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Adult Friend Finder Is the Biggest ⭐Platform in the World When it Comes to Dating and Hookups❤️. Hence, Using This Platform Ensures That Your Hookups Desires Are Met. Rating: 4.9 Review: a Terrific Adult Dating Site

Adult Friend Finder is one of the commonly known sites where you can get fast sexual encounters and many hookups. It is a platform where you can get anything that precisely relates to sex. This platform is known to attract visits numbering around 79 million in a month. It’s ranking among all adult dating sites is very high.

Adult Friend Finder happens to be one of the primary adult dating sites, and it has still retained its quality status since there are amazing features in place, and the members’ database is vast and still growing by the numbers.

Typical questions have been asked about Adult Friend Finder such as: “does adult friend finder work?”, “is adult friend finder legit?”, “is adult friend finder real?”, “is adult friend finder a scam?”, “is adult friend finder free?”, “is adult friend finder safe?”, “is adult friend finder worth it?”, “is adult friend finder legitimate?”, “is adult friend finder any good?”, “how much is adult friend finder?” “How good is adult friend finder?”.

This is one of the best AdultFriendFinder reviews, and it would interest you to know that all the questions listed above, and even more, would be answered in this review. Understandably, such a proficient adult dating site would attract much doubt about its excellent features.

  • It has a fantastic matching system
  • You can get any sex category you want
  • There are live cams available
  • Profile creation is simple and fast
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Adult Friend Finder login is fast
  • There are filters which aid in narrowing down your choices


  • Full registration requires access to all the features

Pivot table of information about

Features of sites
Values of features
Types and cost of subscription

There is a free trial period; however, it does not give access to even half of the functions;

  • One month of premium membership is for $29.95 (however, if you are the first time client, you are given an instant discount of $10, so your first monthly payment is automatically reduced by $19.95);
  • Three months of premium membership would cost you just $14.95 per month;
  • Twelve months of premium membership would cost only $9.95 per month (however, in case if you buy this plan, you are given six additional months of premium usage absolutely for free).

You will need to pay an additional $1 per reading the messages you have been sent to;
you will also be charged for watching the webcams additionally, wherein the money to be charged is charged from your bank card before you start watching;
the payment rate for the webcam shows is partially established by the models performing the cam show.

Money back
Credit Card, Direct Debit
Partial free
Features and possibilities
  1. Request friends;
  2. Direct messaging and emailing;
  3. Flirt;
  4. Send virtual gifts;
  5. Play the “Hot or Not” game;
  6. Watch videos of people in your feed;
  7. Start a blog;
  8. Watch live broadcasts
  9. Adult chat rooms;
  10. Join groups;
  11. Photo contests;
  12. Buy courses from the Sex Academy;
Average online per month
38 200 000
Number of registered users
40 000 000
Age distribution


Service ratings from various sources
Hookup (Casual Sex, Swingers, Threesomes, Cybersex); Dating Forums (AFF Dating Blog,AFF Communities, Erotic Stories, Magazine, Member Blogs); Live Chat (Live Model Shows, Member Chat)
For whom
For All
Main competitors;;
Ventnor Enterprise Limited, Suite 2, Second Floor, 145 High Street, Colchester, Essex 1-408-702-1033 (toll free US & Canada - 888-575-8383)
4 / 5
4 / 5
Fake profiles
iOS / Android
Data required for registration
Gender, I am interested in meeting, Birthdate, Country, State, Closest City, Username, Password
Alexa ranking

Benefits, Peculiarities and Features

AdultFriendFinder is a secure website, which is known for attracting a huge number of members who are seeking hookups both in reality and online. This site, which was launched in 1996, has stood the tests of time, as it continues to grow and get better. This site is open to those who are single, those in committed relationships, and also open relationships. Also, it is open to anyone who wants to craves sexual delight.

This review comes with the basic features which a dating site has, and it also takes an extra step by making available additional tools that would make your dating experience online more exciting. This site takes a step further from the conventional functionalities which come with online dating to integrate the appealing facets of typical social media platforms and pornography websites.

