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Rating: 4.8
BBWDesire reviewed by Ingvar Rakastava:

Only few sites are specific when it comes to sexual categories. BBW desire is a platform that caters to big and beautiful women. This site is one like no other Rating: 4.8

BBWDesire: A top-notch hookup site for BBW


Who would have thought of a site which caters exclusively for BBW, which is fully known as Big, Beautiful Women? BBWDesire is a site like no other, unique in design and distinct in function. BBW Desire is strictly for big women who give you the best of hookups, the way they know how to. On BBW Desire, there are big women who have curves that are enough to make you go crazy.

Based on this bbwdesire review, certainly, there are some sites that have categories for BBW, but since this one is exclusively for BBWs, you can imagine the level of freedom to which they would flaunt themselves. When you log on to BBW desire, you will see a professionally structured web page. The upper portion of the page comprises a large image of a sexy BBW with the registration bar.

You will also see tiled images, which will give you an inkling of how the members of this platform look like. This platform comes with paid and free membership, alongside with various subscription types. However, you can only enjoy this site when you have made payment for it.

As regards this platform, people find it hard to believe that such a top-notch platform, dedicated to this purpose exists. Hence, they ask all sorts of questions like “is bbwdesire real?”, “is bbwdesire a scam?”, “whats bbw mean?”, “what is bbws?”, “is bbw desire legit?” and the likes, they will definitely get answers to all these questions in this review. This piece serves as an eye-opener to everyone who has not been aware of this BBW site.


  • The number of members is huge
  • Signing up is easy
  • There are unique features
  • There are lots of membership options


  • You have to pay before you properly use the site

Pivot table of information about BBWDesire

Types and cost of subscription

$29.95 for 1 month, $49.95 for 3 months, $69,90 for 6 months. The value of money increases, as the subscription duration is increased. You can also use the trial version for three days, which costs $8.91

Money back
Credit Card
Features and possibilities

There are some love features which this site comes with, that you need to take time to explore properly. To start with, you can search for big hot ladies using their location and age. There is also a proficient matching system which works with a top-notch algorithm, that helps you to find a woman who you like, and matches your value system.

Average online per month
242 300
This platform is basically for BBWs, you can, however, find some lesbians and milfs on this site
Main competitors
Fake profiles
Data required for registration
Gender Age State Zip Code
Alexa ranking

Benefits, Peculiarities and Special Features

BBW Desire legit gives you lots of opportunities of linking up and interacting with beautiful women who have different sizes. You have the opportunity to chat, email and text using the services of this site. The system of the site is perceptive and it works using the format of conventional dating service. When registration is complete, there are some profile pages that pop-up immediately, that you can visit.

There are some love features which this site comes with, that you need to take time to explore properly. To start with, you can search for big hot ladies using their location and age. There is also a proficient matching system which works with a top-notch algorithm, that helps you to find a woman who you like, and matches your value system.

You can also add women to a specially created favorite list, which matches any criteria you create. Therefore, it would be hard to forget about someone you had an interest in. If anyone adds you to their favorites list, you would be informed.

The email messaging comes simple. You can send an email message or an emoji that shows you are flirting. You can use live chat to send flirty messages, and also to know your prospective partner better. There is the text messaging feature that allows you to forward texts to the phone number of your crush.

When there are no actual female members on hand, there is a feature known as “AMBASSADORS”, which are bots used to provide entertainment for users. As a registered member, you can also see new members who recently joined the platform.

Is BBW Desire Easy to use?

BBW Desire is a website that is very easy to use. The interface which comes with is simple, and not complicated like some dating platforms. The website gives you an indication that there is more to be explored, so you need to take your time to understand how each feature works for your good. search

It would also interest you to know that www BBWdesire com has a nice layout and structure, which prevents the home page from being too crowded. You do not need to keep guessing before you see what you want.

How to sign up?

One of the amazing features that BBW desire comes with is the registration process. To create an account, all you need do is input your email address, create a password, and verify the registration link via your email, and you are good to go. The registration process takes a few minutes, and you become ready to use the mouth-watering services which this site brings.

In addition to this, it is advised that you have a different email account for the purpose of this website. This is to prevent embarrassment when there are mail pop-ups on your personal account, and you are away at work. So, it is best to have a separate account, which would give you rest of mind. signup

How to communicate with users?

Communication is one of the key aspects of online dating, and this is what fuels BBW desire. On this platform, you will be enabled to communicate meaningfully in different ways. The commonly used feature of communication on this site is text messaging. You can communicate with most female users through their personal contact numbers. When you text, it reveals an entirely distinct dimension to the dating contest. It also makes the atmosphere more intimate. messages

All the conventional modes of communication are available on the site, which includes direct messaging with LiveChat, messaging offline members with the email feature, and lists creation of favorite members, using matching and search functions.

