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Rating: 4.2
Adultcrush reviewed by Ingvar Rakastava:

Adultcrush is a site that offers the best service to customers. It is legit and is the perfect online dating website if you are looking for casual companionship. Rating: 4.2

Is Adultcrush a Real Website?

With time, online dating has turned out to be really popular and for the right reasons. A majority of the dating website​ is either a scam or do not provide you with many options. There are some that charge you with a heavy fee. However, Adultcrush is one site that is free from all these. It is the perfect online dating site if you are looking or casual companionship. It is a legitimate place to meet new women.

In this review for Adultcrush, you will learn everything that is to know about this site.


  • The website has been acquiring a lot of web traffic.
  • It has an SSL certificate.


  • The server it uses is used by several other websites.
  • The browsing speed of the website is low.
  • Not many websites are linked to this site.

Pivot table of information about Adultcrush

Types and cost of subscription
  • For one month, $34.95.
  • For three months, $59.95.
  • For six months, $99.95.
Money back
Credit card payment and Paysafecards
Features and possibilities
  • It offers regional searches that will help to identify people in your location.
  • The site has a paid priority listing in the search results. This means your profile is going to be seen by more searchers.
  • It has a matching algorithm to find partners that are most suitable for you. This can prove to be helpful when you receive excessive responses from the members you do not like.
Average online per month
889 732
People belonging to all categories can sign up on this website to look for the right woman.
For whom
For all
Main competitors,,,,
[email protected] Suite 227, Scottish Provident Building, 7 Donegal Square West, Belfast, BT1 6JH, United Kingdom
4 / 5
5 / 5
Fake profiles
Data required for registration
Email, password, birthday, gender
Alexa ranking

Special Features is a fairly new website. This is the reason there might not be enough women on the site. However, it is being expected that it is going to add more profiles soon enough. It is a one-year-old site and doesn’t contain any images on the landing page. Some of the noteworthy features of the site are,

  • It offers regional searches that will help to identify people in your location.
  • The site has a paid priority listing in the search results. This means your profile is going to be seen by more searchers.
  • It has a matching algorithm to find partners that are most suitable for you. This can prove to be helpful when you receive excessive responses from the members you do not like.

Benefits of Using Adultcrush

The site offers several benefits. Let’s take a look at them.


Optimum Security

Many people question, is Adultcrush trustworthy? Well, one of the most important aspects of any site is security. Not every dating site will provide you with the kind of security that they are claiming. The site verifies every page of the subscriber availing the service. This makes that people with cruel intentions aren’t able to get through the website. Anyone who is signing up will be scrutinized and verified prior to the profile being set up on the website.

Excellent Customer Support

Another good thing about the website is that it offers its customers with the best customer support. It has the best professionals providing assistance 24/7. The team will solve any problem that you are facing. Whenever you log in a complaint, the team is going to make sure that you receive 100% satisfaction.

Affordable Rates of Subscription: The subscription rate starts from $30. This is less in comparison to other dating websites you will come across. The time duration is a month to a year. There are also trial subscriptions that allow you to get an idea about the services that it has to offer. It is better to test the site before subscribing.

Is Adultcrush Easy to Use?

The site is neatly laid out and is user-friendly. You will be able to navigate through the site without any kind of hassle. If you are new to the site, you will find a space to sign up right on the home page. You will also be able to see the new members and who are online. Whatever you are looking for is displayed on the homepage.

How to Sign Up?

The steps to sign-up into the site have been given below.

adultcruch sign up

  • Open the official site.
  • On the right side of the page, you will see the sign-up window.
  • Enter the details like email address, password, birth date.
  • When you are done, click on sign up.

How can You Communicate with the Users?

In order to interact with the users, you will have to click on their profile. This will show you the profile of the user. You can read about the details and then start to chat. However, if you have to send messages to the other members, you will have to be a premium member.


Visit the profile of the member and click on the ‘message’ to send a message. If the member responds, it is going to appear on the same tab. This means that the conversation is always going to be visible in this section. When you are contacting a standard user as a premium member, you have the liberty to include the contact information.

