Ashley Madison review

Ashley Madison review

Last updated: March 27, 2020
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It is mainly correct to state that Ashley Madison is one of the leading vanguards of best hookup sites that are keen on establishing relationships.

Gender ratio
male - 25% female - 75%
You will meet
Lots adult activities
Available on
Total visits (by Alexa)
Real Profiles
Easy to Use

Good for country

United States


Ashley Madison is a platform that no one would like to leave. There is a huge chance of getting a partner for hookups within the first few hours of registration.

How to pay
Money back
Available features
Like and view other profiles
Create a favorites list
Advanced search filters
Send winks
Send virtual gifts
Boost profile
Open and collect emails
Send personalized messages
Initiate chats


The privacy features aids in concealing your identity
Ashley Madison has beefed up commendable security
The website is very user-friendly, as it is effortless to navigate
The user base of the platform is huge
Relevant prices


There are no forums or chat rooms
The matching pattern is not automated


One feature which people search for before joining any dating network is the level of success and the comments cum reviews which the system has received. On a worldwide scale, Ashley Madison has received lots of accolades from most people who have used the site.

Ashley Madison Review: An Elite Adult Legit Dating Platform

In 2001, Ashley Madison came into operation, and since then, they have built a broad spectrum of experience when it comes to solving the needs of people who specifically want to hook-up with someone.

Also, on Ashley Madison, there is nothing like discrimination. Everyone is expected to be real with one another, so there is no room for pretense. The rights of users are certified, and their data is protected. Prospective users can be assured that there is no room for the hacking of any sort again. No third party can access data from the website because of the proficient encryption.

It is also interesting to note that Ashley Madison has a seamless, smooth, and prompt mode of registration. Unlike other websites that are time-consuming when it comes to booking, everything on Ashley Madison happens in a manner of minutes.

It is straightforward for a newbie to know how Ashley Madison works; the same thing applies to someone who has used various dating sites before. Also, there are discounts, promotions, and bonuses on Ashley Madison, which are targeted at ensuring that members remain loyal to the site, and they do not leave.

How To Search

Users can reach out to one another or search via the following features:

  • Age range
  • Location
  • Last seen online

Also, getting in touch can be initiated by sending messages, gifts, or placing calls. Users also have the opportunity of tailoring their profiles with features such as My perfect match, my intimate desires, so the kind of person they need pops-up.

In addition to this, each member’s profile shows the feedback rankings which other members give, and members can also know those who have gone through their profiles.

What People Are Represented There

The members who can be found there are men and women from the USA, who are looking to hook-up with other members of their interests, possibly to date, or have sexual encounters purely.

Overview Of Profile Structure

For each member’s profile, there are exciting features that help in keeping your privacy in check, with the use of photos.

Also, profiles are simple, as it only contains few details. In addition to this, everyone can see one another’s pictures (nude).

The profile of a member is arguably the most important feature on Ashley Madison. This is what an individual has to show to the rest of the dating community that he or she is a human in reality. During the process of registration, there are some pieces of information that everyone is required to fill.

After this phase, the user will be required to verify their email. This is achieved by clicking the verification link, which will be found in the email. After that, the user will be redirected to the main page of the platform. Hence, it is correct to say that the profile of a member of Ashley Madison, is a reflection of the activities done during registration.

Now, all prospective users are advised not to joke with this phase because it is a significant determinant of how well they would fare on the site. A well-structured profile usually attracts people, and if a profile is looking scanty or devoid of information, it can put people off.

So, to prevent all forms of regrets, it is expedient that you take ample time to work on your profile. For people who have registered and have a profile already, they can always go back and edit. If you have no idea on how to go about it, you can always check the profiles of other top-rated members, and take a cue from theirs.

Another essential feature of your profile, which you should not ignore is the profile picture and other pictures. First off, you need to put up your real photo and not someone else’s. The security team has a way of fishing out people who tell lies about their real identity. Hence, if you put up pictures on your profile, you need to make sure that they are bright and attractive.

If you take a great deal of care in setting up your profile, you will be surprised at the level of hookup success you would attain. It would interest you to know that the search filters of the site work with the information on your profile. So, if you want accurate results, the information on your profile needs to be equally authentic.