These facets are features such as: Being able to live stream at will from the website and some quintessential resources, which include some critical dating tips. Now, one attractive feature about this site is, it operates using points, which is used in making the whole experience more fun and enabling your sexual thoughts to run uncontrolled. Well, the level of uncontrollability depends on how much you can afford.

For you get more points, what it implies is, you would need to step up your activity on the site, or you can decide to get points with your credit card. You can use the earned points to get members’ updates, pictures of your favorite member, any video of your choice, amongst others.


Earning points on Adult Friend Finder is simple, as you would need to be active in some distinct ways in the community. As you earn points, they accumulate and can be used for different things. You can send computer-generated gifts to people who catch your interest. You can also get read message alerts.

In addition to this, you can upgrade your membership for a month, and also get regular contacts for a month. You can also gain access to private chat rooms for a month.

It is up to members of the site to be fully involved or just on-lookers. Registered members can decide to log in and browse the site, or maybe come up with an AdultFriendFinder list of the hottest members based on personal discretion.

Also, this Adult Friend Finder review shows users that, they can both physically and digitally connect with models by video sexting them, while providing the mutual pleasure, and also the sending of sensations if you are both using high-tech sex toys. For members who are registered for free, there is not much to do, as you cannot make contact.

This Adultfriender review explains further that, the reason why free members cannot do much on Adult Friend Finder is not far-fetched, as the best way to get productive use of the site, is to spend. However, if your profile is well filled, and you upload quality pictures, you might get lucky, and you would get contacted.

If you require more quality time on this platform, then the best is to become a paid member to gain access to all the amazing features which the platform has to offer. This is a site where payment and a high level of participation, would get you the required result.

With a large number of members, and the frequent activity, it is very effortless to connect fast with others, and getting bored is a rare feature because of the lots of features.

Overview of AdultFriendFinder Profile Structure

Having a good profile on Adult Friend Finder is essential, as it determines to a large extent, how well you would fare on the platform. You need to understand that your homepage is the point where all social activities and interactions you are involved in occurs.

When you check the left side of your screen, you can sight those who have interacted with you in the past 90 days. However, before you can gain access to all this, you need to join Adult Friend Finder as a member.

First and foremost, before you Adultfriendfinder login and sign up, you would be asked for your gender, then you would also be asked for the gender which you are interested in. Moreso, you would be required to enter your date of birth, your country, and the corresponding zip code. In addition to this, you would need to fill in your email address, select a username and a password.

After you have done all this, you are in already. Now, there are further steps that you need to take to get the best out of AdultFriendFinder. You would need to ensure that your profile is complete, by firstly uploading a high quality photo, and also filling in necessary personal data which you feel okay sharing. If this is not done, there are high chances that you are limiting yourself based on the prospective connections you would have made.

This Adultfriendfinder review shows that asides the Adult Friend Finder free trial and the Adult Friend Finder discount, there are three stages of membership on this platform, and they are: Standard, Gold, and VIP membership.

The standard membership is also known as the free membership, and with this, you can join various groups and blogs, you can also chat on IM and other chat rooms. You also have access to upload videos and photos as you like.


In addition to this, this review Adult Friend Finder shows that you can search for other members. For the standard membership, when you request technical support, you would get a reply in two days by email. What’s more, you can add around 200 members on your hotlist, and you can only view one cam video in one instance.

For the Gold membership, you can be sure that all the features of the Standard group are also present. Now, when it comes to technical support, unlike the standard membership, which takes two days, the Gold membership takes just 12 hours for you to get a reply. Also, you can have up to 1000 members on your hotlist.

Adult FriendFinder reviews also highlight that the number of videos that you can watch on Gold membership is unlimited. You can also send friend requests and flirts as you desire. Also, you are at liberty to check out your favorite videos and photos and even comment on them. Likewise, you can watch videos in full-length, and pictures in full-size.