Full Overview of the Profile

1. Personal Detail

This section in your profile is going to contain your personal information such as height, color, body type, passion, hobby, etc. You will also have your photo, username, age, and a fun description of yourself.


2. How to Upload a Photo?

If you have to upload a photo in your profile, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the username present on the left side of the screen and go to ‘photos’.
  • Click on ‘browse’ and choose the photo you would like to upload.
  • Click on ‘open’ or ‘ok’.
  • Now, click on the green button ‘upload photo’ to upload the to uploud foto

Any photo you are uploading will be reviewed before it appears to the users.

3. Member Structure

  • It has a large membership pool from the USA.
  • All types of people from around the world are welcome to be a member of the website.
  • Members are all like-minded people belonging to different age groups.member structure

4. Categories on the Website

People belonging to all categories can sign up on this website to look for the right woman. However, it is exclusively for people who are looking for the companionship of women.


5. Customer Support of Adultcrush

The customer support team is always at your disposal. You can get in touch with them whenever you face any kind of problem. You can either call or email Adultcrush support. You can also check the FAQ section to know about the answers to some common questions. Here, you will find out about the question, is Adultcrush reliable? It will also tell you about how to remove from Adultcrush?


6. Privacy and Security

Often it comes to mind, is Adultcrush cheating? It verifies the profile of every member that signs up into the site. This means no one with an ill intention will be able to be a part of the website. The pages are secured with SSL technology to make sure that your personal information isn’t shared with any third party.

privacy policy

7. Reputation

You might want to know is Adultcrush legit? It has mixed reviews. Many people consider Adultcrush scam. There have been many false accusations and claims about this site. However, these were later proved to be false. This is because of the reviews that had been posted by the users who have already used the services.

Suitable for Women

This site is suitable for women to sign up and look for their perfect partner. It is completely hassle-free and affordable.

Suitable for Men

If you are looking for the right woman, this is the place to be. There are so many options out there that you are sure to get the one you are looking for.

User Impression

  • Even before I subscribed, many women send me messages.
  • There are many women to chat with and you can easily find the person you have been looking for a while now.
  • It is one of the online dating websites with the best services.
  • The best thing about the site is most of the users are active. Thus, you can easily talk to them whenever you want.
  • Adultcrush safe feature is one thing that has made it my favorite.
  • Till now, I am nothing but happy by using this website.
  • Adultcrush offers some of the best dating options.
  • This is the most affordable option that I have come across.
  • Kudos to Adultcrush for providing single men like us with an opportunity to find the right women.
  • What I liked about the site is it is hassle-free and easy to handle.

Reasons to Choose

  • Safe and secure.
  • Affordable subscription options.
  • Variety of choice.
  • Easy to navigate website.

Mobile App

The website has a responsive design. This means it can adjust itself to any screen size. You can open it on your desktop, laptop, and even smartphones. However, it doesn’t yet have a dedicated mobile app. Thus, you will have to open it from your mobile browser.


This site doesn’t provide its customers with any trial plan but the Adultcrush prices review has been given below. It has a membership plan and it is recurring. You will have to cancel it for stopping payments.

  • For one month, $34.95.
  • For three months, $59.95.
  • For six months, $99.95.

Payment Methods

The site accepts payment only through debit and credit cards. However, if you do not have a credit card, you can buy a prepaid gift card or use the Paysafecard.


It is evident from Adultcrush review that it is one of the few noteworthy dating sites that are safe and secure. Subscribing into the site doesn’t create a hole in your pocket. Also, it comes with an easy sign-up process that will take only a few minutes. Even though the payment options are limited, it can be expected to expand in time to come. Thus, there is no need to worry about thinking, is Adultcrush a scam website? Read the adult crush reviews and it will answer your question about is the dating site Adultcrush on the up and up?​

Last Updated: January 13, 2020 by Ingvar RakastavaIngvar RakastavaRating: 4.2

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