Mobile Application

Ashley Madison does not have a mobile app, but there is nothing to worry about. The platform works well on mobile devices and PCs. For people who do not like the stress of having to log in anytime they want to use the site, they can always save the login details, so that they will skip that phase.

Conditions For Men And Women

On Ashley Madison, a good number of services are free, while the rest is paid for.

For instance, sending messages is free for females. However, males would have to spend five credits to make contact. Also, for receiving signals, males spend the same amount, while it remains free for females.

For sending priority messages, it is free for females, and males have to spend five credits. For sending gifts and chat sessions, both parties have to pay, and the cost is determined by the number of charities and the duration of each chat session.

Privacy Policy

Before most people join any hookup site, the first thing they check is the privacy policy. People do not want a platform that cannot be trusted. In times past, there have been some cases of some users of other dating platforms, who complained that they saw their pictures and other essential data on other sites. This could be very disappointing and heartbreaking.

Hence, once a prospective user cannot verify and ascertain his or her safety, there is a high chance that he or she would not be registering on the site. For Ashley Madison, both prospective and existing users are assured that there is no need to fret. This platform has beefed up its security over the years, and it is a website that cannot be accessed.

You can be sure your information is protected on the servers, as they are impenetrable. Hence, no third party can gain entry. Also, the firewalls are top-notch, which prevents spam from entering your profile.

In addition to this, the tight security makes it impossible for you to get deceived by masked users. At Ashley Madison, the privacy of all users is of utmost importance, as the personal information of all users is received and stored away from the public view.

Features And Key Points

It is straightforward to get accustomed to the website, as it is very easily navigable. You can easily manage your profile without any stress. Also, unlike some popular sites, Ashley Madison has no ads, which is known to distract users.

There is a rank feature on the website, which members use to rank one another, based on some qualities.

There are security features on the platform which helps in safeguarding the interests of all members, such as, the use of profile identification, instead of using usernames. In addition to this, pictures can be deleted from the website.

Also, all members have the luxury of listing their answers on profile segments if they do not get the options that match their interests.

Ashley Madison Reviews

  • Robert: Male, 25 years old.

I love the security which Ashley Madison gives. I rest assured that there is no chance of any of your personal information leaking out.

  • William: Male, 23 years old.

You can be sure to find your ideal match on Ashley Madison. Thumbs up, guys.

  • Patricia: Female, 21 years old.

Ashley Madison gives you an exhilarating dating experience. I also love the free costs exclusively for females

  • Eric: 26 years old.

Ashley Madison has a simple website, and even first-timers would easily find their way around. Nice one

  • Jeffrey: 27 years old.

This platform has no annoying pop-up ads, and this is awesome!

The Service Department

To safeguard privacy and discretion, Ashley Madison employs the use of proficient standard practices with technologies such as firewalls, encrypted transmission, secure data encryption, and a host of others. Also, the website does not inquire about the real names and addresses of users. Hence, there is no available record of all the identities of users.

In addition to this, there is a customer care service (support) that works tirelessly to ensure that the complaints of users are attended to and resolved.

People love it when they get prompt responses to their lodged complaints and inquiries. If a hookup website is in the habit of giving late answers to all its registered members, there is a likely chance that the population will drop. This is hinged on the fact that there would be times when urgent answers would be needed, and there would be no one to attend to them.

With Ashley Madison, queries are usually resolved within the shortest possible time. What makes it more amazing is, they respond to all the registered members in a friendly tone.

In addition to this, there is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, which contains possible questions which a member might have, and the corresponding answer. If you do not have a full grasp on how to go about the implementation of the solutions, you can then reach out to the customer support so that they will explain more.


Being a part of Ashley Madison is very simple, as all you need is to select a username and password, state your location, date of birth, weight, and height, culture, and ethnicity. In addition to this, you are required to give a brief description of yourself by stating your boundaries and the likes.

You do not have any cause to worry when using Ashley Madison, as the chances of meeting someone who might not be as interested in a hook-up as you are is rare.

In addition to this, it is a platform for adults who want to date and satisfy their sexual fantasies. It has the right proportion of privacy, which ensures members can enjoy themselves without any hitches. It is straightforward to connect with other members on Ashley Madison, as this is what makes it one of the leading adult dating websites.

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