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For the curious ones who want to know what is going on, you are someone who wants to join in the hub of exciting activities ongoing here, and this is the site for you.

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male - 28% female - 72%
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BDSM & Alternative People
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For adults who need the best hookup website, this is the best avenue where sexually carefree people can take part in BDSM or any sexual adventure.

How to pay
Money back
Silver - 1m
Silver - 3m
Silver - 12m
Gold - 1m
Gold - 3m
Gold - 12m
Available features
Create Own Blog
BDSM & Alternative Lifestyle Personals
The Cupid Report Feature
Who’s Viewing Me option
Сollection of BDSM
Fetish videos
Email tech support
Search by location
Super search
VIP membership


It comes with a free membership
This site has a large user base
There are various communication options
The interface is simple


The free features are limited


Individuals who belong to this community are people who love BDSM, and people who are either first-timers or challenging are those who want to try out either fetish and bondage sex. People on this platform are not mainly single persons, couples, individuals, or groups who have a wild taste when they are under the sheets.

Lady brunette is looking into your soul

Alt com Review: a Proficient BDSM Site

You can join for free; however, this suggests that you would only have access to some of the features. On the other hand, if you want to check out all that this exciting platform has to offer, then we suggest you upgrade your membership to premium. You can get close to other members by going through the information on their profile page.

These reviews show that they are fans of erotic activities, and they are people who love playing specific roles anytime they are having sex. For some people, they would prefer to be the submissive one, while others enjoy playing the dominant role.

ALT, which is short for the alternative, is an online dating platform that has gained reputability over the years and currently has around 3 million members who are active in North America alone. This site, which was launched in 1995, is presently operated by individuals at FriendFinder Networks, as it is a platform that majors in aiding people find alternative sexual meetups and ordinary sex adventures.

Now, the figure of total members on this adult hookup website fluctuates since there are some scam profiles on the site, and the security team continuously puts up measures to fight them off. Hence, the active members on the website are around 347,000 daily, which is still highly commendable.

Benefits, Peculiarities and Special Features

There are some cool features that this platform comes with that are not readily available on other hookup platforms. To start with, on your profile, you can structure a Hotlist, which is a list of members who catch your attention, and you would like to connect with them. There is a feature that works with Hotlist creation, and it is known as The Cupid Report Feature.

The Cupid Report Feature enables you to view members who you have been paired with. Hence, you are provided with a very proficient way of finding the right people who hook up within your location. Then, there is the Who’s Viewing Me option, and this is what the site gives you, allowing you to know members who have gone through your profile.

On this site, there is a feature that allows you to create your blog, and you are free to update it as you want. This site also comes with custom magazines, and it has a comprehensive collection of BDSM and a host of other fetish videos that you can select from.

When you have a Silver level membership, some of the features which you would have access to are more prompt profile and picture reviews, email tech support, which is always available round the clock. Then, you can search for members with the location feature, and get up to 500 persons on your hotlist.

In this review, it shows that for the Gold level members, you have access to the super search feature, you can get around 1,000 persons on your hotlist, and you have the chance to see email messages on this site for a total of 120 days. Points can also be earned by basically using different aspects of this site. When you refer people to this platform, or you upgrade your status, you get points.

Besides, you can also buy points that can be utilized in purchasing sex toys and more accessibility to private chat rooms. There is the VIP membership option, which enables you to upgrade at any preferred time you like. This level of membership gives you a distinct search function, which allows you to link up with people who are like-minded and also stay in the same location as you.

With the VIP membership option also, you would be listed in the Cupid’s report, and you will get notifications when someone receives a message you send.

Is Easy to Use? is a platform that is very easy to use based on user reviews. The design is beautiful and straightforward, and it does not have any signs of complication. There are only three colors that are used on this site. The black is used for the background, while white and yellow are used for the fonts.

The font style is just moderate- not too big, not too small, and this makes the words more comfortable to read. Because the fonts have bright colors, it perfectly blends with the dark background of the site, which makes it legible enough.

How to Sign Up?

Creating an account is effortless, smooth, and it is not time-consuming. It takes just 5 minutes for an account to be built on this platform. The entire process of registration comprises only five steps, which can be completed in no time, and before you would be able to structure your profile, the five steps need to be completed successfully.registration form

Joining is free, and during registration, you will be asked to choose either to register as a man, woman, group, or couple. This implies that joining this platform is not for singles alone; it is also for couples.

Also, you will be asked to fill in necessary details like your sexual inclination, race, role, marital status, age, body type, and character. When you are registering, you will be required to give a brief description of yourself. However, if you have no clue what to write, then you can go through the writing ideas, which is an online tool that enables you to inform others about your personality.

There is an account verification process which is compulsory for everyone. Before you are taken to your profile page, you will be required to verify your email. This is compulsory because, if you do not have your email confirmed, you will not be able to have your account. It is for the question is alt com legit?

How to Communicate With Users?

There are a good number of options for communicating which you can explore. Being a fully registered member of this online hookup platform enables you to have a live chat with any live model of your choice on a free basis. As earlier mentioned, you also have the chance to create a Hotlist, which would contain members of interest that the site would aid you in connecting with them.

Moreso, you can also check out online members, and you can know those who stay in your location. However, when your membership is at the primary level, it becomes difficult for you to gain access to all these features, because your account has certain restrictions.