When it comes to messages, you can initiate, read, and reply to them. You can also check out the complete profiles of other members that you are interested in. The search features are advanced, and they can be used to narrow down to prospective matches.

As regards the VIP membership, all the benefits inherent in the Gold membership are still present, and there are some extra gains that you stand to enjoy. You would get the VIP icon on your listings. Also, when there is a unique VIP search, your profile would pop-up. You would also be listed in Cupid’s report.

Furthermore, when any member reads your message, you would be promptly notified, and you would get 500 points for you to use virtual gifts.


AdultFriend Finder happens to be secured with the web server certificate, which implies that all transactions which are carried out on the website, receive protection of up to 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption.

Also, based on this Adult Friend Finder reviews, the organization has taken extra measures to protect the data of all members, by fixing all the information in a proficient data center located in Santa Clara, California. With this, users can confirm that they are interacting with real people when their Adult Friend Finder accounts are established with the certified ID option.


Number of Models/Users

Because this platform is an exceptional one, you can expect that the number of users who are registered on this website, is currently on the increase. Also, there are many models, and the number grows by leaps and bounds.

With this thorough reviews, you can be sure that Adult Friend Finder is a platform where you are not short of either model to flirt with, or users to communicate with.

Customer Support

The customer support team of Adult Friend Finder is one like no other, as they are very efficient. One thing you should know about this platform is, there is an FAQ section that is very thorough and comprehensive. This implies that any question which you have would most likely be found there with the right set of answers.

However, if you still require more help, then the customer support team comes in handy, as they are always available to help out. You can decide to place a call across, or probably use the live chat. You can also communicate with them by submitting a question.

Now, it should be known that not all members would receive feedbacks at the same rate, as your level of membership determines how fast you receive an answer.

Nonetheless, the customer support team is always available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, which means that you cannot miss them.


Reasons to Choose AdultFriendFinder

There are a good number of reasons why you should use AFF, and you must be aware of the notable ones who make the platform stand out among others.

The first reason is its “Ease of use.” Whenever you are online, one feature which you would always crave is the comfortability of your online status. Better put, the ease of use of any website means a lot, and it is essential. A good number of dating sites have applications that come with the exact features when you access the website with a web browser.

There are various cool features such as saving profiles for a later thorough check, swiping, sending a prompt flirt message, amongst others.

Also, another essential reason to choose is the level of support. What you would require from a site such as this, is being able to effortlessly communicate with them at will, and get the necessary response promptly. This is one benefit that Adult FriendFinder comes with. Hence, if you are feeling quite uncomfortable with another member, it is straightforward to report such an individual.

In addition to this, this website makes sure that, for every new and registered member, their Adult Friend Finder profiles have to undergo a form of verification. With this, you can be sure that there is no AdultFriendFinder scam.

To crown it all up, this platform has an extensive database, so there is a high tendency that you would have various choices to select from when it comes to matching based on your wanted features.


How to Make Orders?

Making your orders on Adult Friend Finder is a simple process, and all you need do is to understand how it works. Fundamentally, you need to realize that there are many payment options which this site offers. You can pay with your credit card by electronic check, which is also known as ACH and even money order or check.

Also, this Adult Friendfinder review informs that only paid registered members can make orders, and their subscription automatically renews at a price with no AdultFriendFinder discount. Hence, if you opt for more than a month package, you can toggle off auto-renewal to prevent electronic subscriptions.

If your account is closed early before your membership package ends, you cannot get a prorated refund for the extra time. However, if there are billing errors, you can request for a refund.

You can make your orders using the mobile application. There is a tendency that making use of the mobile billing payment service could be higher, because of the third party network charge. Orders which are made through the mobile billing option, are not refundable.



One of the most famous hookups and dating sites currently on the internet is Adult finder. They have a good understanding of what attracts people when it comes to sexual encounters, and they are adept at ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled.

For those who are looking at rejuvenating their sexual life with a trusted adult dating platform, you can rest assured that Adult Friend Finder has got you covered. On joining the platform, the available features would help you get settled in.