Overview of profile structure

Creating a well-structured profile on BBW desire is very important, and not everyone pays good attention to this aspect. It is advisable that your profile is well set up, in order to increase your chances of getting a partner for hookups. Your profile says a lot about you, this gives people an idea of who you are in reality.

Your profile avails you the opportunity of selling yourself, you can talk about your sexual orientation and the like on your profile. The basic details on your profile are your name, location, age, color, sexual inclination, and the likes. profile

Your pictures are an integral aspect of your profile. You need to ensure your pictures first off, belongs to you, and they are of high quality.

Member structure

On BBW desire nude, female members dominate the site, and this suggests that it is an awesome opportunity for men to see lots of prospective partners for a meaningful hookup. However, you should be aware that there are some bots that keep your attention invested if there is no one to interact with.

Various BBW desire reviews have shown that there are some sexy and hot ladies who have services to deliver, but you have to pay for them. There would be no need for reporting them to the security team because they exist on the platform legitimately. They should not be confused with bbwdesire scam individuals. members

In total, there are more than 750,000 registered members of BBW. This figure is impressive considering the fact that it is a platform that has a rather exclusive and streamlined purpose. For registration, the minimum age is 18 years.

Categories on the website

This platform is basically for BBWs, you can, however, find some lesbians and milfs on this site. member login

Customer support

BBW desire com has nice customer support, they work round the clock to attend to all questions and lodged complaints. The contact page of the customer support can easily be accessed on the home page of the site. Through this page, you can forward requests, reports, queries or questions concerning any issue.

However, before you do this, it is advised you go through the FAQ section of the platform because some of these questions have been fielded there.

Security and Privacy

Based on this BBW desire review, your safety and security are assured on BBW desire, as your information is not accessible to any third party. When it comes to the processing of payments, you have nothing to worry about. It is done on pages that have optimum protection by SSL encryption. It is also delightful to note that the security team works effectively to flush out all BBW desire scam individuals from the site. policy

Suitable for women?

Women would find this site impressive, particularly the lesbians and milfs

Suitable for men?

Men are at a greater advantage because there are lots of women to pick from. As earlier mentioned, women dominate BBW desire

The impression of a satisfied user

Dave, Male, 24 years old: There are lots and lots of women on this site to pick from, they all give you an awesome experience.

Ken, Male, 24 years old: The registration process is seamless, it took me a few minutes to get signed up

Reasons to choose

There are a good number of reasons why you should opt for, and they have been mentioned in this piece. However, it is important we still emphasize on some of them. BBW desire is a platform which exclusively appreciates women who have a big size and are afraid to create a profile for themselves on other dating sites, for fear of being body-shamed.

On BBW, they are fully free to express themselves because there is an enabling atmosphere. Men who are aware of this opportunity, particularly those who like big women, need to lay hold of this opportunity to register on this site and start communicating ASAP.

About the registration process on this website for bbw, it is very easy. You will be asked a few details, and within a couple of minutes, you are fully registered. Only the profile might take your time, and it is worth it in the long run. advantages


The registration and creation of a profile come for free, but it is not much you can do if you do not intend paying for any service. You will not be able to access the search filters, and communication is impossible because you would have to pay. On BBW desire, there are two methods of using the paid features, you would either have to purchase a premium subscription, or make use of the communication credits.

The following are the BBW desire costs: $29.95 for 1 month, $49.95 for 3 months, $69,90 for 6 months. The value of money increases, as the subscription duration is increased. You can also use the trial version for three days, which costs $8.91. payment

Taxes, Pricing Policies, Payment Methods

For payment on BBW desire, you can either use PayPal or your credit card

How to make orders/ Ordering Procedure?

Making orders on BBW desire is a simple process. However, if you are a newbie on this site, it is best to contact the customer support, so they can put you through. Best believe, once you are taught once, subsequent orders will be easy for you to make. prices


BBW desire is a site which surpassed the expectation of many. This is the perfect avenue for men who love big and beautiful women. On this site, there is no form of body shaming, the women here are free to express their bodies in the best way they know how to. Communication on this site is affordable when compared to other dating platforms, and it is also flexible.

This site is highly efficient when it comes to the search filters, which are great matchmaking tools. Getting someone for a serious relationship is not really easy on BBW desire, because the major intention of the women here is to have casual sex, no strings attached. The benefits which come with BBW desire are far greater than the cons.

To wrap it up, this bbw review shows that you are assured that there are no regrets which come with using this site.

Last Updated: December 3, 2019 by Ingvar RakastavaIngvar RakastavaRating: 4.8

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