If you have a free membership, it means you can neither send messages to another member nor can you read and receive news from another member. This can be quite discouraging for you, and this is why we advise everyone who wants to enjoy all the goodies which this platform has to offer to upgrade their accounts to the premium membership.

There are also chat rooms that you can join, and this is another profound way of communicating with other users. BDSM Dating Service Description

Overview of Profile Structure

When you are fully registered as a member, it means your profile details can be updated and completed at any time, and you can log in. However, it is advised that there is no reason to keep the completion of your profile waiting, bearing fully in mind that a well-created profile boosts your chances of linking up with other users who you fancy.

The details on your profile depending on you; however, you should own up to who you are, rather than putting false information to attract other people. You can be sure that, no matter how weird your sexual fantasies are, you will see someone who matches your interest.

A good number of profiles are very informative. Some of the details which you would typically find on the profile of a male are the dimensions of his sexual organ. Then, you will also see the experience level when it comes to playing BDSM roles. On some profiles, you will see results of purity test, alongside with ICQ, MSN, and AIM username. Compatibility chart, friends network, testimonials, kinks, bling, and the likes, would also be included.

You can only view the profile of other members when you subscribe to either a Silver or Gold membership. Hence, if you want to know more about a member, then you need to step-up your basic membership.

When it comes to uploading pictures, it is advised that you upload clear images that would attract other members. It should not be blurred so that other users would be motivated to check out additional info on your profile.

Member Structure

Alt is a great site that has around 3 million profiles. As mentioned in the introductory part above, the number of active members is about 347,000. This is a lot when compared to other hookup platforms.

The average age range is between 25-34, but there is a possibility that you would find users who are either below 25, but not less than 18, and those who are above 34. A good number of individuals are from the United States, while others are from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

One of the reasons why this site is at the apex of most regularly visited BDSM sites is because there are lots of active members.Screenshot of Hot BDSM Party

Categories on The Website

Just like any other dating site, there are straight individuals, gays, lesbians, couples, milfs, and the likes, all who want to explore the world of BDSM sex. Hence, it is safe to say that, this adult dating site is for everyone irrespective of your sexual inclination.

Customer Support

One admirable quality which this hookup site has is the fact that the support is very efficient. Whenever you have questions or inquiries to make, you are rest assured that they would be attended to swiftly. Besides, anytime you want to make an order or perform any financial activity, they are always available to help out to the customer Service Help

Security and Privacy

The privacy and terms of use are comprehensive and easy for everyone to understand. Your contact information could get shared with the site’s partners; however, no third-party asides this has access to them. You can opt-out of the emails from partners when you register, or from your dashboard, and this prevents your information from being shared.

Also, you can contact [email protected] if you need help with removing your personal information from any mailing lists. Furthermore, it would interest you to know that the security team is adept at fishing out alt com scam individuals from time to time. This is done because they do not want any legitimate registered member to lose their hard-earned money.

Suitable for Women? nude is excellent for women. This platform comes in handy for women who want to explore the naughty aspect of their personality. On this platform, you are permitted to be ill-disciplined sexually, and no one would fault you.

Suitable for Men?

Just like this platform is excellent for women, it is also fantastic for men. Men can use this platform to give themselves heads up on how they can fare better sexually. There are also hot models and users, which give men a wide range of options to select from.

The Impression of a Satisfied User

  • Jeff, Male, 23 years old: The costs of membership options are high, and it is better than being a free member. I will pick over any other adult dating site.
  • Mary, Female, 22 years old: There are lots of hot guys on this platform, so many to pick from, and there is so much to learn when it comes to sexual activities.

What Are The Reasons to Choose

One of the reasons why you should choose this site is because it has been certified to be legit. This is a platform, based on many users’ review, which has made their sexual lives better than before. The customer support is swift, the security team is highly efficient, and these ensure that you are safe on cams.

Also, for a site which offers lots of features for a minimal amount, it shows that the site is not bent on making money, but about imparting sexual values to the lives of people. Little wonder why this platform has a large users’ database, because the features come at low prices, alongside with the membership cost, and it is trustworthy? Is answered.category of website


As earlier mentioned, this site is owned by the FriendFinder network, and you can get access to the Android version as far as you log in to the ALT site. Also, your membership can be paid for through the alt com app.

Payment Methods

Based on’s price review, makes use of automatic billing practices, and this implies that your payment method will be automatically billed two days before when your service term ends, except if you cancel the service.

Also, if the site is not accessed for around 180 days, you would be charged a maintenance fee Altcom price of $5 per month. You can also self-cancel your contract at midnight within the space of three working days before when you signed up, and it does not attract any penalty.

How to Make Orders?

Making an order on becomes more comfortable when you know how to communicate with other users, and this has been explained above. For anything you want on this site, price tags are ranging from $0- high, so check out what you want and pay accordingly. However, for newbies, it is better to contact the customer support so that they can put you through.

Mobile Application

The mobile application can be downloaded on site

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for hookup sites that are similar to this one, you can take a look at


Having gone through this review, you would realize that there are lots of things to love about this platform. This includes all the features which registered members stand to gain.

It mainly comes in handy for people who are well versed in BDSM and other sexual acts.

If you want to plunge into the world of BDSM or so that BDSM penetrates you;) Do not hesitate (shyness is not for us) and register on this “leather” site!

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