Hence, this Adult Finder review tells you that it comes as no surprise that they are always recipients of awards each year. This platform is one that would ensure that you have the best moments of your life.

To wrap it up, usual questions such as “is adult finder real?”, “is adult finder legit?”, “is AdultFriendFinder safe?” “is Adultfriendfinder free?” “is AdultFriendFinder real?” and the likes, have thoroughly been answered in this review.

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    Are you aware that AFF ( is now offering a payment option using a "trade in" of gift cards from major gift card retailers such as Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Home Depot..."and Hundreds of popular Gift Card vendors"....but what AFF is totally DISHONEST about is the fact that it is a total scam because they fail to disclose that their membership fee TRIPLES if you use the Gift Card trade in payment method. What is so DISHONEST about it, is that before you START the process of using this method this tripling of the fee is not disclosed!!! AFF is taking advantage of the fact that one logically INCORRECTLY for and figures out what monetary value to get on the gift card, then go purchase it based on AFF posted GOLD membership fees for 1 month, 3 months, 6 or 12 months paid in advance. AFF allows you to falsely assume that their standard membership rates also apply when using the Gift Card payment option. This isn't the case and it's not disclosed before you start the gift card trade in process. What is so DISHONEST about the way they (AFF) set up the payment options page on their website.., is that they FAIL TO DISCLOSE UP FRONT that a third party vendor is involved and that vendor charges an outrageous if you go buy a gift card, say from Target, for $100.00 which should buy you a full years membership...they don't tell you up front that the exchange rate/trade in rate you get hit with this big SUPRISE after the fact...and only after going and buying a gift card, LATER, you are informed that the trade in value of the gift card is roughly 30 cents on the dollar. This is a totally DISHONEST SHAM and a SCAM because it's not explained up front, and its NOT disclosed until you would have already gone out and wasted $100.00 on a gift card only to find out they will only give you 117 days of gold membership for that $100.00 vs 365 of Gold membership which is boldly displayed before you actually go in to free in your Target or Starbucks or Walmart Gift Card. The whole way AFF words "Trade in" a gift card is intentionally misleading in that it suggests you not go buy a gift card to pay your annual AFF membership..but if you just happen to have a gift card laying think...."oh, what the heck, Ill trade it in for a few days of AFF access at 30 cents on the dollar!!!??". NOT. This is Total DISHONEST BS. You don't actually find out about this scam exchange rate until you go buy the gift card and enter it's account code and access code. O oh AFTER buying the gift card and going in to activate it, THEN they explain this Bullshit about how you only get 117days of membership for $100.00 which would buy you a full years membership if you pay the $100.00 using your Visa Credit or Visa Debit Card or give them a checking account number. I'm sorry, this is bullshit. It's DISHONEST. If they told you this 30cents on the Dollar part RIGHT UP FRONT before you've decided to go buy a Gift Card... THEN IT WOULD BE LEGIT... but THEY (AFF) DONT DISCLOSE IT until after you've bought a NON-RETURNABLE/NON- Refundable gift card for Walmart or Target, etc. This is downright dishonest and I think you should explain the level of deception involved in how they conveniently forgot to mention the membership cost is TRIPLED If you decide to use a Gift Card vs a Debit Card or Visa Card or checking account. In your article you make this very subtle, fatigue reference justifying why AFF deserves this added service fee of 30cents on the dollar simply because it circumvents their ability to take advantage of all the members who forget to go back in and CANCEL the auto renew feature if they pay with a Visa Card or Debit Card. This however DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE INTENTIONAL BLATANT DISHONESTY AND DECEPTION of FAILING to disclose the tripling of the membership fee BEFORE the person goes and buys a NON-RETURNABLE refundable gift card they may not need. I refuse to do business with AFF solely based on this dishonest business tactic. I think you should do a better job of informing your readers of this scam vs. skirting around the edges of it. I think you should revise your article about AFF and adjust their rating downward by one or two stars for this blatant lack of integrity and outright intentional deception.

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