option, so if you choose to use a tool, you can now search for sex dates from all around the area or even around the world. That’s intuitive and fun entertainment for all of us, and there are many users who sign up along with their loved ones just to spice things up!

So, once you entered your information and paid for the membership, that offers a lot of fun and entertainment to the members, especially the users who have a premium. This is a great opportunity to expand on your potential and meet so many more girls and boys! After that is done, you can enjoy all the features of the online dating website that brings joy to millions of visitors around the world. The users also fill physical information sections so that their potential dates what exactly they look like.

How To Communicate With Others?

Simple! You’ll be coming across many and many profiles out there, all of them will be unique, and each member might be interesting to you in a way. If you see someone attractive, like a model or whatnot, and want to send her a message, just go on and text her! That’s that simple! Try it out and you’ll be coming back for more, that’s for sure. Who knows where the chat might take you, maybe you’ll want to see her, have a live talk, have a casual conversation, and maybe even sex! Everything is possible in here, let me tell you. Live conversations and all of that fun stuff will make you crave more and more, and you are free to explore different opportunities this site gives you.

If you are into some user, you can direct them gifts. Of course, it costs, but imagine how grateful this model would be if you move her some gift. This is just like in a real-life – you don’t get anything for free, and on this site too, you don’t only have to find your partner, you’ll have to show them some love and care.

What Does An Average Profile Look Like?

It’s kinda similar to what most social network sites offer – a golden formula – a picture, some basic info, acquaintance list, and all of that stuff. The site offers you some basic info about the users and everything else you have to look for yourself. Communicate with others, direct an email, have a casual talk, find common interests, and just have fun. All of that happens naturally, people talk to each other for months, some mating crazy fast.

How to Upload Photos?

You can do it from your profile. Go to the main page of the site, hit your profile, and pick the picture you want to upload. Make sure to find the best picture of yourself so that any member who searches for some fun would see how cute you are and text you.

Member Structure

Number of Users

Reportedly, more than 24 million visitors use the it in the US only. This means that you may have thousands of them ready for some hookup in almost any area across the country. Some of them search for one-night fun, some search for serious stuff – you can find anything in there.

Which kind of people are presented?

There are all kinds of fellers on this service. Young visitors looking for some quick fun, middle-aged users who want some commitment and relationships – this site gives you many opportunities for getting acquainted with different fellers.

Age distribution

The majority of individuals on the Finder are middle-aged so the average user is around 30 years old. These guys mostly search for some serious relationships and commitment. The second-largest group is your grown ups around 24 years old.

How Does Customer Support on Finder X Work?

There’s a 24/7 support team that stays on at all instances to help you deal with any issues you might encounter as you navigate through this site. The calls are free in the US, but you can contact them from any country you are in. There also is a mobile chat you can use if you prefer chatting. This site supports its clients and provides them with all the attention and care.

Security and Privacy

Security of the company is top-notch. You can see all the necessary information on the main stage of the site, so you can be sure they have those really high standards of quality and care. Of course, in case you pay for the subscription, you can expect a decent level of attention to your needs, that’s not something you get for free. This site is up to every dime you pay.

What are the Reasons To Choose It?

Some of you ask, is Friend Finder X legit? And the answer is yes, it is a totally legit hookup site that is never limited to just sex dates. This is a site that allows you to look for true love, long-term commitment, and passion. There’s nothing like meeting your soul-mate, that’s for sure, and if you are currently single, it might just be a great idea to stop watching adult movies and get into a true deal! This Friendfinder X Review shows that despite there are some disadvantages to this tool, it is a great place you can go and spend some hours at. So, it is totally worth a try to create a profile, get your membership, and see where this little adventure takes you.


Of course, all of that fun is not for free. A monthly subscription is 40$ a month, which is just a joke considering how popular this site is. When you create your profile, you receive to every feature of it except for the premium stuff that is more expensive. If you want to upgrade your profile to premium status, you can do it always. You can also buy a yearly subscription pack for just 240$ which takes it down to just 20$ per month.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

There are all sorts of payment methods available in there. You can use your bank account, PayPal app, any payment system you like, and just pay for your fun in the way that is most convenient to you. This is simple and satisfying, so just get in and log in to that site to enjoy all of its crazy attributes. The mobile version of this site is also available and it is comfortable to use.


In conclusion, if you are tired of watching adult movies and crave some good stuff, joining a hookup site might just be the right idea for you. Mating has never been easier than it is now when you have app like this. Watching videos is not the big deal, the big deal is meeting models, so log in now and receive the whole scope of excitement this tool provides you with. This is something else, let me tell you! So stop watching videos and connect in right away because the best girls are waiting for you.

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